World Trigger Season 3 – Review

world trigger season 3

“World Trigger” is one of the best sci-fi anime series of all time, created by Daisuke Ashihara. It debuted in 2014 and made a fierce comeback in 2021 with the release of the second and third seasons. Both new seasons, especially “World Trigger Season 3,”  provided an immense boost to the series’ popularity around the world and left fans anticipating “World Trigger Season 4.”

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In today’s review, we will talk about everything related to “World Trigger Season 3,”  including its positive and negative points. Here, you will also learn why the third season is the most hype season of the series and why it’s a must-watch for science-fiction lovers. So, let’s get started! 

World Trigger Season 3 – Plot 

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The third season of “World Trigger” primarily follows the intense B-Rank Wars happening at the headquarters of the Border Defense Agency. Every team is fighting their best to secure a spot in the upcoming Away Mission. The main character, Osamu Mikumo, and his 3-Or-4-Person Team of Tamakoma-2 are doing their best and gradually reaching the final rounds.

However, clearing the final round is not possible for Tamakoma-2 at their current power level. On the other hand, they also fail to go to the humanoid neighbor’s dimension due to a heated argument.

Later, a new major character named Hyuse joins the Tamakoma branch, and they make a fresh start as a new Tamakoma-2. Furthermore, in this new season, you will also get to see the unknown past of the Tamakoma branch. 

World Trigger Season 3 – Review 

world trigger season 3 review
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Let’s start with the positive points that make the 3rd season the most hype season of the series. The best things about World Trigger Season 3 are its intricate way of presenting blood-pumping action scenes and intelligent plot.

The animation and production quality of the third season are top-notch and more improved than the previous seasons. Furthermore, the facial expressions and gestures of the characters seem more realistic and genuine. While talking about its strategic plot, it is filled with twists and turns and features outsmarting opponents.

The third season will bring you a bunch of nonstop action sequences, which are excellently executed by Toei Animation. Out of all the battles, Osamu and Kuga vs. . Ninomiya is the best fight of the season. They also did a great job of portraying realistic depictions of battle tactics and attacks like panic and meteor attacks delivered by Chika Amatari.

Now, moving forward to the negative points where the third season lacks. The pace and direction of the entire season are not as good as they could have been. It could be more dynamic if the commentary during the battle did not slow down the momentum of the action. Even though the anime did a great job in all aspects, it didn’t portray the dynamic action of the series as smoothly as the original manga did.

These are the only two aspects where World Trigger Season 3 does not perform well, while everything else is top-notch and amazing. So, if you are looking for an action-packed season with high-quality animation, you should definitely watch this amazing season at once. 

Is World Trigger Season 4 Coming? 

world trigger season 4 release date
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Yes, the third season ended with a total of 14 episodes, which adapted the story up to chapter 196 of the manga. While the manga counterpart is still ongoing and currently has a total of 240 chapters, So, there is more than enough source material left to be adapted by the anime adaption.

As a result, World Trigger Season 4 will definitely be coming. As the third season ended in January 2022, there is a high chance that the official release of World Trigger Season 4 will be sometime at the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. However, these are just predictions, and we have to wait for the official announcement. 

That’s it for today’s review! We hope you found this review informative and now understand the worth of World Trigger Season 3. Stay tuned with us for more amazing anime reviews and anime updates on upcoming anime seasons. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Where can we watch the “World Trigger” anime?

You can watch all three seasons of this popular science fiction anime on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Prime Video. Furthermore, the second season is also available to watch on the Anime Digital Network.

2. Is its manga counterpart worth reading?

Yes, it is one of the best Shonen Jump manga to read, especially for those who enjoy science fiction. It currently has a total of 26 volumes, while the 27th volume is set to be released on May 2, 2024.

3. Who are the most popular characters in the series?

Osamu Mikumo and Yuma Kuga are not only the most popular characters in the series but also fan favorite characters. Fans know Osamu for his courageous choices and hard work, while they know Yuma for his overpowering strength and immense love for friendship.

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