Boushoku no Berserk Anime Episode 9 Spoiler & Release Date

Boushoku no Berserk just released its eighth episode last Sunday. This action fantasy anime hasn’t gotten the good spotlight, unlike other anime in this season. Maybe because it has a generic theme such as skill, knight, and so on.

Despite its unpopularity, this anime actually has a nice world-building which is explained when the story goes further. That’s what will happen with the episode 9 and later. The secrets of the world will be unveiled one by one.

If you haven’t watched this series, it is a great time to enjoy it. The ninth episode of Boushoku no Berserk will premiere on November 26, 2023. So, what will the upcoming episode tell? Read on!

Boushoku no Berserk Story So far

Hoping to help Roxy Hart in Galia, Fate begins a journey while keeping his identity anonymous. Along the road, he once again meets with Myne, the holder of mortal sin skill like him. Though she looks expressionless, she has wrath skills. Unfortunately, up till the eighth episode, the ability of her skill is still a secret.

Boushoku no Berserk Myne
Wrath Mortal Sin Skill, Myne – Source: Muse Asia

Not only that, just like Fate, she also wields the mortal sin weapon series, the sloth. So far, the ability of that axe is it will get heavier every time Myne swings it. Of course, she can reset the weight back to normal at will.

The eighth episode of Boushoku no Berserk starts with Lady Roxy arriving in the city where Aaron resides. Like Fate, Aaron offers his tutelage to Roxy on how to become a stronger holy knight. Then, the scene changes to Fate and Myne enters Galia.

Their purpose in entering the ruin is, to kill Chimera which has a human as its core. Because it has outstanding regenerative power, that can be called immortal, Myne can’t defeat it alone. Thus, Fate’s gluttony skill becomes the key.

Boushoku no Berserk Haniel
Chimera Machine Angel Haniel – Source: Muse Asia

His skill can harvest every soul he kills and send them into eternal suffering in hell. Long story short, Fate finally defeats the chimera, Machine Angel Haniel. After that ordeal, Fate and Myne go apart.

The final scene shows Fate entering the sentinel city of Babylon, a fortress that separates the Kingdom from Galia. At the same time, Roxy arrives in that town. While everyone cheers for Roxy, one mysterious figure says something horrendous “Roxy has to die here”.

Boushou no Berserk Episode 9 Spoiler & Release Date

The end of the eighth episode of Boushoku no Berserk left us with a nice cliffhanger. It is nice knowing that Roxy will be the star in the next episode after her departure in the fifth episode. Finally, Fate can fulfill his purpose to protect Roxy from shadows.

Before continuing to read, beware that from this point on, this section contains spoilers for episode 9. If you are an anime fan, it is better that you skip it and directly go to the conclusion.

On that matter, the next episode of Boushoku no Berserk will have a tiltle, The Guardian of Lust. The lust here refers to the mortal sin skill holder, Eris. Remember the one who said Roxy has to die? That’s her.

Boushoku no Berserk Eris
Lust Mortal Sin Skill, Eris – Source: Boushoku no Berserk Final Trailer

It means that in the next episode, Fate will meet his second mortal sin skill. Based on the final trailer of Boushou no Berserk, Eris works in the bar in Babylon. Furthermore, she is already expecting to meet Fate.

Maybe this meeting will lead to some conspiracy revolving around the Kingdom, spoiler alert: yes it is. The rest of the last four episodes will cover the third volume of the novel. The upcoming episode marks the beginning of Galia Arc. Many secrets will be revealed at the end of the arc such as the death of Roxy’s father and the truth of Eris’ existence.


The eighth episode was released last Sunday and it marked the beginning of a new arc of Galia. In the next episode, we will meet another mortal sin skill holder, the lust. If there is no sudden anime update, the ninth episode of Boushoku no Berserk will premiere on November 26, 2023, on multiple streaming services.

After the eighth episode’s release, fans have some thoughts on the upcoming episode. What is the threat Roxy has to face in Galia? Will Fate be able to protect her? Will they reveal themselves to Roxy? Just wait patiently for the next act of Fate and Greed in Babylon.

When will the ninth episode of Boushoku no Bersek premiere?

The ninth episode will premiere on November 26, 2023.

Who is the mysterious girl in the eighth episode of Boushoku no Berserk?

She is Eris, a mortal skill sin holder, the Lust.

Which volume does the ninth episode of Boushoku no Berserk cover?

The ninth through twelfth episodes will cover the third volume of the light novel.

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