Unnamed Memories Reveals Release Date, Key Visual & Trailer

Guys, get ready for fantasy romance as Unnamed Memories is on its way to entertain us. Like many of the anime, it’s the anime adaptation of the popular light novel series. The LN was introduced in 2019, and after years, in December 2022, the anime was announced. Kudos to Furumiya Kuji and Chibi for bringing the beautiful story to light. 

Unfortunately, the fans were disappointed because previously the anime was ready for a 2023 debut. There was no update about its arrival in 2023. However, before the year ended, the higher-ups announced it to be 2024 anime. 

The LN readers are as happy as ever, and we can feel them. Nothing can bring more happiness than watching the adaptation of our favorite stories. Above all, the romance fantasy genre rules a million hearts, so even if otaku haven’t read the LN, they are equally excited.

Unnamed Memories Anime Release Date & Details

Unnamed Memory key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

The first announcement didn’t come with anything but an appealing teaser visual and studio details. In fact, not just the key visual, we also were amused to watch the 1-minute trailer. The promotional video gave glimpses of the new fantasy world and introduced some characters. 

The 1 minute was full of high quality, and the animation looked smooth. 

Though nothing major was there in the trailer, as it was simply introductory. Kazuki Miura, famous for Gilgamesh, Pokemon the Movies, and a couple more, is responsible for directing the series. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

After waiting for a long time, in the middle of 2023, the creators announced a delay. Waiting for 2024 seemed harder than ever after watching the new teasers and key visuals. Another 1-minute teaser trailer came, which took the viewers a little deep into the anime world. The gorgeous and stunning characters and their interactions effortlessly intrigued us all while giving us butterflies.


Till now, there is no news regarding an exact release date, but the anime is set for April 2024. It’s just a couple of months more to finally watch the most anticipated anime. We hope that the anime arrives right on time and doesn’t get postponed like earlier. 

The recent announcement made us delve deeper into the romantic fantasy world of Unnamed Memories. Another one-and-a-half-minute trailer was out, and fans couldn’t help but feel ecstatic. Thanks to the higher-ups for presenting us with teaser visuals from time to time. Though it made us a little impatient, it helped us wait for it, too.

Judging from all the trailers, we can say Studi ENGI has done a great job animating the series. The studio is famous for creating fantastic romantic anime such as Uzaki Chan and Trapped In A Dating Sim. 

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Plot and Voice Cast

The female lead, Tinasha, is a powerful witch, and Oscar is a brave and heroic male lead. Unfortunately, the male is cursed, due to which he can’t marry anyone. Otherwise, the wife will die. The boy doesn’t give up and seeks the beautiful witch’s help to lift up the curse. 

And guess what? Meeting the beauty made his heart flutter to the point that he ended up proposing to her. Well, why not? To him, she is the only lady who is worthy of being her wife, as the curse won’t affect her intensely. 

It took him some time to convince the lady, but eventually, the duo started living together in the Royal Palace. The lady began the search to lift the curse but there is much more to the story. Tinasha hides a lot behind her beautiful face, secrets that nobody could ever have imagined!

The trailer clearly shows the tension between the ML and FL which will make your heart skip a beat. The balance between fantasy, suspense, and romance seems to be perfect. The aesthetics and character designs look great.  

Characters & Voice Cast

Yoshiki Nakjima is voicing the handsome Oscar.

Atsumi Tanezaki is voicing the gorgeous witch, Tinasha.

Shuichiro Umeda is voicing Lazar.

Yuko Natsuyoshi is voicing Sylvia.

Chinatsu Akasaki is voicing Meridina.

Takuya Sato is voicing Ara.

Kohei Amasaki is voicing Carve.

Chitose Morinaga is voicing Nark.

All of the voice actors hold a popular reputation in the anime industry. All of them are versatile and talented actors. 

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Source: Crunchyroll


Who is the protagonist in the Unnamed Memory?

Tinasha is the female lead of the series.

Is Unnamed Memory finished?

The Light Novel ended in 2021.

How many volumes does Unnamed Memory have?

The LN has 6 volumes.


No doubt, the anime is a little late and gave the anime fans a tough time. Well, let’s not lose hopes easily as the creators have clearly done their best to entertain us at the time. Judging from the trailers, key visuals, and characters, we can expect the upcoming anime to be great. The story is spellbinding, the characters are attractive, the animation looks fine, and the direction is also fantastic. So, let’s wait a little longer for it to smash the screens. Share your thoughts and expectations regarding Unnamed Memories in the comments. 

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