Will There be Monster Musume Season 2?

Monster Musume Season 2

Monster Musume anime is one of the best harem anime series of all time, the first season of which was released in 2015. Since watching the debut season (Everyday Life With Monster Girls), anime fans have been eagerly awaiting Monster Musume Season 2.

However, officials have not yet announced its official release, even though it’s been almost nine years since the debut season ended. As a result, anime lovers have many questions regarding the upcoming season and are wondering whether it will be released or not.

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They also want to know why there is such a delay despite the enormous love the series has received from fans. So, let’s get straight to this informative post and explore all the possibilities for Monster Musume Season 2. 

Potential Release Date for Monster Musume Season 2 

Monster Musume Season 2 Potential Release Date
Source: Monster Musume anime

As of now, Okayado, the creator, and Studio Lerche, the animation studio of the series, have not confirmed the renewal status of the anime adaptation. The only reason for halting the production of the anime series in 2015 was that they ran out of source material.

At the time of releasing the debut season, the officials had a total of six volumes, which they had entirely adapted from the previous season. As a result, they took a break until the original manga series released more new volumes and manga chapters.

After waiting for a sufficient amount of time, they are still not releasing the 2nd season for unknown reasons. As of now, they have plenty of source material to make the 2nd season. They could even make Season 3 out of it. Moreover, the first season already became a huge hit, attracted extremely high viewership, received more than average ratings, and garnered an amazing response from fans.

So, the officials now have nothing holding them back from releasing the second season. After taking all these points into consideration, we conclude that we might expect the release of Monster Musume Season 2 at the end of 2024 or the start of 2025.

What will we get to see in Monster Musume Season 2? 

Season 2 Preview
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The first season of the series, including anime OVAs, already adapted the story from Chapter 1 to Chapter 27 from its original manga counterpart. While adapting these chapters, they covered the first six volumes of the series, from Volume 1 to 6. 

Here are the arcs covered by Season 1: 

  • Exchange Program Arc
  • Suu Arc
  • Mero Arc
  • Rachnera Arc
  • “D” Arc
  • Lala Arc 

So, Monster Musume Season 2 will adapt the story from Chapter 28 onward. It might cover the next six volumes of the series, from Volume 7 to Volume 13. 

Here are the upcoming arcs that will be covered by Season 2: 

  • Monster Milf Arc
  • House Repair Arc
  • Octo Arc
  • MON Festival Arc
  • Dangerous Liminals Arc
  • Nega-Suu Arc 

Just like the previous seasons, the second season will feature some additional characters, including beautiful creatures from different monster species. In the new season, Kimihito Kurusu is going to meet the mother of the three beautiful monster girls with whom he is living.

The sight of their mother, who is also quite attractive and even more beautiful than their daughters, will surprise him. Later, Kurusu Kimihito will also enjoy mixed-gender hot springs with a bunch of mythical creatures that will bring countless fan services to you.

So, how excited are you for the upcoming season, and who are you eager to meet the most? As soon as we get any official statement from the creator regarding the release of Monster Musume Season 2, we will immediately share it with you. Till then, stay tuned with us for the latest anime news and upcoming anime adaptations. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Is Monster Musume the same as Monster Doctor?

No, they are entirely different Japanese series but have many similarities, especially their genre, i.e., harem. Just like the Monster Musume anime, Monster Girl Doctor is also a popular Ecchi fantasy anime series. Most of their major characters are buxom creatures and eccentric creatures.

2. Is its manga counterpart over?

No, it is an ongoing manga and is still releasing new manga chapters on Seven Seas Entertainment. It currently has a total of 18 volumes, and the 19th volume is set to be released on March 13, 2024.

3. Where can we watch the Monster Musume anime?

You can watch this wonderful anime on HiDive, a popular anime streaming service. You will also find some other fan-favorite anime, which you will definitely enjoy.

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