Lazarus Anime Expected Release Date, Cast & Plot

A number of action-packed anime are arriving this year, but Lazarus anime will be special. Everyone is familiar with the fantastic movie John Wick. Excitingly, Chad Stahelski, the director of the popular movie has taken the task to direct the upcoming anime.

Knowing that Mr. Chad will showcase his directional skills in the anime makes all of us more intrigued. Though Mr. Chad won’t be the only one taking charge of the direction, Shinichiro Watanabe will work together on this project. Hold on, hold on! The super exciting part about this anime is that Studio MAPPA will animate the series. Yeah, it’s a future masterpiece, and we can’t clearly see that!

The director of everyone’s favorite movie, Chad Stahelski, will focus on directing mainly the action sequences. Whereas, Watanabe sensei would manage the rest of the work. We have already seen the magnificent work of the said director. He is famous for directing a number of anime series. Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop are one of the most popular ones. 

Lazarus Anime Release Date & Additional Details

lazarus anime key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

In the middle of the last year, the news of its production came to light. Since then, anime fans are eagerly awaiting its release, which is expected to be in 2024. Yes, the year has already begun with a number of outstanding anime that have brought a thunderstorm in the anime industry. Let’s see if Lazarus anime can compete with the top class anime released and releasing this year. 

Judging from the hype and the response to the first teaser trailer, we can expect good results. Over all, the quality and the aesthetics look appealing enough. Another thing that has left the fans extremely happy is the much-awaited treat to the ears. The anime is expected to have some great music, mainly a blend of jazz and electronics.

We can expect a vastness in the category of music as popular saxophonist Kamasi Washington has also joined the team. All of the information that Adult Swim shared does nothing but add more to the curiosity and eagerness.  

Lazarus Anime Plot

Lazarus will be a futuristic anime taking us all to 2052. In the distant future, humanity will live a chaos-free life full of peace and tranquility. Nobody feels pain, and sickness is far from reality, thus providing a dream life to everybody. This is all thanks to Dr. Skinner, the famous neurologist, and his miracle drug “Hakuna,” which has apparently solved the problems. After introducing the wonderful medicine, he vanishes from the sight mysteriously to somewhere unknown.

However, he returned with bad news, which made everyone realize that they had to pay a huge price for taking the drug. Those who consumed it are expected to die within three years. The news struck the people as lightning and now the dream they have been living returned to the harsh reality. Dr Skinner apparently holds a mysterious and dark side. To deal with him, a task force consisting of five agents is created. Lazarus is the name of the said task force, and now the group must do something to save the people and fight against the evil doctor.

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Fans’ Reaction

As I mentioned earlier, fans are going wild over the upcoming anime. They are passionate about watching it mainly because of the famous names who joined the project. Well, the fans and the respect Watanabe sensei and Mr Chad hold is NO joke! Everyone is over the top and is counting the days for more information. Not just the directors and animation studios but fans are thrilled thanks to the ear-blowing music. Even without the anime’s release, it is already hyped, so let’s have high hopes for the series. 

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SOURCE: Crunchyroll


What is the new Shinichiro Watanabe series?

Lazarus anime is his new project.

Who is doing the music for the Lazarus anime?

Kamasi Washington has joined the team as a Saxophonist. 

Why is MAPPA so popular?

It’s famous for the quality content it provides; it’s magical!


We hope the anime meets our high expectations, as everyone is extremely eager to watch it on screen. The whole otaku community wishes the higher-ups and the creators all the luck. This year is definitely going to be a golden year in the anime community. Kudos to the Japanese anime creators for always bringing something new, surprising, and thrilling to the table.

Does this anime news intrigue you? If yes, then stay with us for similar updates! See ya soon!

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