One Piece Manga 1098 Chapter: Recap

One Piece manga 1098 has left us all emotional. Through flashbacks, we delve deeper into the heartbreaking moments of Kuma, Ginny, and Bonney’s life. Emotional backstories aside, there’s another thing that left the fans heartbroken and worried. It was because of the unfinished manuscript. 

On the title cover, Eiichiro Oda sensei has apologized to his fans for this. However, fans are speculating that he might not be feeling well enough to complete the chapter. Even the art of the chapter required adjustments since it was just a line art. 

About One Piece Manga 1098

One Piece manga 1098 cover

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 In this chapter, during a conversation between Ivan and Kuma, she hints that Kuma has been enraged after a specific event. Through a flashback, we learn about that day, and it turns out that the World Government captured Ginny. 

They treated her poorly and forced her into a marriage. Kuma considered himself responsible for the sufferings of her former group member and friend. Two years pass, and one day, Ginny’s contact with the army lets them learn that she is freed. Unfortunately, the capturers have thrown her out because of her Sapphire Scales Disease.

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She wanted to bid them farewell, which is why she contacted the army. Kuma was eager to see her, but she didn’t reveal her location. However, Kuma reaches the location only to find her dead, with her entire body turned rigid like a stone. 

There, he learns about Ginny’s daughter, Bonney and decides to raise her well. Everything was going well until the young girl caught the same disease. It was said that she wouldn’t be able to survive, but Kuma tried his best to keep her protected from the natural light.. Amidst of all this, Kuma quits the army. At the end of the chapter, we learn that King Bekori has started his mission to get rid of the Sorbet Kingdom.

Bonney (Ginny and Kuma’s Daughter)

Recently, Oda Sensei has been revealing details about Bonny. Fans had doubted that she might be linked with Kuma but weren’t sure. Thanks to the One Piece Manga 1098 chapter, all doubts were cleared. Kuma and Bonny shared a father-daughter-like relationship. Though the bond is not biological, it’s nothing less, either. In short, Bartholomew Kuma is her adoptive father. 


Bonney’s mother, Ginny, shared a special and very good bond with Kuma. We are familiar with their journey and how they joined the Revolutionary Army from the previous chapters. Things were all doing well before Ginny’s downfall. Marriage to the World Noble flipped her life completely. After her abduction, the army troops stopped searching for her, and just like that, time passed. There are no deep details about her time with the Noble, but fans are clear that she had a terrible time there. 

How Ginny’s Abduction Affected Kuma?

Those who have read the chapter very well know how Ginny’s abduction and death affected Uma. Iva made it even more clear by claiming that he has changed since that day. Kuma’s worldview changed, and they started doing things differently. Overburdening himself because of the guilt, he, with time, became cold and tough. After two years, a new hope came when Ginny contacted the Army. Unfortunately, the hope was soon snatched to find his friend dead. Kuma was already feeling responsible; thus, he couldn’t say no to being a father figure to Bonney. Even after learning that Bonney is ill, he doesn’t lose hope and starts to look for a cure. 

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u003cstrongu003eWhat is the first chapter of One Piece called?u003c/strongu003e

The first chapter is titled “Romance Dawn- The Dawn Of The Adventure”.

u003cstrongu003eWho is Luffy’s most loyal crewmate?u003c/strongu003e

Zoro is famous for being extremely loyal to Luffy.

u003cstrongu003eWho is the weakest member of Luffy’s crew?u003c/strongu003e

People believe that issop is the weakest member of the crew


This chapter hit the anime fans emotionally for many reasons. Kuma’s sad backstory was one thing. However, fans can’t stay still wondering about the reason the chapter was unfinished. Let’s just hope that it’s not related to Oda sensei’s health and that he is doing fine.  Fans of One Piece anime series and manga series, let’s pray together for his good health.  For more anime updates, stay connected!

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