Blue Lock Manga Chapter 226 – Review

In Blue Lock Manga Chapter 226, fans saw Ubers counterattacking after Snuffy stole the ball from Bastard Munchen. As they headed towards the goal, Shoei Barou had enough of Snuffy’s failed tactics and decided to take charge.

In the previous chapter, Gagamaru blocked Barou’s shot, initiating Bastard Munchen’s counterattack by passing the ball to Isagi. As Isagi, Noa, and Yukimiya teamed up, Noa got fouled during the transition. Despite the setback, Isagi and Yukimiya seized the opportunity to press on with their attack. Regrettably, their lack of synchronization led to them losing possession of the ball to Snuffy.

Blue Lock Manga 226

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Blue Lock Manga Ch 226

In Chapter 226 of Blue Lock, titled “Retirement Notice,” Snuffy initiated the counterattack by snatching the ball from Bastard Munchen. Drago, Niko, and Lorenzo swiftly transitioned from defence to offence, joining the counterattack.

Observing the turn of events, Yoichi Isagi promptly started tracking back to reinforce the defence. However, as he made his way back, thoughts of his recent unsuccessful attack weighed on his mind.

But he had to let go of those thoughts. As a striker, goals were all that really counted. Until he could pull off something in the game, all his fancy ideas were just trash. So, Isagi decided to go for it, snatch the ball back, and score another goal for his team.

As Ubers pushed into Bastard Munchen’s territory, they managed to unsettle their defence, which wasn’t prepared for an offensive move from the opposing team. With numerous Ubers players crowding Bastard Munchen’s penalty box, it left Gagamaru unsure about whom to prioritize. Meanwhile, precise passes from Ubers facilitated getting the ball to their star striker, Shoei Barou.

Barou and Isagi

Blue Lock Manga 226

The moment the ball reached Barou, Isagi pinpointed his target. Unlike Gagamaru, whose view was obscured by the rival players, Isagi approached from behind Barou, granting him a clear perspective on when to execute his tackle. Just before Isagi was about to make his move, he pondered on how Barou had transformed into a lacklustre striker, subdued by his master striker.

As Isagi made his move to snatch the ball from Barou, the latter quickly noticed and skillfully cut back at the last moment. This unexpected manoeuvre left the Ubers players in disbelief, as Barou deviated from Snuffy’s instructions and didn’t take the shot. Immediately, Barou began conversing with Marc Snuffy, expressing his discontent with the master striker’s tactics.

Despite Snuffy’s assurance that following his tactics would make Barou the King, the reality was different—Isagi managed to thwart Barou’s attempts four times using Snuffy’s strategies. This became a source of embarrassment for Shoei Barou. Frustrated, he made the bold decision to abandon Snuffy’s tactics altogether. Barou chose to end his partnership with Snuffy, opting to play the game in his way.

Blue Lock Manga Ch 226: Final Thoughts

In Blue Lock Chapter 226, Shoei Barou makes a bold move by going rogue and refusing to adhere to Marc Snuffy’s tactics. This disrupted the Ubers team, leading to panic as they grappled with how to handle Barou’s unexpected deviation. Meanwhile, Isagi found himself taken aback by Barou’s decision and had yet to formulate a plan on how to counter his unpredictable actions.

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Has Blue Lock manga ended?

The manga still has a long way to go; Blue Lock Chapter 226 is just a glimpse of what’s to come.

Where can I watch Blue Lock?

You can watch Blue Lock on Crunchyroll.

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