Hells Paradise Anime Season 2 Unveils New Teaser Visual

Hells Paradise Anime Season 2 is on its way to entertain us. Fans of Gabimaru don’t have to wait for long as the anime’s second season is in its production phase. 2023 was a great year for anime fans as a number of our favourite anime adaptations smashed the screens.

Hells Paradise was a much-awaited anime that all the manga readers wanted to watch. Season 1 had 13 episodes that fans enjoyed a lot. The good thing is the higher-ups didn’t make us wait for long. They came up with the announcement of the next season soon after the first ended. 

In fact, the announcement was made on July 1, the same day when the last episode of the first season was released. We deeply convey our thanks to the creators for making us happier than ever. 

Hell Paradise Anime Season 2, Release Date And Details

Hell Paradise Anime Season 2 key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

The good news came with a thirty-second teaser trailer on July 1, confirming that it will be on screens soon. The first announcement didn’t have details in depth, but the next ones did. On December 16, the creators presented us with a teaser key visual highlighting our favourite Gabimaru. 

As usual, the character design was appealing enough to intrigue us effortlessly, and the same goes for the high-quality teaser. Studio MAPPA will be animating the 2nd season of the series. Unfortunately, no exact date is specified yet but we can expect it soon. 

MAPPA had a lot on its plate last year with JJK 2 and other popular ones. Keeping that in mind, we can expect Hell Paradise 2 somewhere in the middle or in late 2024 at the earliest. 

The World Of Anime Hell’s Paradise Exhibition

There is another anime news for otaku. I know we love to immerse ourselves in the world of anime as much as we love watching them. Thus, anime enthusiasts who want to experience the setting of their favorite anime can join the exhibition taking place in Shibuya. 

Jigokuraku is famous for its unique art, history, and aesthetics, and the exhibition is all about it. Those interested can join the event from February 2 to March 10. Sounds great, right? Nothing can make us happier than a chance to experience the things we love about our favourite anime. 

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About Hells Paradise

Hells Paradise’s fame began through its manga that Yuji Kaku has phenomenally written. The anime came long after the success of the manga series and became one of the most awaited anime. The story kicks off with Gabimaru, an assassin on the verge of execution. No matter what method one tries, be them the most painful ones; none could kill him. He was unable to die, and despite showing no desire to live, deep down, Gabimaru wanted to live. This is why each time, he failed to die as his will to spend life with his wife was burning high inside him. Things change for him when the famous executions, Sagiri Asaemon, give him a mission to retrieve the Elixir Of Immortality. The place where it’s found is famous as Hell’s Paradise where nothing would be easy for him as he will have to face fatal challenges.

Fans Reaction

Fans are super glad and excited for the second part. As I said earlier, for almost all of us, the anime is commendable. Above all, many of the fans were surprised as they thought it would not come out before Chainsaw Man. Other fans wish that the production and animation quality would remain the same throughout. Because everyone knows how big of a show this is. So, they can’t seem to expect something low from it.

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Who did Gabimaru end up with?

Yui is Gabimaru’s wife.

Did Hell’s Paradise Season 1 end?

Yes, it has ended.

How many episodes will Hell’s Paradise be?

The first season has 13 episodes, so hopefully, the next one will have around the same.


There is no exact release date for the coming season, but let’s enjoy the fact that it will be on screens soon. Kaori Makita beautifully directed the last season, and hopefully, he will direct the next one as well. Though there is no official confirmation, we believe that the staff and main cast will remain the same. Nothing can make us feel more satisfied than knowing MAPPA is animating the second season as well.

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