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From its formation in 2011 by former Gainax employees Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Otsuka, Studio Trigger has steadily built an impressive track record in the anime industry of creating groundbreaking controversial anime. This studio also delights in going over the top, delivering bold, visually spectacular stories that leave a lasting impression on viewers. Trigger’s diverse catalog showcases their versatility. They’ve also tackled everything from radical mecha epics to fantastical coming of age narratives about young witches. However, no matter the genre, Studio Trigger always strives to offer something truly memorable and unique.

Here are five standout series that showcase the very best of what Studio Trigger has to offer:

1. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Against all odds, Studio Trigger transformed CD Projekt Red’s flawed but ambitious open world video game Cyberpunk 2077 into one of their most loved and well received projects. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners brings the game’s neon-drenched future to vivid life through the story of David Martinez. He is a young outcast forced into the dangerous underworld of black market “edge running.” In this cutthroat world, corporate conspiracies and high stakes crime intersect with bleeding edge body modifications and cybernetic implants.

Studio Trigger Anime
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As David gets drawn deeper into edge running and its deadly intrigues, he finds an unlikely sense of community among his fellow outlaw operatives. An engrossing, twisty mystery steadily unfolds, punctuated by Trigger’s signature intense animation. The show’s gritty world is rendered in a dazzling style, with awesome animation bringing the cityscapes and also characters to life. Edgerunners is Studio Trigger firing on all cylinders.

2. Kill la Kill Anime

Kill la Kill is arguably Studio Trigger’s most iconic anime series and also the purest distillation of their offbeat style. This oddball action series broke new ground upon its 2013 debut with its unconventional premise. It happens in a world where sentient school uniforms imbue their wearers with incredible power. Kill la Kill uses this bizarre premise to joyously subvert and play with fan service tropes in clever, surprising ways.

kill la kill
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Kill la Kill is a madcap blend of over-the-top school comedy, bombastic mecha inspired fights, dark family drama, and also satirical commentary on the fashion industry. They are also all anchored by an emotionally mature coming of age story. Few anime tackle heavy themes like family abuse with such nuance, but Kill la Kill does so skillfully within the confines of its deeply strange, hyperactive aesthetic universe. With its wild visuals, clever writing, and ability to seamlessly blend disparate tones and genres, Kill la Kill captures everything that makes Trigger’s work so distinctive and compelling.

3. Darling in the FranXX

Debuting in 2018, Darling in the FranXX is one of Studio Trigger’s most liked anime series, building massive hype. Additionally, this uncompromising mecha anime aimed to push boundaries with its bleak dystopian setting and transgressive premise. Darling in the FranXX tells the story in a grim future where children are bred and raised in total isolation from adults. The kids are also created solely as pilots for the towering mecha “Franxx” war machines.

Studio Trigger Anime
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The series finds its emotional core in the tender, supportive relationship that develops between the spirited Zero Two and her meek partner Hiro. They learn to sync their minds and also hearts to control a Franxx. This central bond inspires hope and humanity in a dark world – until their connection takes an unsettling turn. Darling in the FranXX has divided fans due to perceived missteps in its finale and certain rushed themes. These highlight wasted potential. But the series still excels at building an engrossing mecha action story anchored by flawed but sympathetic characters yearning for connection.

4. Little Witch Academia Anime

Across three interconnected Little Witch Academia projects – two short proof of concept films and a full TV series – Studio Trigger crafted a delightful world of magical realms and also aspiring young witches that continues to enchant audiences. This warm, whimsical shojo anime centers on the plucky Akko Kagari. She is a clumsy but endlessly enthusiastic school student at the esteemed Luna Nova Magical Academy.

little witch academia anime
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Little Witch Academia lovingly pays homage to “magic school” stories like Harry Potter while carving out its own identity. As Akko muddles through classes, contends with snooty rivals, and stumbles into supernatural adventures, she forms a tight sisterhood with her peers, role models, and also mentors. Trigger dialed back their wild visual quirks here for a more grounded aesthetic, and the result is one of their most inviting, accessible works. The characters’ emotional growth and enduring bonds prove surprisingly compelling beneath the lighthearted magical girl trappings. Additionally, Little Witch Academia presents a cozy, imaginative world any fan would love to escape into with vibrant colors.

5. Promare (Anime movie)

Promare, Studio Trigger’s ambitious 2019 theatrical anime film, is arguably one of the greatest achievements in the entire medium. This action packed sci-fi spectacle about fiery mutant rebels waging a war against an oppressive anti-burning government shines as both a visual and narrative tour de force. In Promare’s striking dystopian universe, the emergence of the Burnish – a race of people who spontaneously gained pyrokinetic abilities due to a bizarre mutation – sparked global conflict and destruction on a cataclysmic scale.

Studio Trigger Anime Promare
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30 years later, a radical Burnish terrorist group called Mad Burnish has resumed its campaign of arson and destruction. This prompts the anti Burnish firefighting corps Burning Rescue into action. Burning Rescue’s newest recruit, Galo Thymos, must take on the charismatic Lio Fotia, leader of Mad Burnish, and somehow halt the cycle of violence engulfing the planet. Promare is a nonstop thrill ride of spectacular action. It effortlessly blends hand drawn and 3D animation into a seamless display of visual fireworks. However, beneath the apocalyptic stakes and eye-popping fight choreography lurks a genuinely thoughtful and moving story. The story is of found family, injustice, and bridging divides. Promare is cinema on an operatic, widescreen scale, telling a human story amidst the chaos. Additonally, it looks absolutely jaw-dropping doing it.

From their humble beginnings in 2011, Studio Trigger has continuously raised the bar with their ambitious, visually pleasing anime projects. These demonstrate a bold creative vision and uncompromising commitment to quality. Their signature mix of eye popping art, action, and character driven narratives has resonated with audiences. This also cemented their reputation as one of the most distinctive and influential studios working today.

Now over a decade into their journey, it’s clear Trigger is picking up the pace – and anime is better for it. Stay tuned for more anime updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Studio Trigger anime stand out?

Studio Trigger is renowned for their unique and audacious visual style, cool action sequences, vibrant storytelling, and willingness to tackle unconventional themes and premises.

What is Studio Trigger’s most popular or acclaimed anime?

Kill la Kill is often considered Studio Trigger’s anime classic.

What anime would you recommend for someone new to Studio Trigger?

Little Witch Academia provides an ideal entry point into the world of Studio Trigger. Its charming magical girl themes, engaging characters, visuals, and warm world make it an accessible, inviting watch. For more mature fans seeking the studio’s bold, over-the-top action, Kill la Kill or Cyberpunk: Edgerunners makes for starting points. But Little Witch Academia remains the best intro for those just discovering Trigger.

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