A Sign Of Affection Anime Reveals New Visuals, Premiere Date

A Sign Of Affection anime is on its way to make our hearts flutter. The upcoming series is going to be an epic love story as it is the anime adaptation of Su Morishita’s romance manga. The news of it coming to the big screens made the fans immensely happy. 

Those who have read the manga already know the beauty of this story. It revolves around a beautiful deaf girl and a handsome boy who can understand multiple languages. Yuki is our female lead whose simple life is jolted when she comes across the charming Itsuomi San. 

Unfortunately, the boy knows multiple languages except sign language. Watching them two get closer to each other is going to be worth it. Get ready to get butterflies in not just your stomach but your whole body.

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A Sign Of Affection Anime Premiere Date And New Visuals

A Sign Of Affection Anime offcial cover

Credit: Crunchyroll

Previously, the creators teased us with a teaser trailer and some breathtaking visuals. The teaser trailer looked charming enough to make our hearts beat faster. Judging from the trailer, we can easily expect high-quality work from Ajia-do Animation Works. Yuta Murano has done a perfect job directing the anime. With just a glimpse, thanks to the teaser, fans know the anime is going to be worth it.

A few days ago, we were updated with some good news and some new key visuals. The good news is that the higher-ups have updated us about the exact release date. The anime is all set to smash the screens On January 6, 2024. Yes, the countdown begins!

The news came along with some additional details of the cast and characters. We are introduced to seven characters in the new visual. The character designer has done a commendable job in character design. Details about the voice cast and OP-ED songs are also up. So, there is nothing left for us to know except that we’ll have to wait. 

Salaryman’s Club is responsible for blessing our years with the anime’s opening song. Whereas, ChoQMay is responsible for the ending theme song. Yukari Hashimoto has done the music, and you have guessed it right. She is the same composer who worked for Komi Can’t Communicate. Isn’t it fantastic? This anime is definitely going to be one of the best romantic anime of all time.

Let’s wait for any new updates from the higher-ups. The game of teasing the fans shall continue till the very end. We love to see glimpses of our favorite characters. So, let’s welcome any further updates with a happy heart. (XD).


Will a sign of affection get an anime?

Yes, mark January 06 on your calendar; the anime is coming to win your heart.

What is the romance anime with the deaf girl?

The anime’s title is A Sign Of Affection.

Is a sign of affection manga good?

If you enjoy emotional and cute love stories, give it a read!


We should have high hopes for A Sign Of Affection anime because the manga is already popular. It’s difficult for both anime fans and manga fans to wait for their favorite stories. However, it’s all going to be worth the wait. The coming year is going to be worth it. Those of you who can’t wait and are engulfed by curiosity can read the manga.  The manga is fantastic, and everyone must read it, especially those who love romance. Fans are super excited for this upcoming anime and are praying that the anime does justice to the manga.  For more anime updates, stay connected!

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