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One is never too busy for romantic comedies, be it in the form of manga or anime. However, the story and the hook elements matter a lot for anything to be successful. Very recently, The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist Manga received an anime adaptation, and since then, it’s quite a hot topic.

The manga was first introduced back in 2021, and after years, in 2023, we were presented with its anime. Everybody knows how excited the otaku community is for shoujo anime, right? Unfortunately, not many of the anime fans enjoyed watching the show, and it didn’t do well, receiving a 6.6/10 score on MAL.

Several factors contribute to the negative reviews of the anime. Well, the anime sure made the manga readers question whether they should proceed with the manga or not. So, if you are a manga lover filled with doubts about this one, then don’t fret. Your otaku friend is here to solve your problem!

The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist Manga- Plot

 The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist Manga Cover

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Ever found yourself trapped in the circle of unrequited love? Pat your shoulder; you aren’t alone! Everybody goes through this worst feeling at least once in their life, and Wataru Sajou is no exception. His life becomes chaotic after a realization that his heart beats for his gorgeous classmate Aika Natsukawa.

Having been obsessed with the girl of his dreams, he continued proposing to her only to get rejected. Things might not have changed for him if he hadn’t dared to face reality. Guess what? The boy’s sudden realization took him 180 degrees to where he was before. This time, the realization hit him was hard that the girl he loves does not reciprocate his feelings.

Therefore, he decided to keep his distance all while making the girl think that her love is unrequited. Yeah, you got that right; the girl DID love him, but DANG! Both were trapped in their overthinking mind. Aika never realized his love when he used to knock on the door of her heart daily, but realized when he stopped. 

As they say, for others to value your efforts, stop doing them for a while!

Manga Review

NGL, the manga did bring something new to the table that makes one laugh and enjoy. The author targets the shared experiences and emotions that young people commonly undergo in their lives. It’s true that The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist Manga starts off a bit bland, but trust me, it does get better.

It’s definitely not for those who are judgemental and lack patience because the manga takes its time to leave the right impression. Overall, it’s not a complicated story with a lot of twists and conflicts, so expect it to be smooth and steady. 

It gives many lessons and the most favorite one is the fact that people will only realize your efforts once you stop doing them. Sad, isn’t it? Though it’s a rom com, the messages it delivers hit you directly to the heart because we have always been through it. 

Many things annoy the readers, which is proof it made one hooked to it. The fact that Aika always treated him poorly, rejecting him and not caring about his feelings, will annoy you. The thing that hurts the most is her sudden change of attitude toward him when he stops making an effort. This is proof of how much people are addicted to getting attention without thinking about others’ feelings at all. 

Manga Details

But if you continue to read it, you’ll get a deeper dive into the lives of characters. You’ll start seeing the reason behind Aika’s behavior in a certain way and why she acted like this. Many readers sided with her after learning about her fears and challenges. So, it’s up to one’s own judgment and liking to whom they support more and less. 

All in all, one learns about the challenging lives of high school students, that it’s not just about studies. The age is sensitive, and they have to face a lot on their own. We learn how, apparently, the tiniest things can shake one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Well, a keen observer can notice numerous things if they pay attention!

Art and Aesthetics

 The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist Manga characters

Credite: The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist Manga 

Talking about the creative aspects of the manga, it has pretty fine art with clear-cut details. Saba Mizore has done a praise-worthy job at illustrating it. The character designs, overall school life setting, reading style, and theme are good too. The chapters are pretty short so it won’t cost you a lot of time to read it, hopefully.

In short, it’s a fast-paced story. So, for those who like to see things unfolding quickly and smoothly, it’s for them. Talking about myself, the fast pace did help me in getting hooked on the story. Indeed, you can’t compare this manga to the top class romantic comedies, but you can’t deny either that it’s a lesson to read. 

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The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist Characters

Suppose you focus more on the character development and are sensitive about their personalities. In that case, you need to know a few things. The heroine is more like a tsundere character who is possessive and gets cranky when she doesn’t get the attention she wants. NGL, there are a lot of things that one effortlessly finds attractive about her. 

She is the prettiest girl, friendly, and caring despite shouldering the doubts of not doing good enough. Whereas the male lead is more like a sweet boy whose character develops quite quickly and one gets to see multiple shades of his personality. At first, he was more like a clingy and pushy lover, but the realization made him mature and a lot more decent. He did almost everything to win her over to the point of being an annoying lover, tbh. The duo’s encounter makes the story compelling enough to read without breaks.

Aside from the main characters, there are multiple other characters, especially girls, that you’ll find cute. Some girls treat Wataru Sajo right, and you might wish to get them together as a couple. Well, as I said, one shouldn’t be quick to make judgments, so please read it till the end to have a say.

Fans’ Reaction

The fans are showing mixed emotions, and many of them enjoyed the story while many of them didn’t. It depends totally on one’s tastes and likings, so if you are still unsure, I recommend you read the first few chapters. 

For me, it was a pretty fine manga, though not the best one I read, but good if you are looking for something expeditious. Compared to the anime, fans enjoyed reading the manga because the anime lacked a lot of things according to them.

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Is “The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist” a manga?

Yes, it is a romantic comedy manga that Okemaru has beautifully written. 

Is “The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist” a good manga for enthusiasts?

Not something “BEST” but a pretty fine story with a number of lessons. 

How many episodes does “Dreaming Boy Is A Realist” have?

The anime has 12 episodes.


There are always different perspectives on one thing. Therefore, it’s pretty common for you to dislike something that I like or the opposite. Clearly mentioned, the manga is nothing compared to the top-rated romantic comedies, but a pretty fine read. It’s for an otaku who is obsessed with manga and always tries to read everything unique and new. So, I would recommend you to read the first couple of chapters, and you’ll know whether you’ll continue or not. 

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