Shaman King Flowers Anime New Trailer Reveals Premiere Date

Thanks to the Shaman King Flowers Anime’s creators. They have been kind enough to present us with Key visuals and Trailers from time to time. The promotional teaser trailers made it challenging for us to wait. Everything looks promising, and undoubtedly, the coming year is going to be the year of ANIME. 

Previously, we were updated that this will be a sequel to Shaman King Reboot. However, later on, the higher-ups made it clear that it was going to be an adaptation of Shaman King Flowers. In short, get ready to expect something GREAT!

For those of you who don’t know, Shaman King Flowers is Hiroyuki Takei’s sequel manga of Shaman King. This manga is getting an anime adaptation. So, it’s going to be the sequel/continuation of the original series. 

The anime stepped into the anime world in 2021. It ended after entertaining the fans with 52 episodes. It was a supernatural and adventurous anime, and the same goes for the sequel anime. The series is an enjoyable and one of the best Shounen anime series. Let’s expect the same from the coming series!

Shaman King Flowers Anime Trailer and Release Date

When the anime was confirmed in March, the higher-ups presented the news with key visuals and a teaser trailer. The first promo video was enough to bring fans to the edge of their screens. 

Later on, insights were given on the additional voice cast along with the first trailer. 

Shaman King Flowers anime key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

The one-minute trailer speaks a lot about the anime. It’s the combined efforts of the compositing director, art director, animation director, and the rest of the team. Not gonna lie;

The design of the characters is evident in its beautiful execution. Kudos to the character design team. The efforts of the character designers are very prominent. 

Anime’s new trailer came to light a few days ago. The new trailer came with an exciting announcement, and the creators revealed the release date. The anime is officially going to release on January 9, 2024

This time, we also learned about the theme song, which Nana Mizuki beautifully sang. Nana’s voice is not new for SK fans, as she sang for the anime in 2021. She is lending her melodious voice once again to the anime’s sequel.

About Shaman King Flowers

The previous protagonists were Manta and Yoh. However, this season, You and Ana’s son Hana will continue the story. Hana wanted excitement in his life and freedom from his boredom. Contrary to his expectations, being the song of Yoh and Anna didn’t bring him fun. 

However, something unexpected happens that changes him completely. Things go off between him and his family as the latter starts a fight with him. Sounds cool, right? We have limited information on the plot for now, so let’s wait a little more to watch. 

Anime Studio and More

Studio Bridge has taken the lead in animating the coming masterpiece. It is the same studio that animated the prequel and fans are aware of its work. Apart from that, the creators have also updated us about the voice actors. 

Guess what? Yoko Hikasa is voicing Hana Asakura. 

She’s the lady who provided the voice for Emilia in The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Rest assured that the sequel series won’t disappoint us, and in fact, it will be a worthwhile experience. 

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What is after Shaman King Flowers?

SK:The Super Star comes after Shaman King Flowers.

Who is the blonde girl in Shaman King?

Anna Kyoyama is the blonde girl in SK.

Who is Yoh and Anna’s son?

Hana Asakura is the son of Yoh and Hana.


There isn’t much time left to watch our favorite anime on the screens. Though waiting for an hour seems like a day, we are still near. The anime looks fantastic and super fun. Thanks to the creators for presenting us with multiple key visuals and teasers to keep us engaged.  For similar anime updates, keep following us!

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