Konosuba Season 3 Trailer Reveals Premiere Date

konosuba season 3

Konosuba recently released its second anime adaptation, “Konosuba: An Explosion in This Wonderful World,” in April 2023. Now they confirmed Konosuba season 3 and shared its release date and main trailer. Konosuba has already earned the title of one of the best fantasy anime of all time.

There are many reasons behind its huge success, such as its unique Isekai storyline, captivating video game-like world, and unforgettable characters. As a result, fans were always eager for every upcoming project of Konusba, whether it be a new season, anime adaptation, light novel, or manga adaptation.

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Moreover, the anime community has been eagerly waiting for Konosuba season 3 since watching the second season in January 2017. So let’s get straight to this informative news and find out everything about the upcoming season.

Konosuba Season 3 Release Date and 1st Trailer

Konosuba Season 3 Main Trailer

On December 25, 2023, the officials finally shared the confirmed release date for Konosuba season 3. They made this announcement by releasing the first main trailer for season 3 on the Kadokawa Youtube channel.

Moreover, the announcement trailer is getting great response from fans and has already crossed 1.3 million views. While watching the trailer, you will get to see a sneak peek of the third season and its beautiful light-warming and fanservice moments.

According to the trailer, Konosuba season 3 will premiere in April 2024. Moreover, the officials did not announce the broadcasting networks or streaming platform that will release the third season. However, Tokyo MX, Crunchyroll, and Netflix, which released the past two anime seasons, might release the third season.

As soon as we learn anything about its releasing platforms, we will immediately share it with you. On the other hand, the officials made the biggest change in season 3 by choosing a new anime studio over Studio Deen, which produced the past two seasons.

This time they chose Studio Drive to produce Konosuba season 3 after getting great response in Konosuba: An Explosion on this wonderful world, its spin-off anime series.

What will we get to see in Konosuba Season 3?

Season 3 Plot
Source: Konosuba manga

The first two seasons of Konosuba already adapted the story from volume 1 to volume 4 from its light novel counterparts. Moreover, the Konosuba: Legend of Crimson movie covers the 5th volume of the light novel.

On the other hand, the past two seasons and movie also adapted the story from chapter 1 to chapter 53 from its manga counterparts.

Arcs covered by Season 1 and Season 2:

  • Oh! My useless Goddess! (Volume 1)
  • Love, Witches, and Other Delusions! (Volume 2)
  • You’re Being Summoned, Darkness (Volume 3)
  • You Good-for-Nothing Quartet (Volume 4)

Arcs covered by the Konosuba: Legend of Crimson anime film:

  • Crimson Magic Clan, Let’s Go!! (Volume 5)

So, Konosuba Season 3 will begin adapting Chapter 54 from its manga counterpart. Moreover, it will enter the 6th volume of its light novel and might cover Volume 6 and Volume 7.

Here are the upcoming arc covers for season 3:

  • Princess of the Six Flowers (Volume 6)
  • 110 Million Brides (Volume 7)

According to its light novel counterpart, the third season of Konosuba follows Kazuma Satou’s new journey as he meets Iris, the princess of Belzerg. Kazuma Satou and his party went to a royal place after getting invited to a royal banquet. In the final place, he meets Iris, who develops a liking for him after hearing his adventure story.

Kazuma Satou never thought about his dream of living in a kingdom, and someone royal like Iris took an interest in him. Later, he declares to the kingdom that he will be the one who will catch the “righteous thief.” Now, it’s very interesting to see Kazuma Sato’s new adventure filled with plenty of hilarious and fanservice moments.

New Characters in Konosuba Season 3

New Characters
Source: Official Website

While watching the first proper trailer for Konosuba Season 3, you will see all of its major characters, along with three new ones. Moreover, the officials also reveal their respective voice artists who will provide their voices in season 3.

Here are the three newly revealed characters who will make their debut in season 3:

  • Iris: She is the first princess of the Kingdom of Belzerg. Being a royal family member, she had access to some unique abilities, along with the help of her holy sword. Her voice will be provided by Kanon Takao, who is popular for her works as Hermit Mio (Edens Zero), Tiona Rudolvon (Tearmoon Empire), Aku (Demon Lord Retry), and so on.
  • Claire: She is the knight of the Kingdom of Belzerg. The kingdom also assigned her as the personal bodyguard of Princess Iris. Her voice will be provided by Sayuri Yahagi, who is popular for her works such as Manami Okuda (Assassination Classroom), Zack (Plastic Memories), Haruna Sairenji (Tu Love Ru), Sakuya (Sword Art Online), and so on.
  • Rain: Among the three newly revealed characters, Rain is the hottest one. She is a powerful mage, and she is the teacher of Princess Iris, who taught her everything about magic. Her voice will be provided by Reina Ueda, who is popular for her works as Veronica (Ancient Magus Bride), Anri Kaido (Aoashi), Meninas McAllon (Bleach), Reze (Chainsaw Man), and so on. 

That’s it for the post! We hope you found this informative news useful and know about Konosuba season 3. Stay tuned for more of the latest anime news and upcoming seasons of popular anime television series. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is the hottest character in Konosuba?

Aqua is the hottest character in Konosuba as well as one of the best anime waifu. Throughout the series, you will also encounter plenty of the hottest girls, such as Darkness, Wiz, Luna, Sylvia, Yunyun, and Sena.

2. Is the light novel adaptation of Konosuba finished?

Yes, the light novel adaptation was already completed in 2020, with a total of 17 volumes. You can read this popular fantasy novel at Kadokawa Shoten and Yen Press. Moreover, the anime adaptation has already covered the first five volumes, and the main television series is yet to adapt the remaining 12 volumes.

3. Is the manga adaptation of Konosuba finished?

No, it is still an ongoing fantasy manga on Fujimi Shobo and Yen Press. It currently has a total of 18 volumes, and its 18th volume was just released on November 9, 2023.

Source: Official Website

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