Viral Hit Anime Release Date

This year is very special for webtoon and anime lovers, as it has already started with a BANG! After the release of the much-awaited Solo Leveling anime, we have Viral Hit Anime almost ready to smash hit the screens.

The comic enjoys huge popularity, with almost 8.5 Million likes on Webtoon. Kudos to Taejun Pak for presenting a commendable story and Kim Junghyun sensei for illustrating it perfectly. Its anime adaptation announcement took the breaths of many fans away. Thanks to the creators for releasing the official trailer; we are over the moon right now. 

Viral Hit Anime Premiere Date & Trailer

Though we still have to wait for the exact release date, the good thing is we have the release month. We will be able to watch it in April, which is just around the corner. Crunchyroll will be streaming the anime, so be friends with it as soon as possible!

The 40-second trailer and the key visual give a perfect glimpse into the Viral Hit world, introducing the main and supporting characters. Animation Studio Okuruto Noboru is working on the animation production, and they are doing a fantastic job.

Viral Hit Anime Staff

Masakazu Hishida will do his magic directing the series. Everyone’s favorite animation director from Attack On Titan, Mr Satomi Miyazaki, will be designing characters. Yutaka Yamada will be composing the music, while Toshiya Ono will manage the series composition. 

Unfortunately, no additional details about the cast are out yet. So wait a little longer, and Anime Fleek will update you!

Viral Hit Synopsis

Viral Hit Key Visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

The anime will follow the original plot of the popular webtoon Viral Hit. It revolves around a high school student, Hobin Yu, who looks weak and thin yet does something unimaginable. He was the contest target of the bullies just because he was scrawny. Outside school, he has part-time jobs as he’s shouldered with the responsibility of looking after her bedridden mother. One day, he had enough and stood against his opponents. His face-off was uploaded on Newtube, which went viral and earned him a whopping 10 million won, thus changing his life. He continued showing courage, and his life started to unfold for the better, but with constant challenges. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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