One Piece Day 2024 Announced

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is a huge Weekly Shonen Jump manga that is still kicking today. Recently, they announced their annual celebration One Piece Day 2024. But, unlike the other years, they pull the convention day aside from the usual July 22.

So, what is the reason for the change of dates? What’s so special about One Piece Day this year? Read on!

One Piece Day 2024

The official of One Piece announced the One Piece Day 2024 convention on their X (formerly Twitter) account. This year, the festival will be held at Makuhari Messe Chiba on August 10 – 11, 2024. Unfortunately, the official hasn’t disclosed further information about the festival.

one piece day
One Piece Day 2024 – Source: @Eiichiro_Staff

Looking at two years back, we can place a few predictions on what One Piece Day 2024 has in store. For one, the straw hats crew just entered the new Egghead Island Arc. It means this is the best time to insert a film between post-Wano and pre-Egghead Island. For the record, this year, One Piece also celebrated its 25-year anniversary. So, we can expect something big coming.

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The second one is the phenomenal live-action Netflix adaptation of One Piece. With the first season getting high praise, the official already announced the second season of the series. If the reports are right, One Piece live-action will start its production for the second season in the latter half of 2024. Hopefully, we can get a hands-up from Netflix during One Piece Day 2024.

So, how can we get access to the festival? Well, looking at the previous events, the tickets were available via the lottery system and announced online. But, for those who aren’t lucky, the event was also live-streamed on YouTube with English subtitles. Unfortunately, One Piece Day 2024 tickets are not yet available. If you’re an avid fan who wants to attend the festival, just check the official account of One Piece regularly for the latest updates.

One Piece Emotion

10 minutes after the announcement of One Piece Day, the official also announced a new special exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of One Piece’s anime series by Toei Animation. The event will be called “One Piece Emotion”. It is located at the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building in Tokyo from August 12 – September 1.

one piece emotion
One Piece Emotion – Source: @Eiichiro_Staff

The official website stated the event as follows:

Looking back on the 25th anniversary of the TV anime, the event “ONE PIECE EMOTION” will be held in Shinjuku, Tokyo, where you can experience the world of “ONE PIECE” with a focus on the much-talked-about “Wano Country Arc” and “Egghead Arc”!

Approaching the charm of the TV anime “ONE PIECE” from various angles such as images, sounds, voices, etc.! Let’s immerse ourselves in the world of anime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is One Piece Day 2024?

This year, the festival will open at Makuhari Messe Chiba on August 10 – 11, 2024.

Will One Piece celebrate the 25th anniversary of anime adaptation?

Yes, the event “One Piece Emotion” will happen at the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building in Tokyo from August 12 – September 1.

Where can I watch One Piece?

You can watch the series through live streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Prime Video.

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