Top 10 Strongest Sword Art Online Characters

Strongest Sword Art Online Characters

Sword Art Online is the biggest commercial success in the Isekai genre, created by Reki Kawahara. It has everything that has caught fans’ attention, such as an immersive video game’s world, thrilling battles, elements of romance, and most importantly, powerful characters. Even though the anime series ended in 2020, anime fans are still arguing over who the strongest Sword Art Online characters are.

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From now on, you don’t have to argue or debate, as we will bring you the ultimate list of the top 10 strongest Sword Art Online characters. So without any further delay, let’s get straight to the list.

Top 10 Strongest Sword Art Online Characters (Ranked)

10. Alice Zuberg

Alice Zuberg
Source: Sword Art Online anime

Alice Zuberg is an Integrity Knight and a cute girl with long blonde hair. Just like all Integrity Knights, she wears powerful armor, which is golden in color and gives her a beautiful look. She developed an exceptional sword-fighting technique, which she showcased excellently in her fight against Kirito and Eugeo.

Alice shows her potential to be on the list of the strongest Sword Art Online characters by going head-to-head against two of the strongest characters in the game. Even though she is incredibly strong, she is also a very caring person, similar to Asuna Yuuki. 

9. Asuna Yuuki: Hottest Sword Art Online Character

Asuna Yuuki: Hottest Sword Art Online Character
Source: Sword Art Online anime

Asuna Yuuki Asuna Yuuki is the main female protagonist, known as The Flash because of her godly speed. She is not just skilled at sword fighting but also defeats a bunch of formidable opponents in hand-to-hand combat. Furthermore, she also has enhanced senses and is capable of learning new yet strong skills just by seeing them once.

She is also the only swordswoman who challenged Konno in a one-on-one battle and put up a tough fight against her. As a result, their battle is one of the most intense and emotional fights of Sword Art Online franchise. 

8. Heathcliff

Source: Sword Art Online anime

Heathcliff’s real name is Kayaba Akihiko, and he is the development director and game master of the game. Heathcliff is his gaming avatar, who has genius-level intelligence and a photographic memory. He also possesses superhuman strength and exceptional one-handed sword technique.

You can also estimate how amazing skills were by the fact that he battled the boss of the 50th floor for 10 minutes by himself. While fighting against Kirito, he easily blocked all of Kirito’s sword attacks, as he himself programmed them, leaving Kirito with no choice but to use his own skill. 

7. Bercouli

Source: Sword Art Online anime

Bercouli is the leader of the Integrity Knights, known for his exceptional swordsmanship skills with a variety of variations. Like all Integrity Knights, his lifespan has been frozen by the administrator, and he does not age physically. As a result, he has developed the finest swordsmanship skills by training over three centuries of combat against the Dark Territory.

Furthermore, he wields a legendary sword called the Time Piercing Sword, whose blade is strong enough to cut through time itself. In his fight against Gabriel Miller, he demonstrates all variations of his sword technique as well as the incredible strength of his sword. 

Eugeo: One of the Most Popular Sword Art Online Characters
Source: Sword Art Online anime

Eugeo is an amazing character and one of the bravest warriors. He played a leading role in the Alicization arc and brought us a series of intense battles against formidable opponents. Among them, Bercouli was the most formidable opponent he ever faced, but eventually, he won the battle.

Aside from Eugeo’s master swordsman skills, he also has enhanced senses and the ability to deduce ways to defeat powerful opponents. His main weapon is a divine sword called the Blue Rose Sword, which is entirely made up of ice. While using this sword, he can freeze all enemies in blocks of ice, which gradually drains their durability. 

5. Quinella

Source: Sword Art Online anime

Quinella is a self-proclaimed administrator and one of the most important characters in Sword Art Online. She is adept at manipulating others and making them believe her words through her vast knowledge of the game’s world. Due to her high level of admin-level abilities, she can do anything in the game, such as changing terrain, spawning exclusive items, and even altering her own life stats.

Quinella is the only villain capable of using her entire body as a weapon, despite using her exclusive magic. In her legendary battle against Kirito, she forces him to use his secret attack called “Vertical Square.” 

4. Vassago Casals (PoH)

Vassago Casals
Source: Sword Art Online anime

Vassago Casals is another powerful villain who plays a major role in the Alicization arc. He is mostly known by his gaming name, Prince of Hell, which he got from his mother’s end. True to his name, he is a devil when it comes to his sadistic personality and unmatched physical strength.

Moreover, he also has exceptional sword skills along with superhuman speed, which makes him even more formidable. His final battle against Kirito is truly commendable, in which he shows his full extent of power and makes their fight incredibly popular. 

3. Gabriel Miller

Gabriel Miller
Source: Sword Art Online anime

Gabriel Miller is the main villain in the War of the Underworld arc in Sword Art Online. He is famously known for his ruthless military combat ability and exceptional intelligence. Gabriel has a wide range of amazing abilities, such as stealing the souls of others, mind reading, and telekinesis.

Furthermore, he can also alter the world around him in any way he wishes. As a result, many fans consider him one of the most formidable opponents who gave Kirito the toughest fight.

2. Konno Yuuki

Konno Yuuki
Source: Sword Art Online anime

Before the Alicization arc, Konno Yuuki was regarded as the strongest player because of her god-like reflexes and game sense. She is also quite good at grasping tough circumstances and turning them in her own favor. Konno is the only unbeatable Sword Art Online character whom no one, including Kirito, has ever defeated.

As a result, she earned the ultimate title of “Absolute Sword” with 67 consecutive duel wins against formidable opponents. During the Alfheim Online battle, she showed her full extent of power by defeating both strong characters, Asuna and Kirigaya Kazuto. 

1. Kirito: Strongest Sword Art Online Character

Kirito: Strongest Sword Art Online Character
Source: Sword Art Online anime

Kazuto Kirigaya, also known as Kirito, is the main character as well as one of the bravest heroes of all time. In the virtual world, he is blessed with exceptional swordsmanship skills, which he kept enhancing until he became a master of them. He also has a unique dual-wielding sword style and a huge collection of powerful attacks.

Out of all attacks, the Perfect Weapon Control Art is the deadliest one, which he uses in his ultimate battle against Fanatio. Moreover, fans regard the post-Alicization version of Kirito as the strongest because he defeated several formidable villains such as Gabriel Miller, Quinella, and Vassago Casals (PoH).

That concludes our list of the top 10 strongest Sword Art Online characters, and we hope you found it useful and engaging. Stay tuned with us for more wonderful lists and amazing anime reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I watch Sword Art Online?

You can watch this action anime on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. It has three seasons, which consist of a total of 96 episodes.

2. Who is more powerful than Kirito?

Konno Yuuki is arguably more powerful than Kirito in sword fighting, which is also confirmed by the author himself.

3. Is Asuna better than Kirito?

No, Kirito is better than Asuna in every aspect, such as fighting skills, popularity level, and screen time in the series. Even though Asuna is not as good as Kirito, she is one of the most beloved characters, surpassing the popularity of many popular female anime characters.

Source: Sword Art Online

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