Kinnikuman New Anime Series Officially Announced

Kinnikuman New Anime

On Thursday, September 28, 2023, the new television Kinnikuman New Anime series’ official Twitter account made key anime production announcements. These included the full title of the series, the cast, the studio, the visual style, the premiere window, and the manga series’ arc that will be adapted into the anime.

In honour of the 40th anniversary of the original television anime series, which debuted in Japan in April 1983. A new series called Kinnikuman is being made. The original manga series debuted in 1979, and since then, creators have produced numerous TV and movie anime adaptations throughout the decades. This new anime production stands as the most recent in the long run.

Known in the US as “M.U.S.C.L.E.” during the 1980s. The Kinnikuman toy figures were imported and quickly gained huge followings. Eventually, this gave lead to a number of localizations of the manga and anime series, including translations of the manga by Viz Media and an anime dub by 4Kids Entertainment.

Kinnikuman New Anime Key Visual

You can see the key visual below:

Kinnikuman New Anime
Credit: Twitter via @kin29man_anime

Additionally, the key visual features Kiniku Suguru, also known as King Muscle, Muscle Man, Sugar Kinnikuman, or Suguru Muscle, as the primary character. We definitely anticipate that the complete original collection of beloved characters will appear in this episode of the show. Still, the show may replace a few of the voice cast. Thus far, the production has not announced anything about the voice cast or the characters.

New Kinnikuman anime set to premiere sometime in 2024 per initial series announcement

As previously indicated, the news of the most recent Kinnikuman anime series revealed who will be in charge of show production. Kinnikuman Kanpeki Chojin Shisho-hen, which translates to “Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc,” is the full title of the anime. The show will adapt the 2011 manga revival arc of the same name and use it as its title.

Production I.G has assigned Akira Sato as the anime’s director, while Makoto Fukami will handle the series composition. Yasuharu Takanashi is the composer of the music, and Hirotaka Marufuji is in charge of character design. Along with the cast and other important details. We expect to learn about more staff members as more details about the show become available.

Kinnikuman New Anime Adaptations of the Original Manga

Kinnikuman New Anime

Yudetamago, a manga team composed of artist Yoshinori Nakai and story writer Takashi Shimada, had its debut in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 1979. There, the series ran until 1987. Also, in 2011, Shueisha’s Shu Play News website hosted a free web manga revival of the series. The new motion anime series will adapt the content from this revival arc in particular.

The wrestling manga series initially inspired the creation of an anime series called Kinnikuman. It debuted in Japan in April 1983 and ran for 137 episodes, ending in October 1986. Toei Animation produced the series. October 1991 saw the launch of a second television anime series in Japan, which aired for 46 episodes until September 1992. Over the decades that followed, creators developed several more series, with the most current one broadcasting in Japan in 2006 ahead of the next one.

In conclusion, for fans of the franchise, who are honouring the 40th anniversary of the original anime’s 1983 Japanese premiere, the news of a new Kinnikuman anime update is momentous. The 2011 revival arc of the manga, “Kinnikuman Kanpeki Chojin Shisho-hen” (Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc), will be adapted into a new series under the name “Kinnikuman.” Production I.G. revealed the studio’s involvement, along with key personnel such as director Akira Sato, series composer Makoto Fukami, composer Yasuharu Takanashi, and character designer Hirotaka Marufuji, as part of the major production announcements, fans can stay updated on such news through Anime News Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the new Kinnikuman anime about?

It adapts the Perfect Origin Arc from the 2011 manga revival, likely exploring the character dynamics and backstory.

Q2. When will the new Kinnikuman anime premiere?

We expect the premiere to be sometime in 2024.

Q3. Who is part of the production team for the new Kinnikuman anime?

Production I.G is producing it, with Akira Sato directing, Makoto Fukami as the series composer, Yasuharu Takanashi as the composer, and Hirotaka Marufuji as the character designer.

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