Live Action Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku – Review

The Japanese romantic comedy Live Action series Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku brings the popular manga to life through a talented cast and crew. Also, leading the show are Riku Hagiwara as the food-loving Tsukuyomi and Reina Triendl as the nutrition-focused Soyogi.

Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku
Credit: MDL

Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku’s Review

On one side, we have Yuga Tsukuyomi, brought to life by actor Riku Hagiwara. Yuga is a mysterious culinary expert, armed with certificates and also a stubborn love for food. After losing his mother at a young age, he was raised by his caring brother, forming a close sibling bond.

On the other side is the charismatic Soyogi Mikami, played by Reina Triendl. Soyogi is a popular personal trainer who maintains a strict fitness regime for herself and her clients. However, her intensive focus on nutrition has led her to lose interest in the joy of eating.

These hungry souls collide one fateful night when Yuga and Soyogi serendipitously cross paths. Recognizing her nutritional neglect, Yuga offers to serve Soyogi midnight snacks to bring satisfaction back to her palate.

Despite their instant chemistry, Yuga and Soyogi establish firm boundaries at the outset. They decided that their meetups must remain strictly professional, with any romance forbidden. However, we all know forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest…

As their after-hour rendezvous continue, will Yuga’s mouthwatering dishes waver Soyogi’s resolve? Can a personal promise overcome the pangs of attraction and temptation?

With a balanced blend of personalities and sharp wit, Live Action Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku promises a savory journey of food, passion, and also romance. Led by the talents of Hagiwara and Triendl, this delicious comedy examines the boundaries of desire through two engaging perspectives.

Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku
Credit: MDL

So grab your chopsticks and appetites for a satisfying meal of laughs, life lessons, and love. With a clever recipe of ingredients, Live Action Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku looks to cook up an entertaining rom-com sure to whet the palette.

Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku’s Cast

The cast of “Midnight Snack” is led by talented actors Asaka Kodai and Ozaki Takumi. They bringing the lead roles of Tsukuyomi and also Soyogi to life. Providing the perfect ending soundtrack is the song “Yonaki” performed by the band Breimen. Additionally, their melancholy vocals capture the complicated push-and-pull relationship between the food-focused Tsukuyomi and the nutrition-driven Soyogi. With Kodai and Takumi’s passionate performances backed by Breimen’s stirring end credit’s theme, the “Midnight Snack” cast and music fuse to create an engaging viewing experience that sticks with you long after each episode. This core team transports audiences into the tumultuous world of forbidden connections and tempting late-night meals.

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About Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku

Directing the 9 delightful episodes that aired on Saturdays from April 22 to June 17, 2023, are Yuki Saito, Atsushi Kaneshige, and also Yuki Shimizu. Nikki Asada first created the manga source material, adapted into this live-action adaptation by writer Yuko Matsuda. Each 23-minute episode aired on TV Asahi in Japan. With runtimes from 23:30-24:00, this Japanese-language series provided the perfect weekend escape for manga fans and also romance comedy lovers alike. Driven by strong performances and talented production, Live Action Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku translated the original manga into an engaging live-action drama.

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The delightful romantic comedy-drama “Midnight Snack” aired in the coveted Saturday 23:30 time slot on TV Asahi. Taking over this primetime spot from the prior series “Six-Second Path: The Melancholy of Fireworks Master Seitaro Mochizuki,” “Midnight Snack” entertained viewers from April 22 to June 17, 2023. Additionally, after its appetizing 9-episode run concluded, the TV Asahi programming block was passed on to the music romance series “Halation Love” which began on August 5.


The creator behind the delightful “Midnight Snack” manga is author Nikki Asada, known for her sharp wit and captivating character dynamics. Asada first released a one-shot version of the manga in September 2021 before beginning full serialization. The popular series was also then compiled into the second printed volume by Kodansha on December 13. This new rom com comes on the heels of Asada’s recently concluded series “The Prince’s Romance Gambit.” It spanned 12 volumes from its 2015 debut in ARIA magazine to its July 2022 finale. She also wrapped up her 2-year series “The Springtime of My Life Began with You” in 2021.

Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku
Credit: MDL

Beyond manga, Asada lent her artistic talents as an illustrator and also original character designer for the acclaimed Sound! Euphonium Media franchise. With a resume of hits under her belt, Asada brings her signature warm, witty style to “Midnight Snack,” transporting readers into the tumultuous push-and-pull relationship of Tsukuyomi and Soyogi.


In the end, Live Action Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku brings Nikki Asada’s popular “forbidden romance” manga to life through a talented Japanese cast and production team. Led by actors Riku Hagiwara and Reina Triendl, this 2023 TV Asahi series entertains with its savory blend of food, temptation, and complicated relationships. With strong performances and an evocative soundtrack, Live Action Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku offers a satisfying mélange of romance, laughs, and life lessons. So grab your chopsticks and appetites for this mouthwatering adaptation. Stay tuned for more anime updates and Bon appétit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it based on other source material?

It is a live-action adaptation of the popular manga series Tsukuyomi-Kun no Kindan Oyashoku by Nikki Asada.

How many episodes is the TV series?

There are 9 episodes in this single-season series, each about 23 minutes long.

When and where did it air?

It aired weekly on TV Asahi in Japan from April 22 to June 17, 2023. It also aired in the Saturday 23:30 time slot.

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