Summoned to Another World… Again? Releasing Date

Summoned to Another World… Again? is an adventure fantasy series ready to hit the screens in Spring 2023. Studio Elle animates the upcoming anime series and will air on April 9th. It’s the anime adaptation of the light novel.

The release date was revealed on the official Twitter account along with another promotional video, a special illustration, and the entire list of characters along with their cast members.

The official website unveiled the entire list of characters, along with special comments from the cast members. Special comments from the key staff members were also updated.

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The second promotional came with a special key visual commemorating the release that you can see below:

Summoned to Another World... Again? Releasing Date Is April 8

The key visual features the main character, Suzuki Sentsu wielding a giant black sword, going against his pupil, Touma. The background hints at it being a magical combat empowering their physical attacks. Thanks, to the character designer for such an amazing work. Overall, everything looks fine form the direction, cast of characters to the series composition.

The official list of cast members was out, including Shunichi Toki as Suzaki Setsu, Satomi Amano as Yuuhi Hanabashira, Kaori Maeda as Eruka Verso, Ai Fairouz as Leviathan, and Saori Oonishi as Desastre Sereno.

The cast members for supporting characters include Itou Miku as Alize, Kenji Akabane as Brad, Hozumi Gouda as King of Destinea, Rina Honizumi as Mineko, Satomi Akesaka as Roa, Yurie Kozakai as Ruri, Yui Ogura as Shironeko, and Takuma Nagatsuka as Touma.

Summoned to Another World… Again? Promotional Video

The trailer revealed quite a lot of the story, the fight between the student and his master leads to mass destruction.

The animation might’ve seemed a bit lacking; however, the action scenes look fantastic. The character design was decent, and the voice acting was on the spot.

Summoned to Another World… Again? Characters

Setsu Suzuki is the main character of the series, and he finds himself into the fantasy world for the second time. He once used his abilities to end a war, and now he must do the same again.

Eruka Verso is the deputy commander of the knights who serve the Kingdom of Distinia. She is an ice magical user and enjoys spending her time around Setsu.

Yuuhi Hanabashira is Setsu’s real-life friend in the human world, and she also reincarnates to another world along with Setsu. She has a timid personality and a talent for fire magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Setsu first summoned into the fantasy world?

There was a was going on between the demon race and every other. Setsu was summoned into the world to end the war, and he did complete it, then safely returned back to his human world.

Why was Setsu sent to the fantasy world again? And why as a baby?

When Setsu first returned to the human world, the king of Humans was afraid that Setsu might gain so much power that he would overthrow the Kingdom. So the King placed a trap and sent Setsu back to the fantasy world, being reborn as a baby.

Source:, Twitter via @isenido_anime


Anime fans are waiting on their toes for this cosy anime series. It’s a high-quality anime and we can easily see that through the teasers and visuals. Now let’s wait and see.

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