Chained Soldier Manga Vol. 14 – Recap And Review

The world of Chained Soldier manga (Mato Seihei no Slave) unfolds with intensity and intrigue as we delve into the captivating events of Volume 14. The intertwining stories of Konomi Tatara, Ema Makura, and the Anti-Demon Corps or may we call demon slayers come alive in this latest installment.

Volume 14 is based on a total of 9 Chapters and had everything in it from action to echi you know some what spiced up. So without further discussion, let’s embark on a journey through the recap and reviews that make this manga a must-read.

Chapter 107 Towards Shangri-La

Chained Soldier Manga Vol. 14 - Recap And Review

Chained Soldier Manga Chapter 107 Recap.

Konomi is shock that Ema is joining the Anti-Demon Corps so quickly. But Ema explains that they will have plenty of time in Shangri-la to train.

Ema puts on her 1st Unit uniform and declares that Konomi will take care of her. While Saki Tokoyama is grooming Yakumo Ezo at the 5th Unit dorms. The former thinks about what she would do in Shangri-la.

Yakumo agrees after Kaiko Itsuki notes that they won’t be traveling to Shangri-la and observes that her Chief is acting promiscuously.

Yakumo begins to think about sharing a bed with Konomi when Kaiko mentions that the 1st and 5th Units would be training together.

Kyouka inquires about the progress of the inquiry into Yumeji Shimomura’s coordinates from Ren Yamashiro at the 10th Unit headquarters in the meantime.

Ren reports that they have discovered numerous hints on the Eight Thunder Gods. But he also notes that the Gods did not provide Shimomura with any information they deemed important.

Kyouka states that she will meet with Bell Tsukiyono and the 8th Unit for the Shangri-La training. But she is worried that they might not be able to handle the intense training.

Chapter 108 Shangri-La

Chained Soldier Manga Vol. 14 - Recap And Review

Chained Soldier Manga Chapter 108 Recap.

Ginna Bizen shows Kyouka Uzen, Yuuki Wakura, and the other members of the 7th Unit the entrance to Shangri-La.

Kyouka explains that this is her first visit to Shangri-La, and Ginna comments that Ren Yamashiro has been speeding up the procedure, but it still takes a lot of planning because of the strain it places on its user.

She asks Ginna what safety measures they should take, and she tells them that if the entrance is destroyed. They won’t be able to leave for a long time, that no one—not even the ability user—will know about anything that occurs in Shangri-La, and that it is impossible to get in touch with anyone outside.

Kyouka then determines that they should enter, and Ginna requests that she inform the 6th and 9th Units to depart because there is a cap on the number of people that can be in Shangri-La at once.

Himari weighs the advantages and disadvantages of Shangri-La compared to the Azuma portal, which Yuuki discovers.

Shushu Suruga observes Yuuki and Himari’s relationship and believes that, like the Chiefs, Himari is approaching Yuuki offensively. Tenka Izumo is discover by the 7th Unit inside the kitchen, clothed in an apron and swimsuit.

After taking a shower, Yuuki goes into the bathroom to clean up. However, as soon as he enters, Homare Azuma, who has disrobed him using her Python ability, approaches him and tries to woo him.

Later, with Yuuki in his slave form and the three Units dressed in their uniforms, they assemble outside. Fubuki announces that Kyouka, Tenka, and her shall engage in combat as the three Chiefs.

Chapter 109 Chief VS Chief VS Chief

chapter 109

Chained Soldier Manga Chapter 109 Recap.

Sahara is offered healing by Himari Azuma, who uses her Learning talent to use Transience to rapidly restore Sahara’s vitality. Yachiho Azuma, impressed, gives her sister a jubilant hug and compliments her on improving the accuracy of her abilities.

Shushu Suruga and Homare Azuma, who had engage in a fierce battle, are heal by Tobera Azuma in the meantime. The three watch as Kyouka Uzen, Tenka Izumo, Fubuki Azuma, and Yuuki Wakura fight fiercely against each other.

Fubuki executes a surprise attack and succeeds to seize hold of Yuuki’s chain after forcing Yuuki to defend against Sunset. Tenka suffered a setback, as Kyouka also notes, since she had to glance in the direction she was teleporting before pulling the trigger.

Afterward, Kyouka, Tenka, and Fubuki are all dressed in swimwear while Yuuki receives his reward in the swimming area.

Tenka follows up, saying that Yuuki is the serious sort, before kissing him. Fubuki urges Yuuki not to be nervous and then suckers on his lower lip.

Then, after praising Yuuki for his fighting prowess, Fubuki rubs his face into her breasts.

As she plants a kiss on Yuuki’s chest, Kyouka also remarks on his growing muscular build. Kyouka does the same, massaging Yuuki’s leg, and Fubuki moves in to plant a passionate kiss on him.

Chapter 110 Each One’s Growth

chapter 110

Chained Soldier Manga Chapter 110 Recap.

Yuuki Wakura, who has transformed into his Slave: Boulder Melter form, is ridden by Shushu Suruga. After throwing a massive boulder, the latter unleashes a barrage of smaller pebbles for a broad assault.

Kyouka Uzen and Shushu talk about the technique’s potential. Shushu notes that she can also use her Paradigm Shift to toss pebbles. But Kyouka points out that the attack won’t be very effective against more powerful opponents.

She responds by showcasing a novel move that Yuuki utilizes to concentrate his strength in his arm and was inspire by Himari Azuma.

Shushu and Yuuki receive praise from Kyouka, who also advises Shushu to keep in mind the methods she has shown.

Himari is upset that she is unable to use her awakened form like she did at the Azuma Banquet. But Kyouka praises her on her ability to use a variety of skills in combat.

Although Kyouka notes that the ability sacrifices Paradigm Shift’s regular continuous utilization, she is nonetheless impressed by it.

Shushu is happy to find out where Yuuki and Himari are, but she quickly gets embarrassed when she discovers they are training together.

In another scene, Himari rewards Yuuki for being a slave by letting him kiss her nude legs.

Himari laments how indecent it is as Yuuki swiftly follows suit and plants a kiss on her crotch! Which is cover in underwear.

Chapter 111 The Eighth Unit

Chained Soldier Manga Vol. 14 - Recap And Review

Chained Soldier Manga Chapter 111 Recap.

To Yuuki’s dismay, 8th Unit Chief Varvara Pilipenko gives him a chilly gaze and declares her dislike for him. Yuuki bows to welcome her.

When Kyouka inquires about “Bell’s” meeting with Ren Yamashiro, she responds that she had already departed.

Then, “Bell” says that the 3rd Unit will soon recover completely and that she wants to go back to Shangri-La with them so that she can develop into a trustworthy Chief. “Bell” bows to her while Kyouka comforts her.

Subsequently, Yuuki asks Jenna and Prachi what they would like to eat. When Jenna refers to him as Kyouka’s “slave” and inquires as to whether he is a “M,” Yuuki clumsily responds that he is not.

Jenna fantasizes about Yuuki having an aggressive disposition and drooling over her and Prachi’s bare breasts after reassuring him. Yuuki responds that he is just as interested in humor as everyone else as Prachi goes on to ask him whether he is interested in it.

Prachi is impress when Yuuki tells her that he watches the comedy grand prix on a regular basis. And she assures him that they will get along just fine. Later that night, Yuuki hopes to build a positive relationship with Varvara, who is staring at the moon. After feeling satisfied that he has a nice relationship with Jenna and Prachi.

Desperate to avoid upsetting Kyouka by ruining the friendship between the 7th and 8th Units. He begs her to explain why she despises him.

Chapter 112 Varvara Pilipenko

chapter 112

Chained Soldier Manga Chapter 112 Recap.

She finally started to see that her parents had been treating her like a princess and had concealed from her the true nature of their existence.

She once faced attacks from two ladies who wanted to get even with her parents, but she used her Peach skill to overcome them.

Ren Yamashiro met her while she was considering whether or not to follow her family into the underworld. He told her that she had destroyed her family’s smuggling operation and offered her the choice to either join her at the Anti-Demon Corps or descend with her parents.

After that, she looked into Kyouka and discovered that although Kyouka had a harsher past than she had. She wasn’t as icy and depressing as she had thought. She then tells Yuuki that following that, her abilities started to alter.

Using Pantheon, her demonstration talent, she proceeds to construct a massive cathedral. Explaining that it is the place where she worships Kyouka. Varvara is confuse when her ability reacts with Yuuki in an unexpected way.

She responds that it’s okay to observe her from a distance when Yuuki asks her why she is acting so aloof. Varvara then expresses her regret to Yuuki for her intense hatred of him.

She tells Yuuki that she used to despise him because of what Kyouka forced her to do as a reward, but that she has since chosen to forgive him after realizing how much he values her.

When he inquires about her talent, she responds that he would know if the cathedral saw him as an enemy.

When Yuuki takes a bath much later in the evening, he discovers Varvara taking off her clothes.

Chapter 113 Fukuma, The Observer

Chained Soldier Manga Vol. 14 - Recap And Review

Chained Soldier Manga Chapter 113 Recap.

Varvara observes that Yuuki`s rewards from Kyouka must be limited to an owner bathing their dog.
Yuuki says he will go in train with Kyouka.

Prachi uses her blessing of the Urumi fruit to conjure a strong urumi weapon, which she then throws at Himari.
‘‘Bell‘‘ asks about Varvara’s peach ability while Kyouka, Yuuki, and ‘‘Bell‘‘ watch the contest.

When they train later, Kyouka says they will inquire about Varvara’s ability and consider ways to combine Bell’s ability with hers.

The story tells how Fukuma, despite her ability to pass for someone else, is unable to duplicate talents granted by peach blessings.

As a result, she deliberately put off training in order to devise a strategy for attacking without revealing her deceit.

Later, when Fukuma strolls through the dorm’s hallways, she muses over the possibility that it would be best to strike Varvara first even though Kyouka still poses a threat, given the general lack of knowledge about her abilities.

Fukuma opens her mouth to attack, but Kyouka interrupts, saying that she is still awake. Fukuma makes the decision in the kitchen to attack Yuuki and Varvara in an attempt to weaken them both rather than going for Kyouka.

Chapter 114 What Looms Over Shangri-La

Chained Soldier Manga Vol. 14 - Recap And Review

Chained Soldier Manga Chapter 114 Recap.

Nei promises “Bell” that she will be able to go asleep after having a drink, but that she might wake up a few times during the night.

After her scheme was foiled, “Bell” delivers a shoulder massage to the slightly bewildered Nei, claiming that her shoulders were stiff.

Kyouka, Varvara, and “Bell” observe, happy that the others are starting to open out to one another and that ability training should soon follow.

After that, Fukuma resolves to kill Varvara, Yuuki, and Nei that evening so that she may devise a more daring plan for the others.

Then, when Yuuki is cleaning, she runs into him. Assuming her “Bell” persona, she approaches him shyly and teeters, putting her lips to his.

After apologizing profusely and receiving a panicked but forgiving response from Yuuki, “Bell” asks if they may meet later that night and whispers in his ear that she wants it to be just the two of them and no one else.

Despite feeling embarrassed, Yuuki accepts and, as “Bell” gets ready to go, she “trips” once again, putting her crotch into Yuuki’s face and apologizing once more.

Fukuma leaves, feeling satisfied that she has given Yuuki twisted ideas that will prevent him from thinking rationally. Kuusetsu has observed Fukuma’s existence within Yuuki’s spirit realm, but he doesn’t think she has acknowledged her.

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Chapter 115 Lightning Quake in Shangri-La

Chained Soldier Manga Vol. 14 - Recap And Review

Chained Soldier Manga Chapter 115 Recap.

When Yuuki first meets “Bell,” she pushes against him and informs him that she needs his assistance in order to reach a quota. Then, “Bell” turns her other arm into an axe and lunges for Yuuki, who ducks as Kyouka parries her blows.

When Kyouka presses “Bell” to identify herself, she eventually does so by identifying herself as Fukuma, one of the Eight Thunder Gods.

When Fukuma inquires as to what led them to suspect her, Yuuki recalls meeting with Varvara and Kyouka and telling them that her body felt different after giving him his prize than it had the previous time “Bell” landed on top of him.

Varvara saw nothing out of the ordinary in Bell, but Kyouka trusted Yuuki since he was a god inside of him. Yuuki, back in the present, is adamant about finding out where the actual Bell is.

Unheard by the reader, Fukuma answers, and it is assumed that she informs Yuuki what she did to Bell because of his irrational outrage. Kyouka calmed Yuuki down by telling him that Bell’s ability would not cause her to die.

Kyouka alerts the others to the situation and cautions them about Fukuma’s tremendous power.

While Yuuki is overwhelmed that they are now up against two Thunder Gods. The scared members of the 7th Unit remember Rairen from the Interunit Matches.

Rairen tells Fukuma that he was aware of the scenario because he could see everything when he was within the card.

Chained Soldier Manga Vol. 14 Conclusion

“Chained Soldier Manga Vol. 14” weaves a tapestry of suspense, action, and character development. From the enigmatic realm of Shangri-La to the intricate relationships among the units, each page unfolds a new layer of the story’s complexity. As alliances are tested and secrets revealed, readers are left eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this gripping saga. You can also the read the upcoming chapters on Shonen Jump + Official Website. And For more anime & manga updates kindly visit our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is “Chained Soldier Manga” suitable for all readers?

No, the manga caters to a broad audience, combining action, drama, humor, and echiness.

Q2. What makes Shangri-La a pivotal setting in Chained Soldier Manga Volume 14?

Shangri-La introduces challenges and intensifies training, becoming a crucial backdrop for character development.

Q3. What role does Fukuma play in the unfolding events?

Fukuma introduces deception and intrigue, posing a significant threat to the characters in Shangri-La.

Q4. Where to read the more chapters of Chained Soldier Manga?

You can visit the official website of Shonen Jump plus for more chapters and upcoming volumes.

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