Go Go Loser Ranger! Anime Release Date And Cast

It’s time for some superhero action! Go Go Loser Ranger has enchanted us with its intriguing teasers and key visuals. The anime is currently in its production phase and will smash hit the screens somewhere later this year. It’s the anime adaptation of the famous superhero manga, which is the commendable work of Negi Haruba.

The Release Date is here, and we must wait until March 3, 2024, to get all the answers! We also have almost all other details and visuals to keep us engaged. There are several characters, and the higher-ups introduced us with some additional cast a few days ago.

Go Go Loser Ranger! Cast

Go Go Loser Ranger! Key visual

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There are more than 20 characters, including both main and supporting ones. Among them are four main characters, and the rest are side heroes. The good thing is that all the characters have exceptionally talented and well-known voice actors. 

Main Characters

Kobayashi Yuusuke voices Sentouin D (Footsoldier D), who has voiced many fan-favorite characters, such as Senkuu Ishigami from Dr Stone. Yano Yumika voices the female protagonist, Suzukiri Yumeko. Yuichi Nakamura voices the handsome Sosei Akabane; he is the same VA who voiced our favourite Shiba Tatsuya. Lastly, we have Daishi Kajita, who voices Sakurama Hibiki!

Supporting Characters

Recently, the creators introduced us to additional cadet cast members. It’s been three consecutive weeks since we were introduced to new characters and voice actors. Here we go!

CharactersVoice Actors
Shun TokitaHiroyuki Yoshino
Komachi AizomeRika Nagae
Kanon HisuiAzumi Waki
Masurao NadeshikuFumihiko Tachiki
CharactersVoice Actors
Angel UsokuboShiori Mikami
Yamato KusuruRyota Osaka
Tsukasa ShippoMasanori Shimizu
Ranmaru KogumaYukihiro Nozuyama
Fighter XXHina Yomiya
CharactersVoice Actors
Kai ShionYuki Ono
Eigan UrabeSeiichiro Yamashita
Angelica YukinoAkari Kito
Soujiro IshikawaDaiki Hamano
Renren  AkebayashiTomoyo Kurosawa

Go Go Loser Ranger! is an action fantasy superhero-themed anime. Studio Yostar Pictures, famous for Arknights and Azur Lane, is responsible for its animation production. The 70-second trailer speaks a lot about the quality and visual aesthetics, making fans extremely satisfied. 

Keiichi Sato is directing the anime, and Keiichiro Ochi is working on the series composition. The appealing key visuals are all thanks to the efforts of character designer Koseki Kahoko.


Life on Earth has experienced several changes since the monster army attacked it. Against them rose some heroes who were strong enough to end the fight by defeating the monsters within a year. However, even after the humiliating defeat, the monsters are forced to act every week in front of the public, which has become routine. To stop this mess, the monster, D, vows to go against the Power Rangers and mark the end once and for all. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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