25 Best Action Anime on Hulu to Watch

Best Action Anime: The 2010s and beyond have significantly increased the anime genre’s global appeal. It was a rather limited type of entertainment in earlier decades. All the streaming platforms have made it easier for us to enjoy our favourite anime anywhere and anytime.

The library on Hulu is also quite strong. Hulu offers a staggering variety of anime content, including movies and serialized TV anime. And amongst them, the numerous subgenres examined to offer a depth that will enable every fan to discover something they like.

There’s an anime for anyone on Hulu. You name it and Hulus got it. So let’s get down to 25 Best Action Anime on Hulu to Watch and let me know what you think of this list.

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1. One Piece

Best Action Anime on Hulu One Piece
Credits – Reddit, One Piece

One Piece’s size, exactly. But the journey is worth it. Beginning in 1999, Eiichiro Oda’s manga series was animated. and there have been more than 900 episodes made thus far, so it’s still going. The program chronicles the continuous exploits of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates as they have exhilarating adventures after exhilarating adventures.

The “One Piece,” is the ultimate treasure. It will make them the new Pirate King, whoever manages to find it. Monkey has an advantage due to his elastic body, but the Straw Hat Pirates face stiff opposition in the race for this reward.

2. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man
Credits – ONEsports, Chainsaw Man

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man is arguably one of the best Shonen anime to be published recently. It was produced by the incredibly gifted animation company MAPPA. Denji, a cruelly orphaned young man, experiences a dramatic upheaval in his life as he navigates a supernatural creature-filled universe in Chainsaw Man.

Denji’s best buddy and dog-like devil Pochita saves his life when the local Yakuza, who forced him to perform their dirty labour as recompense for the death of his father, turn on him. Denji now functions as the Chainsaw Devil and joins the Japanese government’s devil-hunting organization. As soon as it came out, it became the Best Action Anime on Hulu.

3. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Best Action Anime on Hulu Demon Slayer
Credits – Crunchyroll, Demon Slayer

The 2020 anime film Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is currently so popular that it recently outperformed the Mortal Kombat reboot at the box office in the United States. The same-named anime series is likewise hugely well-liked everywhere in the world. A teenager named Tanjiro loses his family as a result of a demon onslaught in a long-ago Japan.

Nezuko, Tanjiro’s younger sister, is the sole survivor, but sadly, the event causes her to change into a monster. Tanjiro sets out on a mission to become a demon slayer in order to exact revenge on his family and save his sister’s soul.

4. Naruto

Credits – TheNerdStash, Naruto

The most popular anime series, Naruto, has received and continues to receive a ton of support from fans. It tells the tale of Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja who was raised in a storied ninja family. His journey toward becoming Hokage seems to have been filled with ups and downs like a roller coaster.

He did, however, teach us in a magnificent way to never give up on our aspirations. No matter what challenge since we encounter. In contrast to having a negative role in another story, each character in the series has their own story and plays a positive part in it. It has one of the best action scenes so it’s bound to be one of the Best Action Anime on Hulu.

5. Attack on Titan

Best Action Anime on Hulu Attack on Titan
Credits – Crunchyroll, Attack on Titan

For more than a decade, Attack on Titan has been among the most-watched anime shows. Additionally, Hulu is releasing new episodes of the final season the same week that they are released in Japan. The series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where people have built walls around their towns to protect them from the Titans. A race of enormous humanoids with a deadly taste for destruction.

Eren Jaeger joins the Survey Corps to battle the Titans after losing his mother to them when he was a young boy. In addition to giving humanity an opportunity to fight back, Eren discovering his own potential to turn into a Titan also reveals some of the Titans’ well-kept secrets.

6. Kill la Kill 

Kill La Kill
Credits – Reddit Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill, created by the same studio that made Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, is still one of Trigger’s most recognizable works. Instantly recognized are the chic character designs, lively color scheme, and exciting action-focused animation. A rebellious schoolgirl’s quest to identify her father’s killer. Exact revenge is the central theme of Kill la Kill, which puts all of those elements on show.

Along the way, she runs afoul of Satsuki Kiryuin, the Honnouji Academy student council president. As well as Kiryuin’s intimidating, fashion-empire-heading mother. It makes sense that a lot of the action centers around the individuals’ apparent sentience-infused clothing, which has given them abilities.

7. Mob Psycho

Best Action Anime on Hulu Mob Psycho
Credits – Pinterest, Mob Psycho

Mob Psycho 100 is the latest work by author ONE, who is well known for the critically acclaimed superhero and shounen spoof One-Punch Man. In its first two seasons, Mob Psycho 100, tells the narrative of the mild-mannered Shigeo Kageyama. He is popularly known as Mob and received similar praise for his own merits.

Mob is an esper with extraordinary psychic abilities who prefers to keep them to himself in an effort to lead a normal life. However, Mob runs into a number of issues that push his control and patience to severe tests. Along with his self-described psychic friend and mentor Reigen.

8. Erased

Credits – Crunchyroll, Erased

Erased tells a mystery in a modern environment that is both realistic and magical. Satoru Fujinuma is a young man in his 20s who works at a pizzeria. While he tries to launch a career as a manga artist. However, he possesses a special talent called Revival that enables him to go back in time. That to just before a catastrophe occurs, giving him the opportunity to stop it.

After Satoru’s mother is brutally murdered by an unknown assailant. He goes back in time to his early years in an effort to try to save her life there. It also presents him with the chance to avert a string of kidnapping incidents that three of his boyhood pals experienced.

9. Gurren Lagann

Best Action Anime on Hulu Gurren Lagann
Credits – CBR, Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann, created by animation company Gainax, is another great example of an anime-original series. It is frequently hailed as a contemporary classic by seasoned anime viewers. Although it is a sci-fi mecha-action anime, the dazzling action and graphics serve as platforms for the surprisingly moving story. Therefore, It’s the Best Action Anime on Hulu.

The story of Gurren Lagann begins with Simon and Kamina toiling in the upkeep of their underground colony while the terrifying Spiral King rules over all life aboveground and has driven most of humanity beneath.

10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

FullMetal Alchemist
Credits – FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is technically not a remake of the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist television series. Instead, it’s merely a more accurate translation of the original manga by Hiromu Arakawa. When Edward and his brother Alphonse Elric attempt to use alchemy to revive their mother, they pay a steep price in an alternate steampunk realm.

Al’s spirit is imprisoned in a suit of armor while Edward loses an arm and a leg. Edward doesn’t give up; instead, he decides to become a Fullmetal Alchemist. Then joins forces with his brother on a mission to heal their bodies before taking on a plot that is connected to their long-missing father.

11. Blood-C 

Best Action Anime on Hulu Blood -c
Credits – Fandom, Blood – C

Discover Saya Kisaragi, the main character of Blood-C. Saya attends high school and has a group of buddies during the day. However, takes on the role of a shrine maiden and the guardian of her community at night. Saya uses a sacred blade to battle the abominable Elder Bairns thanks to her father Tadayoshi.

When Elder Bairns start attacking Saya at school during the day, her double life is disrupted. Additionally, Saya’s existence is centered on a sinister secret that could endanger both her and everything she holds dear.

12. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter
Credits – Crunchyroll, Hunter x Hunter

Based on the renowned shounen manga Hunter x Hunter by author Yoshihiro Togashi, animation company Madhouse created a new and enhanced TV series. Hunter x Hunter is a vast, vibrant, modern fantasy with a ton of world-building and intriguing characters from the same creator who gave fans Yu Yu Hakusho.

The young Gon Freecs plans to follow in the footsteps of his father who abandoned him by becoming a world-class hunter who specializes in locating uncommon objects, creatures, or locations. Gon teams up with his new friends and allies Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio on a world-trotting journey full of supernatural dangers and bright new realms after passing the test to obtain his license.

13. The Case Study of Vanitas

Best Action Anime on Hulu The case study of vanitas
Credits – GamerBraves, The Case Study of Vanitas

This television series is one of the Best Action Anime on Hulu. A group of mercenaries known as the Lagoon Company owned a ship called the Black Lagoon. When Rokuro Okajima is held hostage by the team, he ends up in their orbit after being deceived into carrying an expensive disc that was loaded with important information.

Rokuro is fortunate that the mercenaries Dutch, Revy, and Benny all take to him right away. After proving his value to the Lagoon Company, Rokuro accepts their offer to join, changes his name to Rock, and begins a new life of travel.

14. One Punch Man

One punch man
Credits – BandaiNamco, One punch man

Meet Saitama, the world’s most powerful superhero. Saitama can overcome any adversary as long as he can land a single punch, despite his frail appearance. But the One-Punch Man star has a big problem with that. Saitama yearns for a challenge but never really finds one, which causes some pretty amusing situations.

The superheroes of this universe simply cannot match Saitama, and they find it difficult to accept that he is as modest in nature as he claims to be. One-Punch Man is a unique series that undoubtedly ranks among the most memorable of the last ten years.

15. My Hero Academia

Best Action Anime on Hulu My hero academia
Credits – Crunchyroll, My Hero Academia

The superhero genre has gained widespread appeal because of the Shounen smash My Hero Academia. The plot centres on Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, who is initially born without a Quirk (the show’s term for powers) despite 80% of the population having one. These abilities also reveal the characteristics of the user. Deku persists still and enrols in the esteemed superhero high school U.A. High School.

On October 1, Season 6 will make its Hulu debut. After swiftly wrapping up some loose ends from Season 5, it will then set up the show’s climactic battle between the heroes of U.A. High School and the villains of the Meta Liberation Front, led by Tomura Shigaraki.

16. Spy x Family

Best Action Anime on Hulu Spy x family
Credits – WON, Spy x Family

Spy x Family, an adaptation of Tatsuya Endo’s manga that swept the anime landscape earlier this year, was a pleasant and wholesome addition to the television schedule for 2022 and it’s one of the Best Action Anime on Hulu. As Loid is dispatched on a top-secret diplomatic mission abroad, the elite spy only known by his codename Agent Twilight introduces the first episode of the series.

His goal is to prevent a conflict between two strong countries, but for unanticipated reasons, his undercover operation turns out to be the hardest one yet. Together with Anya and Yor, Twilight adopts the alias Loid to form the Forger family. Each member of the family has information about their duties and skills that they want to keep a secret from the others.

17. Akira

Best Action Anime on Hulu Akira
Credits – IMDb, Akira

Akira is one of the anime films, along with others like Ghost in the Shell, that contributed to the genre’s transformation and made people everywhere take notice of what animation was developing into. A pair of childhood friends in a Neo-Tokyo motorcycle gang live their lives evading the constant fear of military occupation and war in a sci-fi dystopian future.

Tetsuo Shima, one of the boys, develops terrifying telekinetic abilities that endanger both the city and the entire globe. It’s a thrilling, gut-wrenching, and provocative sci-fi thriller that pays homage to films like Blade Runner.

18. Steins; Gate

Best Action Anime on Hulu Steins; Gate
Credits – Crunchyroll, Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate is a sci-fi thriller that is based on the same-named visual novel video game. Rintaro Okabe, a self-described mad scientist, has concocted fantasies about foiling a covert, well-organized conspiracy.

The group delves into the enigma behind time travel together with Rintaro’s diverse cast of adoring friends. Makise Kurisu gets involved, though, and a more sinister mystery starts to come to light. The list of Best Action Anime on Hulu would be incomplete.

19. Fairy Gone 

Best Action Anime on Hulu Fairy gone
Credits – Wakanim, Fairy Gone

Up until the War of Unification, Fairy Gone had a number of kingdoms. Since then, a young lady named Mariya has been hired by Dorothea, a government organization established to capture Fairy Soldiers who have turned rogue. These are the males and females who had magical organs implanted into them so they could be more powerful during the conflict.

Mariya is personally involved since Veronica, one of her closest childhood friends is now a rogue Fairy Soldier working for an unidentified organization. Can Mariya muster the courage to confront her friend?

20. Fate/Zero 

Best Action Anime on Hulu Fate/Zero
Credits – Pinterest, Fate/Zero

Fate/Zero is an action/fantasy series that is a spin-off of the well-known light book series by Gen Urobuchi that takes place before the events of Fate/Stay Night. The Fourth Holy Grail War is a covert competition in which seven Masters call upon the legendary souls of victors from throughout human history.

The anime depicts the events of this battle. The Holy Grail, a magical chalice that grants the winner’s wishes, is the prize in this bloody fight royale between these warriors. The main character of Fate/Zero, deadly assassin Kiritsugu Emiya, fights for the Einzberns, his wife’s family, in the Fourth Holy Grail War.

21. Parasyte

Best Action Anime on Hulu Parasyte
Credits – MUBI, Parasyte

Shinichi Izumi, a high school student, is forced into the middle of an alien invasion in Parasyte: The Maxim. The parasites, known as Parasytes, generally completely take over the brains of their hosts. Instead of embedding in Shinichi’s brain, the parasite does so in his arm.

Shinichi makes an alliance with his own invader as they battle other Parasytes in the city after the Parasyte adopts its own identity and adopts the name Migi. They could be the only effective line of defense against the invisible invasion of the Parasytes for humanity. The action in this anime is top-notch. No wonder it makes the list of Best Action Anime on Hulu.

22. Black Lagoon

Best Action Anime on Hulu Black Lagoon
Credits – CBR, Black Lagoon

The Black Lagoon is a ship that belonged to a gang of mercenaries known as the Lagoon Company in the television series of the same name. Rokuro Okajima, who was tricked into carrying a pricey disc that was packed with crucial information, ends up in their orbit when he is taken hostage by the team.

The mercenaries Dutch, Revy, and Benny all take to Rokuro quite immediately, which is good news for him. Rokuro joins the Lagoon Company after demonstrating his worth to them, changes his name to Rock, and starts a new life of exploration.

23. Dragon Ball Z

Best Action Anime on Hulu Dragon ball z
Credits – Variety. Dragon Ball Z

The first series of Dragon Ball, created by Akira Toriyama, doesn’t get enough credit for the franchise’s subsequent explosion into a global multimedia powerhouse. Dragon Ball Z was undoubtedly a new high point, but the original Dragon Ball is still regarded as a classic of shounen anime.

Son Goku begins this franchise launch pad as a fish out of water who doesn’t recognize his own strength while encountering a diverse cast of heroes and villains along the road. Dragon Ball includes well-known antagonists like the Red Ribbon Army as well as King Piccolo’s adversarial past before becoming a hero.

24. InuYasha

Best Action Anime on Hulu Inu Yasha
Credits – Reddit, Inuyasha

If you grew up watching Toonami, you probably have a strong familiarity with Inuyasha. Inuyasha, which is based on the well-known manga series, introduces viewers to Kagome, a high school student in the present who has no patience for folklore. At least not until Kagome is trapped in ancient Japan with the warrior half-demon Inuyasha.

When Inuyasha goes out of hand, much to Kagome’s surprise, she discovers that she has some degree of control over him. However, they are both taken aback when their shared desire to reclaim a broken jewel ignites romantic sentiments in each of their hearts.

25. Psycho-Pass

Best Action Anime on Hulu Psycho pass
Credits – AnimeC, Psycho-Pass

Psycho-Pass is a unique anime story that offers some of the most compelling sci-fi tales available today. In the Production I.G. animated film Psycho-Pass, the Japanese government imposes a Minority Report-style dictatorship over its populace in a technologically dystopian society. The government tracks brain biometrics to determine a person’s predisposition for criminality in an authoritarian effort to eradicate all crime.

The Japanese government’s cynical enforcers are the main focus of the series up until a rookie inspector with high aspirations for justice starts to stir things up. Psycho-Pass has received plaudits for drawing inspiration from Ridley Scott’s cyberpunk classic Blade Runner in addition to the Steven Spielberg movie.

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Are there any good animes on Hulu?

Yes, Hulu just upgraded the Anime Library to a variety of new anime. Including the new hit Chainsaw Man.

What are the 3 main animes?

The Holy Trinity is Naruto – One Piece – Bleach. They all came out during the Golden Age and they are still running.

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