Dub Cast And Premiere Date Revealed Of My Home Hero

Dub Cast And Premiere Date Revealed Of My Home Hero

My Home Hero is a drama, and suspense series that started airing on April 2nd, 2023. The series is animated by the studio Tezuka Productions, and is listed with 12 episodes in total.

The franchise recently announced the English version of the series and unveiled the list of cast members. The English dubbed version will air on 16th, April on Crunchyroll.

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Key Visual and Dub Cast

Dub Cast And Premiere Date Revealed Of My Home Hero
Credit: Twitter @myhomehero_pr

The key visual features Tosu Tetsuo, and Majima Kyouichi as the main cast. And the supporting cast includes Kasen Tosu, Reika Tosu, and Nobuto Matori.

The Cast is as follows:

  • Aaron Roberts voicing Tosu Tetsuo
  • Nazeen H. Tarsha voicing Kyouichi Majima
  • Morgan Garrett voicing Kasen Tosu
  • Eric Vale voicing Matori Yoshihatsu
  • Jarrod Greene voicing Kubo
  • Dash Jordan Cruz voicing Nobuto Matori
  • Additional voices include Joe Cucinotti, Red Underwood, Michael Stimac, Van Barr Jr, Matthew Elkins, Kirsty Johnson, and Chris Guerrero.

The list of crew members working with the dub cast features:

  • Jeremy Inman as ADR Director
  • Noah Whitehead as ADR Engineer
  • Sara Ragsdale as Assisstant ADR Director
  • Matt Grounds as ADR Mix Engineer
  • Clayton Browning as ADR Script Writer

The Plot of My Home Hero

Tetsuo Tosu is an average salaryman who loves his family more than anything. He learns that his daughter is dating a gang member who is abusing her in order to extort money from her family, and has a record of murdering his previous girlfriends.

Enraged by the discovery, Tetsuo decides to handle the situation himself and ends up killing Nobuto Matori.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will My Home Hero dub air?

The dubbed version of My Home Hero will air on 16th April 2023. The series is listed with 12 episodes and will air on Crunchyroll.

Why did Tetsuo Tosu kill Nobuto Matori?

Tetsuo Tosu learned that Nobuto Matori had a history of murdering his previous girlfriends and extorting money from them. He couldn’t see his daughter going through the same fate so he decided to kill him.

Source: Reddit

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