Jujutsu Kaisen: Top 5 Fights in Shibuya Incident Arc

The Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Shibuya Incident arc is already underway, and so far it has offered an intense emotional roller coaster in which everything is upside down. starting with the initial stages of delving into Satoru Gojo’s past, his relationship to Suguru Geto, his deceased closest friend, and his initial loss to Toji Fushiguro.

The season’s second half opens with the Shibuya Incident, in which the most powerful curse users and cursed spirits band together to try and bring in a new era of curses by permanently removing Satoru Gojo from the board. The Shibuya Incident arc, which is still in its early stages, features some of the most suspenseful battles and horrific scenes in the anime. As a full-scale conflict erupts between Jujutusu sorcerers and the malevolent purpose of curses and curse users, nobody is safe. Here are the 5 top-ranked fights from the Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident Arc are listed below.

The Beginning of Shibuya Incident arc (Kokiji Muta Vs. Mahito)

Jujutsu Kaisen: Top 5 Fights in Shibuya Incident Arc

The entire Shibuya Incident begins with Kokiji Muta’s betrayals in an attempt to rejuvenate his body. It is revealed that Muta made an agreement with Mahito and Geto in exchange for acting as a mole for Jujutsu High.

Muta receives his new body when the time comes to carry out their pact. However, promptly betrays the evil pair, causing Mahito and Muta to engage in a fierce battle. This battle demonstrates Muta’s might and establishes the tone for the second part of the second season.

Shibuya Incident Fight 4 (Kento Nanami Vs. Haruta Shigemo)

Jujutsu Kaisen: Top 5 Fights in Shibuya Incident Arc

During the peak of the Shibuya Incident, Nanami, filled with rage! Encountered the person responsible for his friends’ murders in a brief confrontation. After tracking down the Jujutsu High teammates. Haruta was about to engage Kugisaki in combat when Nanami intervened to get revenge on his deceased comrades.

After Haruta’s one kick against Nanami, he understood he was much out of his league. Nanami would have killed him with a single hit if it weren’t for his cursed method.

Shibuya Incident Fight 3 (Toji Fushiguro Vs. Dagon)

Jujutsu Kaisen: Top 5 Fights in Shibuya Incident Arc

Megumi, Maki, Nanami, and Naobito, the Special Grade Jujutsu sorcerers of Jujutsu High, are the first people Dagon emerges to face. It was soon clear that, despite their combined efforts, none of them would survive the battle and that they were in over their heads. But Toji Fushiguro emerged as a wild card and burst through Dagon’s domain expansion.

Taking the strongest methods from the curse, Toji quickly dispatched Dagon, demonstrating his superior level of skill. Toji easily dispatches Dagon and stops the domain’s growth. Still I think that if Toji has the cursed energy at the time of fight then it will be the number fight in Shibuya Incident arc.

Shibuya Incident Fight 2 (Satoru Gojo Vs. Hanami And Jogo)

Jujutsu Kaisen: Top 5 Fights in Shibuya Incident Arc

Rarely are fans given the opportunity to peek behind the scenes and see Satoru Gojo the strongest sorcerer at his best—when he is unrestrained and totally dominates his rivals. Unfortunately, Hanami would have to face Gojo Satoru’s fury while he and Jugo tried to subdue Gojo long enough for the Seal to work.

Regretfully, Satoru Gojo chose to take the Cursed Spirits’ aggressiveness seriously, hence neither of them was able to survive the combat.

Shibuya Incident Fight 1 (Sukuna vs. Jogo)

Jujutsu Kaisen: Top 5 Fights

For the first time since Gojo Satoru’s sealing, the Undisputed King of Curses makes an appearance, leaving a trail of carnage and devastation that destroys the Shibuya district. Jogo’s demise occurs solely as a consequence of Sukuna giving in to his impulses, leading to the battle.

Yuuji is fed several of Sukuna’s fingers at once, causing Sukuna to assume control over Yuuji’s physique. Then, if Jogo can hit him, he strikes a bargain with Jogo to work with Special Grade cursed spirits. Sukuna outclasses Jogo in a firefight by showcasing her immense strength.

The Fight That Destroyed the Whole Shibuya District (Sukuna vs. Mahoraga)

Sukuna demonstrates his fighting skills in this battle, justifying his title. The interaction happens in the middle of the Shibuya Incident arc. In order to kill both Shigemo and himself, Megumi summons Mahoraga of the Ten Shadows, the most erratic Shikigami, just before she is about to die.

Because the Shikigami are able to adapt to any attack, Sukuna’s attempt to stop the ritual by murdering Mahoraga is initially unsuccessful because he wants to keep Megumi alive for personal reasons. Sukuna quickly demonstrates her cunning to discover a foolproof plan that defeats the Shikigami and keeps Megumi alive.


The Shibuya Incident Arc in Jujutsu Kaisen delivers a relentless series of battles in both anime and manga that showcase the strength, strategy, and unpredictability of the characters. Each fight contributes to the overarching narrative, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the unfolding events in the second season.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Will there be more intense battles in the upcoming episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen?

Absolutely! The Shibuya Incident Arc sets the stage for even more intense and gripping battles as the story progresses.

Q2. Who is the most powerful character in Jujutsu Kaisen according to the Shibuya Incident Arc?

Satoru Gojo emerges as the most powerful character, showcasing his unrivaled strength in the battle against Hanami and Jogo.

Q3. How does Toji Fushiguro’s role impact the overall storyline?

Toji Fushiguro’s involvement introduces an unpredictable element, adding complexity and excitement to the narrative.

Q4. Are there any more fights in Shibuya incident arc?

Yes, there are still many fights in Shibuya Incident arc such as, Yuji Itadori Vs. Grasshopper Curse, Itadori Yuji & Megumi Fusihiguro Vs. Jiro, Mei Mei & Ui Ui Vs. Smallpox Deity, Yuji Itadori Vs. Choso, and so on.

Q5: Where can I catch the latest episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2?

Stay updated on the latest episodes by accessing them here: on Crunchyroll.

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