Kinnikuman New Anime Series Officially Announced

Kinnikuman New Anime Series Officially Announced

Kinnikuman!, the fan-favorite wrestling anime series, is making a return on its 40th anniversary. The OG fans are thrilled to hear the news and are hoping the series will premiere in the year 2023.

The newly created official Twitter account made the announcement and released a new key visual depicting Kinnikuman’s muscular back. Their official website features special comments from the creators about how happy they are about this release.

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You can see the key visual below:

Kinnikuman New Anime Series Officially Announced
Credit: Twitter via @kin29man_anime

The key visual features the main character, Kiniku Suguru – otherwise known as King Muscle, Muscle Man, Sugar Kinnikuman, or Suguru Muscle. 

We certainly expect this show installment will feature the entire old cast of beloved characters; however, their voice actors might be changed to some degree. So far, there hasn’t been any announcement regarding the voice actors or the characters.

The Plot Of Kinnikuman (Muscleman, Muscleman)

While most of us already remember the beloved meat-eating wrestler Kinnikuman, here is a minor synopsis to remind you of his story.

Kid Muscle isn’t someone you would consider a hero at anything. He’s incredibly lazy and cowardly, and he would rather eat chips and snacks instead of doing training. However, when evil from the other world strikes, the blood of a warrior runs through his veins, and his instincts take over. He continues to fight stronger opponents to grow strong and earn the respect of his family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kid Muscle’s real name?

While Kid Muscle is known by many names, his true name is Kinniku Mantaro.

Why does Kid Muscle wear a mask?

Kid Muscles wears a mask to honor the Kinniku Clan, and that mask lets a clump of brown hair sprouting from his forehead.

Source:, Twitter via @kin29man_anime

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