Plus-Sized Elf Anime New Key Visual Reveals Release Date

A new elf-themed anime is coming our way! Just the other day (Monday, January 15th), Akita Shoten unveiled plans for an anime adaptation of the popular manga Plus-Sized Elf.

Created by Mangaka Synecdoche, Plus-Sized Elf follows the comedic adventures of an elf who simply can’t get enough junk food. Her love of snacks seems to know no bounds! The manga’s wacky premise and charming artwork have earned it a devoted following.

Now, anime fans can look forward to seeing their favorite snack-loving elf brought to life in the upcoming anime adaptation. A new website and social media handles for the Plus-Sized Elf anime officially launched this week, treating eager viewers to the show’s first key visuals and cast announcements.

Key visual and News

As we learned earlier this week, the highly anticipated Plus-Sized Elf anime is officially slated in the premiere window of 2024.

While an exact release date remains a mystery for now, followers can likely expect more details to drop soon. The hype machine is already churning with the launch of the anime’s official website and social media handles.

Plus-Sized Elf
Credit: The Official Website

These new online platforms treated fans to a first look at key art for the show, spotlighting lead heroine Erufuda. In the illustration, she indulges in french fries while pinching her round belly – a pose that perfectly encapsulates this snack-loving elf’s charm. Without a doubt, Erufuda will take center stage when Plus-Sized Elf hits the airwaves.

The website also revealed the talented voice actress Ito Ayasa Ito will step into the role of Erufuda. Known for previous anime roles like Kaoruko in Revue Starlight, Ito seems a natural fit to embody the whimsical elf protagonist.

While the additional cast, production studio, and team stay under wraps for now, followers can likely expect those details soon. The same goes for an official trailer and release date.

For now, a special manga illustration from Plus-Sized Elf creator Synecdoche offers another peek at what’s to come. He expressed excitement about the adaptation and hoped fans would enjoy seeing the manga’s signature style and humor translated into animation when it premieres next year. The countdown is on!

Plus-Sized Elf
Credit: The Official Website

Plus-Sized Elf’s Plot

Naoe-kun, a massage therapist, is wrapping up his workday. But just as he’s about to head home, a rather strange patient walks through the door. This curvy cutie has emerald eyes, pointy ears, and hails from a magical forest – yet her bodacious body clashes with her elf heritage!

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Turns out our shapely heroine stumbled into the human world and developed a major snack habit. Now that the weight has piled on, so she’s turned to Naoe-kun for help.

Can this kindhearted massage therapist whip this woeful elf into shape? Will she finally kick her calorie addiction to the curb? Get ready for a hilarious and heartwarming journey as Naoe-kun tries to help this loveable elf lose weight!

About Plus-Sized Elf’s Manga

The popular fantasy comedy manga adaptation Plus-Sized Elf has taken readers on a winding journey across multiple publishers over the past several years.

The manga series first launched on Wani Books’ Comic Gum website back in December 2016. Wani Books went on to publish the first seven compiled volumes of the manga up through October 2020.

After going on a half-year hiatus in May 2021, Plus-Sized Elf switched publishers – moving to Akita Shoten’s Dokodemo Young Champion magazine that October. The series wrapped up its original run soon after, with Akita Shoten publishing an eighth volume in November 2021.

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But the story didn’t end there! In June 2022, Akita Shoten started re-releasing the first seven volumes of the manga.

Then in November 2021, creator Synecdoche kicked off Plus-Sized Elf: Second Helping on LINE Manga as a “second season” sequel. Akita Shoten will be publishing the third volume of this new series on January 26.

With English releases from Seven Seas also underway, the journey of this fan-favorite pudgy elf is far from over! Her hilarious foodie adventures continue to win over new fans with every volume.


With its lighthearted tone and unique take on fantasy tropes, Plus-Sized Elf anime series promises to deliver plenty of feel-good fun when it premieres sometime in 2024 on the anime scene. Animated junk food mishaps, here we come! Stay tuned for more anime news!

Source: Plus-Sized Elf anime’s X account and website

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the publisher releasing the Plus-Sized Elf manga in English?

Seven Seas Entertainment is an award-winning publisher known for bringing popular Japanese manga and light novels to English audiences.

What is the price for Shin Plus-Sized Elf Vol. 1 in North America?

The suggested retail price is $13.99 in the USA and also $17.99 in Canada.

Who distributes Seven Seas’ titles like Plus-Sized Elf?

All of Seven Seas’ published books are distributed worldwide by Penguin Random House Publisher Services.

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