Dragons Of Wonderhatch: New Live Action X Anime Hybrid Trailer 

The entertainment industry is not coming slow, guys. We all can expect Dragons Of Wonderhatch to be one of the best fantasy action series. The fact that Disney+ and Kodansha are working together on this project adds more value to it. 

People are excited for this series to hit the screens as it’s a mix of anime and live-action. In short, we will be introduced to the worlds of anime and humans altogether. Sounds great, right? 

The trailer has turned the tables, and it has made the audience more impatient than ever. Nobody was expecting such an amazing blend of live-action and anime. Kudos to the creators for bringing such a fantastic idea to the industry. 

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Dragons Of Wonderhatch Trailer and Additional Details

The nearly two-minute trailer was enough to highlight the hard work of Production I.G. As usual, the studio has tried its best to entertain the audience with the best. Not gonna lie; this anime project looks promising, and we fans are overwhelmed. Somehow, the trailer gave Studio Ghibli vibes and there’s no denying. Well, nothing can beat Japanese animation production when it comes to making us all nostalgic.

The direction, the cinematic aesthetic, the acting, and the overall art direction are simply on the spot. Kudos to Kentaro Hagiwara sensei for directing the series fabulously. The Otaku community, especially Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action film fans, are already familiar with the magic he brings. 

Any guesses for the animation director? Well, he is none other than Takashi Ootsuka, the one who directed One Piece: Stampede.

We simply love how the animation and Live Action are blended together. Bringing such an idea to life requires a significant amount of effort. We respect the production team doing their best efforts on this coming masterpiece.  

The trailer came out along with some additional details regarding the cast and the release window. 

Release Date Of Dragons Of Wonderhatch

The good news is we don’t have to wait for any long to watch this fantasy blockbuster. December 20 is going to be the day of our extreme happiness. Just a few more days to go until its premiere!

Along with the release date, the higher-ups also updated us with the voice cast and original character designs. Have your hopes high for the voice actors because all of them are fan favorites. On the other hand, Posuka Demizu has done a wonderful job as a character designer. 


The narrative centers on Nagi, a high school student and a lovely girl. She struggles to fit in with her classmates, thanks to her daydreams and delusions. Much like many of us, she takes delight in indulging her imagination.

On the other hand, Tyme is an animated character living in a completely different world. He was very well living his life as a dragon rider. However, the narrative undergoes a dramatic transformation as chaos envelops the two worlds.

It’s all about the Duo’s journey and struggles in their respective worlds. Watching them fighting together and solving problems makes it an interesting watch.

Where To Watch Dragons Of Wonderhatch?

This must be the most important question that is crowding the heads of the fans. Well, I got you, my friends, so fret not. Catch it on Disney+ starting December 20. The release date details for the U.S. are still pending confirmation.

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Fans’ Reaction To Dragons Of Wonderhatch

Creative anime fans are buzzing with excitement for this forthcoming series. They are feeling over the moon and can’t wait for it to hit the screens. They are super optimistic and have high expectations from the higher-ups. Well, that’s true, as it’s a very intriguing concept, and everything that intrigues the audience is simply the best. Fans never say no to Live Action movies with anime elements characters. This is the dream of every otaku: they want to meet their favorite anime characters. The anime characters bursting out of nowhere in the human world are simply spine-chilling. That scene from the trailer is the hooking point that has captured the viewer’s attention. 

dragons of wonderhatch characters

Credit: IMDb


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December 20 is just around the corner. Thanks to the creators for presenting us with Dragons Of Wonderhatch this Xmas. The end of the year is surely going to be memorable. Let’s wait for this upcoming anime adventure! 

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