Classroom For Heroes Anime: Main Cast Announced

Classroom for the heroes anime is going to be an action fantasy series. It’s all set to premiere in the year 2023, the official release date for the series is yet to be released. It’s an anime adaptation of a popular novel.

The series recently revealed the cast for the main characters along with other detailed information about every character.

The official announcement was made on their Twitter account and it was later updated on the website as well.

The series recently revealed the main key visual for the series along with the complete list of characters and list of staff members. Animation studio Actas is responsible for animating the series.

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You can see the key visual for the series below:

Main Cast Announced Of Classroom For Heroes Anime
Credit: Eiyu kyoshitsu -Anime Official Webs

The key visual features the two main characters, Blade and Arnest flaming standing in front of the Rosewood Academy which the hero built after defeating the powerful demon lord. Undoubtedly, the key visual loudly speaks about th skils of the character designer

The official website for the character list with four main characters along with their voice actors including Reiji Kawashima as Blade, Misuzu Yamada as Arnest Flaming, Hina Kino as Chulainn Cu, and finally Nao Touyama as Sophie.

The list of key staff members includes Keiichiro Kawaguchi as the director, Kousuke Kawamura in charge of character designs as the chief animator, and Naoki Hayashi in charge of the script and series composition.

The plot of Classroom For Heroes Anime

This fantasy anime series has a somewhat repetitive yet interesting plot with an overpowered main character and an uptight princess who initially dislikes the nonchalant main character but eventually develops feelings for him.

The series features the main character blade who transfers to Rosewood academy to live a normal high school life; however, the cheery enjoyable life he desires might be difficult as trouble always seems to find him.

The hero built the Rosewood academy after he defeated the demon lord to find strong candidates to defend the country in case the demon lord ever strikes back.

However, during his battle the against the demon lord, Hero got brutal injuries. He lost most of his overpowered abilities. Nobody knows the true identity of the hero. He unexpectedly disappeared and never reappeared.

Blade is the newest transfer student of Rosewood academy and while he struggles to understand how the academy operates, the principal assigns Arnest Flaming to show him around the school so he may get familiar with the environment.

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The Characters of Classroom For Heroes

The series recently revealed the four main characters along with their voice actors.

Blade is the former who once battled the great demon king and took him down with a powerful counter-attack, ultimately saving the world from destruction. He lost most of his abilities during that battle and decided to join the Rosewood academy for heroes that train the elite.

Arnest Flaming is the most popular student in Rosewood Academy. She’s famous for her superior abilities and impressive work ethic. Although she can a bit annoying at times. Blade’s lazy habits irritates her and tries to impose her sense of responsibility onto him.

About Classroom For Heroes Anime

Classroom for heroes is a Japanese light novel series by Araki Shin. Morisawa Haruyuki illustrated the series. It first began serialization on January 2015 in Dash x Bunko imprint. The series currently has 13 volumes available to read online.

Takashi Minakuchi created a manga adaptation for the series. However, the project was dropped and Koara Kishida, another mangaka picked it up. He created 15 volumes for the manga series. It was serialized in Square Enix’s Shonen Gangan magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

u003cstrongu003eWho is the Hero in Classroom for Heroes?u003c/strongu003e

Blade is the hero in Classroom for Heroes, after defeating the great demon king, he began losing his abilities so he decided to enroll in the Rosewood Academy to live a peaceful life.

Why doesn’t Blade show his true power?

While Blade could easily surpass anyone around him in the academy, he doesn’t feel the need to draw any unnecessary attention as his only goal is to live a carefree life.

How many episodes are there in classroom of heroes?

Hopefully, there will be 12 episodes.

Source: Eiyukyoushitsu-Anime Official Website, @eiyu_anime Twitter


Let’s wait and see what special this Hero Classroom has! Japanese Novels  never disappointed us. Now let’s see if if the Classroom For Heroes Anime series will meet our expectations of not. It’s just a matter of time, and we will be watching our most awaited anime. Judging from the promotional video. Hopefully Actas Studio will win our hearts with their superber animation. For similar anime updates, keep following us.

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