Solo Leveling Anime Release Date & Theme Songs Announced

It’s been more than 2 years that fans have been curious about Solo Leveling anime release date. The extraordinary manhwa has spellbound the audience so tightly that it’s impossible to break free from its charm. Solo Leveling comic is one of the most popular and most loved of all time. 

It’s the immense love of fans that the creators decided to bring the anime adaptation for us. In July last year, fans were finally given the good news of its anime confirmation. There you go, the long wait is surely going to end soon. 

The higher-ups have already confirmed the official  release date and theme songs. Above all, we are in awe watching the trailer and key visuals. Thus, the whole anime community is on its toes right now.

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date & Details

Just a few days ago, Crunchyroll finally revealed the Solo Leveling Anime Release Date. The coming year is going to be a banger for anime fans. January 6 is going to be the most awaited day. This day everyone’s beloved anime will smash the screens. 

Less than a month is left to watch our favorite manhwa anime adaptation. The fact that the announcement came with the Theme song details has made fans even more happier. Tomorrow X Together and Hiroyuki Sawano are responsible for entertaining the audience with the theme songs. They will perform the Opening song, “LEvel.”

Everything about this coming masterpiece speaks of high quality and nothing less. Kudos to the character designer and the animation studio A-1 Pictures for their efforts. 

After watching the trailer and key visuals, we can easily say that the higher-ups have done their best to do justice to the digital comic. 

Guess what? Our favorite platform, Crunchyroll, will stream the anime series, and we couldn’t have been happier. The creators have updated us with the official English dubbing cast and the Japanese voice cast. 

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Solo Leveling Anime Plot

solo leveling anime release date and key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

This is the story of Sung Jinwoo’s hunting journey and how he goes from a weak E-rank hunter to a strong hunter. The once-peaceful world is enveloped in chaos after the  deadly monster’s entry. Unfortunately, nothing works right in the boy’s life, and he is struggling in every aspect. 

However, watching Sung Jin-woo face the odds with courage and how he challenges his messy life makes the story compelling. The boy started as the weakest hunter and then continued to impress people by leveling up. In Solo Leveling, you can expect a lot of twists,  iconic action style, and intriguing adventures. 

The hit manhwa  is famous for its strong characters, fantasy elements, intriguing plot, and a lot more. Mark your calendars for January 6, and don’t forget to watch it!

Fans’ Reaction

Fans showed mixed emotions regarding the anime on Reddit. Some of them were happy and some weren’t with the animation. Those who weren’t happy are comparing it to Demon Slayer and other famous anime. Especially those known for their high animation quality. 

On the other hand, there is a majority who absolutely loved the character designs and art. They absolutely love the animation by A-1 Studio.

Well, we all know there are always multiple sides to a story and, thus, thousands of different opinions. 

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Is the Solo Leveling anime coming out?

After a long wait, fans can now enjoy their favorite anime. You should remember the date, which is January 6, 2024.

How many episodes can we expect in Solo Leveling?

We can only guess about it for now. However, according to predictions, it will have 24 to 26 episodes. So, let’s just wait to get confirmation regarding the number of episodes per season.

Will Solo Leveling be in English?

Yes, Crunchyroll has revealed the Japanese and English Dub voice cast!


For fans, the happiest thing is definitely watching their favorite comic getting an anime adaptation. There are a number of stories we wish to watch on big screens, but only a few get a chance. Watching Solo Leveling on the big screens is the most desirable thing. Thanks to the creators for updating us with Solo Leveling Anime Release Date. Honestly, fans were tired of the long wait, but everything is falling into place now! 

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