New Pokemon Anime Reveals Promo Video, Visual, Staff, and Cast

New Pokemon Anime Reveals Promo Video, Visual, Staff, and Cast

After the retirement of Ash from the Pokemon franchise, we have new duo protagonists who will begin their adventure in the world of New Pokemon Anime.

Three months after Liko and Roy were introduced as the new face of Pokemon Tamer, the official Twitter of Pokemon tweeted a series of announcements starting from the first PV, a visual teaser, staff, and cast.

Not only that, the New Pokemon Anime is confirmed to premiere on April 14, 2023. The first episode will have a special one-hour duration as the start line for god-knows-when-it-ends anime. Pokemon company has confirmed that the anime will premiere in 2023 “and beyond”.

We are excited to welcome the New Pokemon Anime. That’s why we have gathered the information related to the anime below. Let’s dig in!

New Pokemon Anime Trailer and Visual Teaser

The first promotional video was released on March 3, 2023. We have been pretty much used to the animation quality of Pokemon for the last few years. It seems that there is no significant change in quality even after Ash retired.

The PV contains the voiced introduction of Liko and Roy as the protagonists. It also introduces a new character, Friede and Captain Pikachu. Based on research, they are a new professor and his Pokemon.

New Pokemon Anime Reveals Promo Video, Visual, Staff, and Cast
Visual Tease of Pokemon – Source: @anipoke_PR

The New Pokemon Anime will also feature Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly from the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet video games. Apparently, they will become the main Pokemon that accompany the protagonist through the journey.

As the Pokemon fans, it isn’t complete if the series doesn’t include legendary Pokemon. It Is also confirmed that Rayquza in its shiny form will appear in the series.

New Pokemon Anime Staff and Cast

New Pokemon Anime Reveals Promo Video, Visual, Staff, and Cast
Character Design of Liko and Roy – Source: @anipoke_PR

Though the PV has shown several characters, there are only four confirmed casts so far. They are:

  • Minori Suzuki as Liko
  • Yuka Terasaki as Roy
  • Taku Yashiro as Friede
  • Ikue Ootani as Captain Pikachu

Like other past Pokemon, OLM studio will be the producer of this anime. Though not all of them are related to the past Pokemon project, we have experienced staff working on the project. They are:

  • Director: Saori Den (Kaitou Queen wa Circus ga Osuki)
  • Creative Director: Daiki Tomiyasu (Pokemon (2019))
  • Action Director: Tetsuo Yajima (Pokemon Movie 23: Koko)
  • Series Composition: Dai Satou (Yurei Deco)
  • Character Design: Rei Yamazaki
  • Sub-Character Design: Kyouko Itou
  • Sound Director: Masafumi Mima (Pokemon (2019))
  • Music: Conisch (Yu Gi Oh! Zexal Second)

Now that the countdown has started, the pressure is on. Can both of them satisfy the expectations of Pokemon fans? Let’s wait for it.

Stay tuned for future anime news in Animefleek.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the New Pokemon Anime premiere?

The new Pokemon series will premiere on April 14, 2023.

How many episodes will the New Pokemon Anime be?

The staff stated that the anime will premiere in 2023 and beyond. It means that we can expect this anime to continue for years to come.

Source: @anipoke_PR

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