Irregular At Magic High School Season 3 Reveals Release Date

Finally, the long wait is about to end as everyone’s favorite action fantasy anime is returning. The Irregular At Magic High School Season 3 took four years to return, and it’s quite a lot of time. In short, it’s almost a decade since its first season came out. Sounds unbelievable, and I know it. 

The first two seasons did great in the anime industry, winning otaku’s hearts. It is returning to win hearts all over again this year. It’s one of the most loved anime; thanks to the creators for blessing us with this masterpiece. 

The Irregular At Magic High School Season 3 Details

The Irregular At Magic High School Season 3  cover

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Back in July 2023, the first announcement came with a banger teaser trailer and a key visual. Honestly, that day was the best day of the year for a lot of us, as many of us didn’t expect a season soon. 

With the first announcement, it was clear that the most anticipated anime will hit the screens in 2024. Alongside a one-minute teaser trailer, key visuals and other details were also highlighted. The most important one that attracted eyes was the return of Mr Jimmy Stone as the popular anime series director. 

The anime fans already know him as an amazing animation director. Not just the staff but also the cast is returning for the sequel. Information about the music was also out, as Taku Iwasaki would be responsible for creating an ear treat. 

The Irregular At Magic High School Release Date And Additional Details

The anime is all over the internet and a hot topic once again after the new announcement made on January 4. The anime is all set for April 2024, so the countdown has begun. Though no exact release date is confirmed, it will be out somewhere in April for sure. 

The latest two-minute official trailer made us all impatient to the core. All the characters look as majestic as they were, thanks to the pleasant quality of animation. Some new characters are joining the third season, so the same goes for the cast. 

There is one big piece of news, as we know that the voice actor of Retsu Kudou, i.e., Motomu Kiyokawa, passed away this August. Therefore, in his place Hochu Otsuka has taken the responsibility to voice the character. 

Those who have watched Naruto must be familiar with his extraordinary works. Mr. Hochu voiced everyone’s beloved character, Jiraya Sensei!

About The Irregular At Magic High School Season 3

I bet many of you must be wondering about the plot and how the story will unfold in the upcoming season. Well, thanks to the higher-ups who have revealed a bunch of information to the fans. The anime will cover three arcs that are directly adapted from the light novel. The arcs are;

  • The Double Seven Arc
  • The Steeplechase Arc
  • The Ancient City Insurrection Arc

The Opening “Shouted Serenade” must have caught the ears of those who have watched the official trailer. Almost all the details are out, and all we have on our plate is to wait for the anime’s release. 

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Fans Reaction

As I said earlier, many of us couldn’t believe it at first, but eventually, this is IT! Many fans are feeling more than excited and have already started rewatching the previous seasons to double the fun. And, of course, how can one not notice the changes in the character designs of Tatsuya Shiba. So, the discussion about his facial features upgrade is a hot topic, too. Overall, they are all overjoyed and praying for the anime to be out at the earliest!

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Is The Irregular at Magic High School getting a Season 3?

Yes, the season will be out in April 2024.

Has The Irregular at Magic High School ended?

No, the anime’s third season is still in production.

How many seasons does The Irregular at Magic High School have?

The third season will be out this year.


There are a lot of reasons for the anime’s fame. Some love its unique plot and overpowered characters, while others solve the magic system and fantasy. So the reason you and I are waiting for it may differ, but the love for it is the same all over the globe. 

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