One Piece Egghead Arc Unveiling All The Spoilers & Teasers

The new opening of the anime has teased the fans with some epic moments. One Piece Egghead Arc has hit the screens starting from anime episode 1086. The latest intro has introduced some major and minor spoilers from the arc, making fans impatient. 

Those who have read the manga have an idea about what kind of bomb arc it will be. Thanks to Eiichiro Oda sensei for always bringing something out of the box and astounding. Not gonna lie; the latest intro is one of the cutest, with perfect aesthetics. 

The fact that some epic battles are coming definitely makes this arc special. We can easily expect the battles and moments better than the Wano Country Arc. AND why not? After all, it’s the first arc of the Final Saga, so the intensity of things should increase. Isn’t that right? 


One Piece Egghead Arc TEASER

One Piece Egghead Arc cover

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Undoubtedly, the 26th opening of the anime has the hearts of the whole fandom for some mind-blowing visuals. The 1 minute 30 seconds are full of heart-winning moments. This teaser wasn’t only a visual treat but also a fantastic treat for the ears. Kudos to Hiroshi Kitadani for creating “US,” a melodious masterpiece!

The glimpses of fights and the upcoming events made all the fans a lot more impatient than before. Plus, how can we not talk about the stylish and awesome outfits that our favorite characters changed throughout the teaser? These 130 seconds are solid gems!

Manga readers like myself are aware of the upcoming outstanding events. I would ask all the anime fans to expect a lot of unexpected plethora of things. There will be flashbacks in the lives of characters that will force us to change our whole perspective about them. SO GET READY!!! 

The Wano arc has indeed blessed us with some thrilling and out-of-the-world events. We were in awe watching Luffy’s Gear 5 vs. Kaido and many others! However, the Egghead Island Arc will not present anything less than it. Keep your expectations high, and obviously, you must have guessed it by watching the teaser!

One Piece Egghead Arc Spoilers & Highlights

Judging from the teaser, we can expect Blackbeard vs. Law, Garp vs. Formal Admiral, and Shanks vs. Kid. Imagine watching their face off. I am sure it’s giving you all goosebumps even thinking about them.

Well, bear in mind that the fight isn’t just all. Be mentally prepared to wet your eyes, shedding tears. YES!!! It’s impossible for anyone to not feel emotional diving into the flashbacks of Bartholomew Kuma and his bond with Bonney and Coney.


Watching the flashbacks regarding Kuma and his connection with his DAUGHTER Bonney will make you question your views about him. Trust me on that! The flashbacks into the past are a roller coaster ride of emotions that will sometimes make you smile while the other times cry!

Egghead arc explains in depth the beautiful connection Kuma shared with Bonney. The father-daughter relationship was one of my favorite moments from this arc. The flashbacks consumed a number of chapters and are recently concluded in the manga. 

Sabo & Imu

I bet the keen observers have already caught the interactions of Sabo and Imu in the teaser. Egghead will clear a lot of things, some of them that take place in the Reverie arc. We will get to see how King Wapol will flee from the scenes of their encounter and save Princess Vivi. There will be a lot about these characters, so put on your seatbelts!

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Have you noticed the scene where Cobby and Hibari were trying to escape from the Mountain? Well, expect it to be one of the most amazing moments of the arc. Of course, watching them in Blackbeard’s HQ is one of the most anticipated moments. In the beginning episodes of the arc we have seen Mr Cobby the hero. But expect some more episodes revolving around him in the future.  


Consider some great moments revolving around MR Vegapunk, the genius and the leading scientist. In the intro, we have provided glimpses about all the 7 bodies of the genius scientist. This means expect a lot of information about them in the Egghead Arc. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?


Have you missed Luffy’s giant form? Well, that’s pretty obvious, so get set to watch him in this form once again. The Egghead arc will highlight Luffy’s giant form again during a battle. Details about the fight are not yet out, so just wait for more spoilers.

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Is the Egghead arc final?

No, it’s the first arc of the Final Saga.

What episode does the Egghead arc start?

It starts from episode 1086 onwards.

What is Luffy’s bounty after the egghead arc?

The bounties of everyone do increase in the Egghead arc. Luffy’s bounty has increased to 3 billion berries.


Fans should expect some unexpected moments in this arc and expect your favorite characters in tight spots. This arc will be a roller coaster ride of emotions that will let you experience a lot of things. Get ready to be senti and shed tears. Many sorrowful events are awaiting you guys. Only manga readers know what kind of emotions they have been through. If you are curious and can’t seem to wait for the anime adaptation, then there is nothing wrong with reading the manga! Good LUCK!

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