Chainsaw Man Manga Wins Harvey Award | 2022

Chainsaw Man manga is all about violence, blood, action, and romance. It is one of the best mangas out there. It recently won an honorable award.

The manga was released in 2018 and continued till 2020. It has a total of 97 chapters and 12 volumes. Its anime adaptation is under production and set to release later this year. The series is full of action, gore, suffering, and violence.

With millions of fans across the world, it is pretty clear that the Chainsaw Man has gained the love of a lot of people. The manga is already a hit and the anime is going to be even better. Read along to find out about the series and the awards it won.

Chainsaw Man manga is known for being one of the best shounen manga of all time. Therefore, you can safely expect it’s anime giving a tough competition to other shounen.

Chainsaw Man Manga Plot

Chainsaw Man manga
Denji from Chainsaw Man | 2022

The story is about a young boy, Denji, who wishes to live a happy and content life with his crush. However, his wish is far from coming true as he is forced to work for the yakuza. Denji’s job is to kill devils and make enough money to pay off his crushing debts. With his pet devil, Pochita, by his side, Denji is ready to do anything for some money.

Sadly, Denji is murdered by a devil while carrying out a task for the yakuza. Surprisingly, Pochita combines with Denji’s dead body and turns him into a hybrid human with the powers of a chainsaw devil. He can now turn any body part into a chainsaw and use it as a weapon to destroy his enemies.  

Soon official devil hunters learn about his existence and offer him to work at the Public Safety Bureau. Now with all the support he needs, Denji will stop at nothing to achieve his simple teenage dreams.

Chainsaw Man Manga and Harvey Awards

Chainsaw Man Manga
Denji | Chainsaw Man

The Harvey Awards honor excellent work in comics and sequential art. The Chainsaw Man manga recently won the ‘Best Manga award’, making it the only series to win twice in a row.

The manga had intense competition this year from other series including Blue Lock, SPY x FAMILY, and other famous manga series. Moreover, SPY x FAMILY was also nominated last year.

The Chainsaw Man anime adaptation is expected to release in Japan in October, and a few months later in other regions.

Chainsaw Man Manga Art

Chainsaw Man Manga
Denji from Chainsaw Man Manga

As shown in the trailer, the MAPPA Studio did the series justice by using an animation style similar to the manga, in the show. While some may find the art style of this series a bit too explicit, we believe no other style would have been able to portray the series as perfectly.

The show contains very graphic fighting scenes and the overall vibe is very realistic and incredibly gory. The art complements the storyline and the manga perfectly.

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Is there a Chainsaw Man anime?

After winning hearts through its manga, Chainsaw Man is all set to win hearts with its anime.

Who won best manga Harvey Awards?

Chainsaw Man won the best manga Harvey Award. The credit goes to Tatsuki Fujimoto for making it a masterpiece.

What anime is Pochita in?

Pochita is a popular character from Chainsaw Man Manga and Anime.


Taking all things into consideration, the Chainsaw Man well deserved the awards it won. Everything about the manga, from the art style to the story itself, is incredible. We are looking forward to the anime series and hope that it will be just as good as the manga. Do you think Chainsaw Man deserved the Harvey Awards? Let us know in the comment section below.   

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