Koi Wa Futago De Warikirenai Anime Reveals New Trailer & Cast

Koi Wa Futago De Warikirenai tells how hard it is to love two people at the same time. Moreover, those people happen to be twin girls whom you have known for a long time. Just like its English sub, Love is Indivisible by Twins, Shihon will guide you on the emotional ride to the twisted love triangle. 

Good news came from the official website of the series. They released some information starting from the trailer, new key visuals, cast, staff, and release date. Will they deserve to be one of the best romance anime? Read on!

Koi wa Futago De Warikirenai Trailer

The anime adaptation of Koi Wa Futago De Warikirenai was announced at the Dengeki Bunko 30th Summer Festival Online 2023 event. Back then, they only revealed a teaser art for the series. It took them five months to release new information about the anime.

The promotional for the anime was released on December 13, 2023. There is nothing much to say regarding the trailer. The visual is relatively good but it isn’t groundbreaking. Compared to other romance anime, by visual alone, this series will likely turn out to be average. However, if the story is well-written, maybe it can eclipse the visual quality.

Koi Wa Futago De Warikirenai Key Visual
Koi Wa Futago De Warikirenai Key Visual – Source: @futakire

Sadly, we will have a bit longer to watch this drama anime. The series is slated to premiere in July 2024. The exact release date is still TBA.

Cast and Staff

Koi Wa Futago De Warikirenai’s trailer announced the cast and staff. Though they still don’t reveal everything, we can guess how the anime will turn out with minimum information. The main cast includes:

  • Shogo Sakata as Jun Shirasaki
  • Moeha Nochimoto as Rumi Jinguji
  • Maaya Uchida as Naori Jinguji
Jun, Naori, and Rumi
Jun, Naori, and Rumi – Source: @futakire

Unfortunately, the list of staff is still TBA. On the official website, the only names attached are Shihon Takamura as the original creator and Almic as the original character designer. They both work in the light novel version.

Infinite handles the production, while ROLL2 is producing the anime series. Previously, Infinite produced notable anime such as Hanasaku Iroha, Nagi no Asu Kara, Shirobako, and Hataraku Maou-Sama!

On the other hand, this series is ROLL2’s first anime project. However, they already have several outsourced jobs in different anime. It includes Uncle from Another World (Ep. 2,6,9), Yofukashi no Uta (Ep. 4,10), and Mushoku Tensei (Ep. 10). So, we can, at least, expect a good visual in the anime series.

Koi Wa Futago De Warikirenai Story

Jun Shirasaki and Jinguuji twin sisters are childhood friends and neighbors. The tomboy’s older sister, Ryuumi, and cute otaku little sister, Naori. They may have the same face, but their personalities are the exact opposite.

First Light Novel Cover
First Light Novel Cover – @futakire

In their third grade of Junior high school, Jun became Ryuumi’s girlfriend. Yet, their relationship only lasted for one year. When they finally broke up, Ryuumi asked Jun for a final request which later complicated their twisted love triangle.


For now, we still don’t know the rooster for the summer 2024 anime. So, we can only expect Koi Wa Futago De Warikirenai might have a chance to be a top contender in the romance genre. But, looking at the record, the flourish romance anime is the one that has a comedy. Yet, this anime can hardly be called a rom-com because it emphasizes drama.

After looking at the manga, the closest in terms of story is Domestic Kanojo which was released years ago. That anime left its mark in the romance drama genre by having amazing visuals. On the other hand, the trailer shows nothing of such.

Maybe we need another teaser trailer rolling off before judging it. So, the question is, will the visual become better? Well, let’s wait for it. Just stay tuned for future anime updates on Animefleek!

When will Koi Wa Futago De Warikirenai premiere?

The series will premiere in the summer of 2024.

How many volumes does Koi Wa Futago De Warikirenai have?

The light novel released the fifth volume in March 2023. Meanwhile, the second volume was released in July 2023.

Who is the author of Koi Wa Futago De Warikirenai?

Shihon Takamura is the original creator and Almic is the illustrator.

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