Bibliomania Manga Vol. 1 – Review

If you don’t have much time and want to enjoy psychological horror manga in one sitting, Bibliomania manga is what you need. The story consists of a 12-chapter nightmare that won’t leave your mind for a few moments. Those chapters were compiled into a horror book reflecting men’s desire with stomach-churning stories.

Below, we will break down bibliomania manga from the creator to the story behind it. Let’s dive into the darkness this manga has to offer!

About Bibliomania Manga

Bibliomania is a dark fantasy manga doujinshi illustrated by Macchiro and scripted by Orval in 2018. They published their work on Mangahack which Ranking of Kings manga came from. On that note, Mangahack serves as a user-submitted manga website from Echoes Inc.

Bibliomania manga
Bibliomania manga – Source: @macchiro_

The point-selling of the manga is because it has gorgeous illustrations. Each page has a very immaculate design and an astonishing amount of detail. Instead of using a pen tablet like how modern mangaka works, Macchiro still uses the analog method using ink to create detailed visuals. If we’re looking at the graphics alone, he deserves the place to be the best manga artist.

When Bibliomania manga ended its 12-chapter-long psychological horror manga in April 2018, it took seven months before the hard print was available. However, the news implied they only self-published their work without cooperating with other popular manga publishers.

Though most of the manga fans didn’t mind, it came with a problem. The huge anime and manga community website, MAL, doesn’t include this manga in their database. The only reason is that a reputable physical publishing company didn’t publish the manga. Throughout the years, fans just created a new thread waiting for this manga approval queue. However, up till now, the manga has yet to be enlisted.

Bibliomania manga cover book
Bibliomania manga cover book – Source: @macchiro_

Later on, good news came from Spain. Kibook Ediciones licensed the Bibliomania manga in Spain which later published the hard copy version. Furthermore, another publisher, Mangetsu, published the hard copy in France on March 29, 2023.

Bibliomania Manga Story

Bibliomania manga tells a fairy tale nightmare about a young girl Alice. One day, she ends up in a white vacant room with nothing but a single door. When she approaches the door, a serpent with a white suit appears and explains why she is there.

It turns out that Alice should take her time in their room and waiting for a “party”. In the meantime, she can fulfill her wishes. She basically has omnipotent power to create and reform anything as long as she stays in the room.

Meanwhile, beyond those doors lay other six hundred rooms which were occupied by someone. They use their empty room to create their own fantasy comes true. The exit of this strange mansion lies in all other rooms full of desire, fear, and tragedy.

Alice Rotting After Go Through Door
Alice Rotting After Go Through Door – Source: Macchiro_

But, here is the catch. If Alice goes through the door, her body will rot. From the start, there is no chance of survival if you want to exit the manor. After hearing the explanation, Alice makes a child grin and charges through the doors.


Bibliomania manga is a manga doujinshi packed with a psychological story full of human desire. After reading the first chapter, a few questions will pop out. Who is Alice? Who’s the serpent? Why is she always smiling? With hundreds of doors, how will Alice finish it with 12 chapters? Ultimately, why does this manga use a title like Bibliomania? Yet, all of those questions are answered in one volume of manga. 

It is great how the madness created in the story somehow flows into the epic plot twist. You can read this manga in one sitting, but it will stay with you after you put it down. For all it’s worth, Bibliomania manga is one of the best psychological horror manga with a unique story.

Unfortunately, with how short it is, it is impossible to expect an anime adaptation from this manga. But, maybe there is a chance it becomes a compilation anime like Junji Ito? Who knows. Just stay tuned for more anime & manga updates in Animefleek!

Who creates Bibliomania manga?

Macchiro illustrated the series while Orval scripted it.

How many chapters does Bibliomania manga have?

The series has 12 chapters which later compiled into one volume of manga.

What is Bibliomania manga based on?

The manga takes Alice in Wonderland as its base.

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