Is One Piece Film Red Worth Watching? | 2022

One Piece film Red is a prologue to episodes 1029 and 1030 of the series. Moreover, the movie has one of the best soundtracks as it is a musical.

The movie was released in August 2022 in Japan and has been a hit. However, it is yet to come out in other countries later this year. The film is full of action, emotional moments, suffering, and the power of free will.

With millions of fans across the world, it is pretty clear that the One Piece series has gained the love of a lot of people. It is said that the anime series is entirely based on the manga, which is why fans love it. Read along to see if the movie is just as good and worth watching or not.

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Plot Of One Piece Film Red

One Piece Film: Red Image
Image from One Piece Film Red

In episode 1029 of the series, we discover that Uta was Red Hair Pirates’ musician since she was 9 years old. Luffy met Uta and Shanks for the first time when they visited the Goa Kingdom. Since then, Luffy and Uta spent a lot of time together and eventually became best friends.

The movie mainly revolves around Uta, who is now the world’s most popular singer. It begins with the Straw Hat pirates, who decide to attend her first-ever concert. But before the concert starts, Luffy rushes to the stage and announces that he and Uta are childhood friends. Also mentioning that she is Red Hair Pirates’ daughter.

Sadly, things aren’t as they were between them. Luffy soon finds out that Uta is not the girl she was when they were kids. And her concert has the power to disrupt the current world order.

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Uta as a Character in One Piece Film Red

Uta | One Piece Film: Red
Uta | One Piece Film: Red

Being a new character with an entire movie based on her past, some may not like Uta. She gets most of the screen time, and we adore her as a character.

Uta has a fun upbeat personality with a tragic and saddening backstory. In the movie, she is the protagonist, antagonist, and victim altogether but in different circumstances. By the end of the movie, she feels like a very important part of the One Piece universe. Every scene reveals her tragic history and provides context to her actions.

Despite all she has been through, Uta still wants to create a world with no sadness or suffering. She just wants everyone to be happy and content.

The Animation is Incredible

Uta, Luffy | One Piece Film: Red
Uta, Luffy | One Piece Film: Red

While the music in the movie is top-tier, the animation style is nothing but perfection. It is one of the best-looking One Piece movies. The colors are used perfectly to complement the characters and storyline. Moreover, the attention to detail in each scene is quite impressive.

The fight scenes are so smoothly animated and every character moves flawlessly. Every moment was worth watching and the choreography in Uta’s concerts is just beautiful.


Taking all things into consideration, the movie should be on your list. Considering how good the series is, the movie is nothing short of perfection. It is mostly centered around Uta, her character development, and her backstory. It also highlights the difficulties normal civilians face as compared to pirates. It’s a slightly different take from the series and is full of exciting adventures. Other than that, the movie is quite emotional and deep. Watch for yourself and let us know what you think.


Q1. Where can I watch One piece Film: Red?

You can watch One piece on Crunchyroll.

Q2. Who is Uta?

Uta is a Popstar and only known female member of the Red Hair Pirates.

Q3. Is One Piece Film: Red canon?

No One Piece Red is a non canon movie.

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