Shangri-La Frontier Anime Ep 16 Spoilers & Release Date

The action-adventure Shangri-La Frontier is the hottest topic in the otaku community. The fantasy fantasy anime with fantastic video game theme has pulled the anime fans without doing much. Each episode brings something exciting and out of the box. These 15 episodes have been quite a ride and full of mind-boggling moments. After each episode, waiting for the next one gets even harder, thanks to the spoilers and teasers.

The setting of the show keeps the fans addicted to it effortlessly, and the battles are on another level. The reason we are all eager to watch the 16th episode as soon as possible is because of Sunraku Vs Wezaemon. 

It’s highly believed that the next episode will showcase their battle; things seem to begin in the last episode. Just like the Shangri-La Frontier Light Novel, the anime has set some high bars for the others. 

The release date is out, and not many days are left to enjoy the much-awaited battle. You guys get ready, begin the countdown, and stay patient till then.

Shangri-La Frontier Anime Ep 16 Release Date

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Everybody’s coming weekend is going to be worth the wait. Yes, the most awaited episode will knock our screens this Sunday, January 28. Previously, the anime went on a short break, and we couldn’t get to watch the episodes in time. 

However, we hope that this time there will be no changes. Though January 28 is indeed the lucky date, the release time zone may vary. Different countries will release the episode at different times. 

As usual, you guys have to watch it on Crunchyroll. Only Japanese fans have the leverage to watch it on TV channels. 

Shangri-La Frontier Episode 15 RECAP

In the last episode, the fight didn’t even begin yet the fans went absolutely wild for it. No doubt, the perfect setting, pacing, thrill, and build were there. The most interesting part of the battle was our MC initiating it with Wezaemon. The last few minutes of the episode created immense thrill as we all learned that defeating Wezaemon is a BIG deal, especially when he killed Sunraku. This is the crunchiest part of the last episodes. Otherwise, I learned that some major updates have been made to the Shangri-La frontier. Rei sent an invitation letter bu,t since the location of Ashura Kai was unveiled, she had to send a cancellation.

On the other hand our protagonist receives a mysterious necklace as a lucky charm from Emul.

At last, while reaching the battlegrounds, it was decided that Sunraku would face Wezaemon in the first 10 minutes. However, things go unpredictably wrong as he ends up dying, but thankfully, Oikatzo resurrects him. The fact that it didn’t take him much to kill him makes the fans even more excited about the coming episode. 

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Shangri-La Frontier Episode 16 SPOILERS

Judging from the last episode, where we have seen major updates in the game, we can expect something unexpected. These updates may or may not help the main lead and may play a huge role in their battle. 

Those who have read the fantasy manga already know how the battle will end. Phase 2 of the battle will begin, and time for Oikatzo’s magic skills as an archaeologist. Don’t you consider something less from Pencilgon Arthur! She also spends all of her 30 Million Mahni fortunes and puts them all on the Scale of Compensation. 

It’s a unique item. Once one places the time on the left, they’ll receive blessings on the right. There you go, she gives each of them 50 points resulting in a game changer advantage. This results in Sunraku’s recovered stamina and an increase in his stats. Sounds amazing, and we know it. The battle takes a 180-degree turn, and the team gives the opponent a bad beating. 

Let’s leave the rest for you to watch in the episode. I am not a person to spoil the end of the battle for you. If you really want to know what happens next, READ MANGA CHAPTER 33 onwards. 

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Is Shangri-La Frontier anime finished?

No, the anime is still running!

Who is the protagonist of Shangri-La Frontier?

Rakuro Hizutome aka Sunraku is the Protagonist.

Is Shangri-La Frontier worth reading?

Of course, it’s the best manga for lovers of action, fantasy stories, and Adventure. It’s the manga adaptation of the light novel series. The manga artist has done an outstanding job without a doubt.


It’s just a matter of time, and we are all set to watch the latest episode of our favorite game anime. Just a day and a few more hours till we watch Episode 16 on our screens. Expect something remarkable from the coming episode, and don’t expect something less from any of the characters. I bet you will love the next episodes to the moon and back.

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