Top 5 Best Romance Manhwa to Read

top 5 best romance manhwa to read

Just like anime, Manhwa has been receiving a lot of attention and appreciation from fans in recent years. As a result, fans have been exploring new series from different popular comic genres, including action manhwa, romance manhwa, comedy manhwa, adventure manhwa, and so on.

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In today’s post, we will recommend some of the best romance manhwa to read, featuring captivating stories and realistic characters. Each of these romantic manhwa has a high readership and has received good ratings and reviews from fans. So let’s get straight to this wonderful romance manhwa recommendation and pick something to your taste.

Top 5 Best Romance Manhwa To Read

5. A Good Day to Be a Dog: Best High School Romance Manhwa

A Good Day to Be a Dog: Best High School Romance Manhwa
Source: A Good Day to Be a Dog Manhwa
  • Number of Chapters: 88 (Finished in April 2019)
  • Where to Read: Comic Naver

Let’s start with a high school romance manhwa where you will get to explore the love story between teachers instead of students. It follows the romantic relationship of Hana, a teacher with an unusual curse, and Jin Seo-won, the math teacher. Hana is struggling with her unusual curse, which comes from her ancestor’s crime.

This curse ensures that the person whom Hana kisses turns into a dog at night. In order to reverse the curse, she needs to kiss him again, but in his dog form. Now, it’s very interesting to see what happens next when she kisses the math teacher, who is deathly afraid of dogs.

4. My Beautiful World

My Beautiful World
Source: My Beautiful World Manhwa
  • Number of Chapters: 67 (Finished in December 2021)
  • Where to Read: Kakao Webtoon

My Beautiful World is another popular manhwa in the romance genre that helps you understand the value of love. Before meeting Jooeun Lim, Yurim Lee always avoided meeting anyone because of their bad intentions towards her.

This is because she is blessed with supernatural powers that allow her to see the darkness in other people. However, Lim is the first guy in whom she does not see any darkness, which eventually brings her close to him. After that, she gradually began meeting other people and trying to get along with them, eventually restoring her self-confidence. So read this heartwarming romance manhwa and explore different dimensions of romance.

3. See You in My 19th Life

See You in My 19th Life
Source: See You in My 19th Life Manhwa
  • Number of Chapters: 115 (Finished in December 2022)
  • Where to Read: Comic Naver

It follows the story of a mysterious girl named Jieum Ban, who lives multiple lives and remembers all of their memories. In her 18th life, she lived a happy life with Moon Seo until she died in a tragic accident. After being reborn in her 19th life, she began searching for the same guy whom she had been dating in her previous life.

This is because she wants to continue her love story with Moon Seo in her 19th life, which she couldn’t fulfill in her previous life. Now, it’s wonderful to see how she fulfilled her incomplete love story and what new challenges she faced in her new, yet 19th, life.

2. Que Sera Sera

Que Sera Sera
Source: Que Sera Sera Manhwa
  • Number of Chapters: 71 (Finished in March 2017)
  • Where to Read: Lezhin Comics

Que Sera Sera is a must-read modern romance manhwa, known for its complicated love story. The love story revolves around a working woman named Mo Hani and her best friend, Kang Seonjun. She is living a proud life without having any debt on her hands.

While Kang is a university student who is paying his expenses by doing multiple part-time jobs. Everything went well until they drank together at night and Hani got pregnant. However, Hani hid this news from Kang just because of his ongoing bad financial condition. Now, it’s quite interesting to see how Kang will react when he finds out the truth and what they will do next.

A Business Proposal: Most Popular Romance Manhwa
Source: A Business Proposal Manhwa
  • Number of Chapters: 124 (Finished in December 2022)
  • Where to Read: Kakao Page

You have definitely heard of this immensely popular romance manhwa, as it also got a K-drama adaptation. This romantic webtoon features an unexpected love story between a boss and his employee, who come together by destiny. Kang is running a big company and is looking to engage with anyone just to stop his parents’ pressure.

As a result, he went on a blind date and met Shin, who came in place of her friend to help her. As Kang made up his mind to propose to anyone who came to the date, he proposed to Shin. However, Shin is unaware of the fact that the person she is dating right now is her new boss. So read this great romantic manhwa and explore their heart-fluttering moments.

That’s it for today’s romance manhwa recommendation. Stay tuned with us for more wonderful anime & manhwa recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are manhwa and manga the same?

No, they are not the same, instead of being used to refer to comics. Korean comics are called manhwa, while Japanese comics are called manga.

2. Which is the best Korean manhwa?

Solo Leveling is considered the most perfect manhwa of all time, created by a popular manhwa artist, Chugong. After getting huge success in the world of Manhwa, they recently released their anime adaptation, which is also doing the same in the world of anime.

3. What is the best historical romance Manhwa? 

I Married the Male Lead’s Dad, I Stan the Prince, and Villains Are Destined To Die are some of the most beautiful romance manhwa set in a historical world.

Source: My Anime List

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