Top 10 Shonen Jump Manga You should Read in 2024

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Shonen Jump, also known as Weekly Shonen Jump, is the best-selling manga magazine of all time in the entire manga industry. Whether you’re talking about classic hits like the Big Three, Dragon Ball, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, or modern hits like Jujutsu Kaisen, Black Clover, and Chainsaw Man, they were all released by Shonen Jump.

As a result, it has become the ultimate collection of best shonen manga that every manga reader loves to enjoy. So, in today’s list, we will share with you the ultimate list of the top 10 Shonen Jump manga that you won’t want to miss at any cost.

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Moreover, we’ve excluded modern hits and only included new releases that began serialization after 2020. So let’s dive into the list and pick your favorite ones among them.

Top 10 Shonen Jump Manga To Read in 2024

10. Witch Watch (2021)

Witch Watch: Best shonen jump manga in Romance Category
Source: Witch Watch Manga

This is a wonderful romance manga that features a beautiful love story between a witch and an ogre. Nico, a witch who just completed her magical training, moves to a new house along with Morihito, an ogre. She has had a huge crush on him for a long time but has hesitated to confess her feelings.

However, Morihito sees himself as just a protector of Nico due to his ancestral history with Nico’s family. So, if you are looking for a beautiful love tale set in a magical world, then Witch Watch is a perfect pick for you. 

9. Magu Chan: God of Destruction (2020)

Magu Chan God of Destruction
Source: Magu Chan God of Destruction Manga

The series mainly revolves around the unusual friendship between Magu, a god of destruction, and Ruru, a human girl. In ancient times, Magu was sealed by holy knights but was later accidentally released by Maru.

Despite being afraid of the God of Destruction, Maru thought of him as his friend, while Magu still saw her as a low species and wanted to rule over humans. However, Magu began facing problems getting control over humans since his fellow God of Madness made his entry with the same goal.

Even though it features the God of Destruction and holy knights, the series takes a lighthearted approach and brings us plenty of hilarious moments. 

8. Tenmaku Cinema (2023)

Tenmaku Cinema
Source: Tenmaku Cinema Manga

As its title suggests, the series entirely revolves around cinema and brings you an unexpected collaboration between a movie fan and a screenwriter. It follows the story of Shinichi, a high school boy who is very addicted of movie. This is because he spent most of his time in the hospital.

While watching a movie, he is unfortunately possessed by a ghost named Tenmaku, who was a screenwriter. In order to enter the afterlife, Tenmaku needs to bring his unfinished script to the screen. As a result, he takes the help of Shinichi to direct and produce the movie so that his soul finds peace. 

7. Ruri Dragon (2022)

Ruri Dragon
Source: Ruri Dragon Manga

Even though it has just released a single volume, Ruri Dragon easily makes its place in our list of top Shonen Jump manga. It depicts the story of Ruri, a high school student living a normal life until she finds horns growing out of her head. Moreover, she becomes more shocked when her mother reveals to her that she is a half-dragon.

As she continues school, everyone begins noticing her horns and tries to touch them. You may have already read plenty of popular fantasy manga, but Ruri Dragon is definitely the most unique among them in terms of a fresh storyline. 

6. Undead Unluck (2020)

Undead Unluck
Source: Undead Unluck Manga

After releasing the anime adaptation, Undead Unluck surpassed several popular Shonen Jump manga in terms of popularity. It follows the thrilling adventure of Fuuko and Andy, the ultimate duo of Undead and Unluck, who were born to team up.

Fuuko has the ability that allows her to bring unluck to anyone, which leads them to continually face death and experience troubles. On the other hand, Andy has an immortal body and is looking for different ways to meet his end. So, read this action comedy manga and know whose ability is the most powerful: Undead or Unluck? 

5. Akane Banashi (2022)

Akane Banashi
Source: Akane Banashi Manga

If you love storytelling and are familiar with Rakugo, a traditional verbal performance. So, “Akane Banashi” is a must-read Shonen Jump manga for you. It follows the story of Akane, a beautiful teen girl who aspires to reach the pinnacle in the field of Rakugo.

This is her only way to avenge her father’s insult, which he experienced after being expelled from the profession. Moreover, all the Rakugo stage performances are supervised by real-world professional Rakugoka. As a result, Akane continually gains much love from fans through her exceptional stage performances. 

4. Blue Box (2021)

Blue Box: Best shonen jump manga in Sports Category
Source: Blue Box Manga

Without a doubt, “Blue Box” is the best newly released Shonen Jump manga and has the same level of popularity as other popular sports manga. It follows the story of Taiki, a skilled badminton player who has a huge crush on Kano. Just like Taiki, Kano is also a skilled sports player and leads the school’s girls’ basketball team.

Due to some official work, her parents went abroad, and she needed to live at Taiki’s house. As they live together, they gradually get closer to each other and also train hard for their upcoming national championships.

Are you a fan of basketball or badminton? If yes, then you must read this popular manga and experience their beautiful love story. 

3. Sakamoto Days (2020)

Sakamoto Days
Source: Sakamoto Days Manga

“Sakamoto Days” is the highest-rated new Shonen Jump manga created by Yuto Suzuki, according to My Anime List. It follows the story of Taro Sakamoto, a legendary hitman with superhuman strength and assassin skills. After falling for a girl, he left the world of crime and settled with his family.

Now, he runs a convenience store with his helper, who has the ability to read minds. While working at the convenience store, Sakamoto became higher-weight person but is still capable enough to protect his family. Even though he left his past behind, the world of crime never forgot him and kept disturbing his new family life. 

2. Mashle: Magic and Muscles (2020)

Mashle Magic and Muscles: Best shonen jump manga in Magic Category
Source: Mashle Magic and Muscles Manga

It is quite obvious to see “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” in the second spot, mainly because of the huge success of its anime adaptation. The series follows the story of Mash Burnedead, who is born with zero magic and enrolls in an elite magic school.

Even though he has no magic, he is reaching the top position in the school with ease by just using his superhuman strength. As a result, the entire school was surprised to see Mash’s superhuman strength and began to be scared of his magical power.

So, what are you waiting for? Just read this popular series and witness the magical adventure of Mash and how he became one of the best male anime characters

1. Kagurabachi (2023)

Kagurabachi: Best shonen jump manga
Source: Kagurabachi Manga

Just like “Demon Slayer” and “Jujutsu Kaisen,” “Kagurabachi” emerged as the surprise hit of 2023 and immediately took the hype. It just released the first volume, and fans are already declaring it the new inheritor of the Big Three.

This action series follows the bloodiest revenge story of Rokuhira, who is the son of a legendary blacksmith. Just like his father, he is also a very skilled blacksmith and has forged six enchanted swords. A group of sorcerers assassinated his father, and he took a vow to annihilate each of them. Moreover, he is using the same enchanted sword that his father forged before his death.

These are the top 10 Shonen Jump manga to read in 2024. Just like the name of the manga magazine, creators specially design every Shonen Jump manga for teen boys. As a result, they fill them with plenty of incredible action sequences and hilarious moments. So, choose your favorite ones and enjoy them to the utmost. Stay tuned with us for more anime & manga recommendations like you never got before.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Which of the above weekly shonen jump manga has already released its anime adaptation?

Mashle: Magic and Muscles and Undead Unluck are the only ones whose anime adaptations are out. The success of their anime adaptation is proving very beneficial for their manga counterpart and is providing a huge boost in their sales.

2. What are the other popular manga reading platforms?

Aside from Shonen Jump, you can read popular manga in Weekly Shonen Magazine, Weekly Young Jump, CoroCoro Comic, and Big Comic Original. 

3. Who are the top manga artists of all time?

There are plenty of top manga artists in the world of anime who bring us some of the best manga of all time. Out of them, Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), Gege Akutami (Jujutsu Kaisen), Eiichiro Oda (One Piece), and Kohei Horikoshi (My Hero Academia) are the ones whose masterpieces are still serializing on weekly shonen jump. 

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine

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