Tonikaku Kawaii High School Days Anime- Review

2023 has been a really great year for anime fans. Well, Tonikaku Kawaii High School Days is also one of the reasons why it was a fantastic year. The four-episode spin-off ONA made the Tonikawa fans extremely happy. 

The spin-off focuses on Nasa and his time as a programming teacher in an all-girls high school. The four episodes have been engaging as each second entertained the fans. Fans loved to watch it and couldn’t resist themselves from rewatching it. 

Tonikaku Kawaii High School Days Anime Plot

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The anime centers around the junior high school student Nasa. His teacher gives him a task to teach programming to the students of senior high and guess what? It’s an All-Girls’ School!. Keeping up with her request, he starts teaching the teenage girls. However, day by day, it keeps getting challenging yet entertaining. No matter how strong he acts, deep down, our innocent boy feels it is hard to deal with. After all, the girls are not easy to get along with.

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You will feel that everything is perfectly summed up in the ONA. The four episodes do not miss the tiniest of details, and it will make you feel satisfied. The story isn’t rushed and has a decent pace. The focus on the side characters is on point, and the story progresses seamlessly. I bet after watching the last episode, you will wish to watch more of it. 

The school girls’ interaction with the protagonist makes it comedic, romantic, and a worth watching. All the female characters are charming in their own unique way and a significant reason for the success of the Anime ONA. Not gonna lie; there might be a few characters you might find annoying. But that’s pretty natural, right?

Each episode is 20 minutes, so you will not find anything bland and boring. Fans were hit with massive nostalgia and they were happy that creators presented them with such a bombastic story. There is no doubt it’s a good watch, but don’t expect anything extraordinary. It’s good to enjoy a simple sweet story without having any high expectations and significant plot twists. Overall, it’s a great romance anime especially if you are looking for something short.

Talking about the animation quality of the anime project, then it’s quite the same as the entire series. Like I said, nothing more and nothing less than the original romantic comedy anime season ! Make sure to watch this four episode anime completely, as the last episodes give us a lot of hints and information!

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