365 Days to the Wedding Manga Is Getting Anime Adaptation

365 Days to the Wedding Manga Is Getting Anime Adaptation

On Tuesday, the official Twitter account of the Cybex cafe chain’s Kashiwa location featured a snapshot of the 365 Days to the Wedding (Kekkon Surutte, Hont Desu ka? : 365 Days to the Wedding) manga by Tamiki Wakaki.

The manga is getting an anime, according to the wraparound jacket band in the picture. It is anticipated that the anime would tell the tale of Takuya and Rika, two solitary, reclusive coworkers who fabricate a romance in order to avoid being sent to Siberia by their employer.

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365 Days to the Wedding Plot

Seven Seas licensed the manga, and it describes the story:

Takuya and Rika are coworkers in a travel agency in Tokyo. They’re both single, but they don’t mind, since they’re introverts with fulfilling lives at home. Unfortunately, their employer is now planning to staff an office in Siberia, and they are considering sending the non-married employees first.

Rika, desperate to avoid the transfer, approaches Takuya with an idea: they can pretend to be getting married in a year, which would allow them to stay in Tokyo. The only problem is the two of them barely know each other! If these two quiet coworkers “fake” a relationship, will it turn into something real?

365 Days to the Wedding Manga

365 Days to the Wedding Manga Is Getting Anime Adaptation
Credit: ©Tamiki Wakaki, Shogakukan, Seven Seas

The two protagonists of the “365 Days to the Wedding” manga are Rika and Takuya, two employees of a Tokyo travel agency. Both are loners who are content with their current way of life. Rika is preoccupied with maps and awkward in social situations, whereas Takuya gushes over his pet.

Unexpectedly, their travel company makes the announcement that it is creating a branch in Siberia and intends to send some single people to work there. Takuya and Rika decide to stage a fake marriage to avoid being deported to Siberia and maintain their current lifestyle. Despite barely knowing each other and having exchanged few words, they agree to get married in one year.

Between 2008 and 2014, Shogakukan released 26 collected volumes of Wakaki’s romantic comedy series The World God Only Knows. Three anime series, as well as a number of sequel and spin-off original video animation (OVA) volumes, were all inspired by the manga.

Although In May 2017, Wakaki debuted the King of Idol manga in the Weekly Shonen Sunday publication of Shogakukan, and the series concluded in September 2018. In October 2018, the manga’s sixth and final volume was released.

Frequently Asked Question

1. When will the manga gets anime adaptation?

Although it has been confirmed that the manga will receive an anime adaptation, the release date is yet to be announced, so we have to wait for another official statement.

Source: Cybex Twitter

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