15 Best Anime Movies With Black Characters

Finding black anime characters in anime movies is like seeing Vegeta unlock new forms before Goku. I know it’s hard, but it’s not impossible for both Vegeta and me. So, I used all my chakras, took help from Master Roshi as well, and finally brought you these 15 best anime movies with black characters.

Most of these movies are classic and old, but at least they have what you are looking for: black anime characters. Some of these characters will leave you mesmerized by their charm and powerful abilities, while others are ready to motivate and teach valuable life lessons through their captivating personalities and impactful roles. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive straight into the list and pick the one you find most interesting

15 Must-Watch Anime Movies with Black Characters from All Genres


  • Most of the anime movies on the list have old animation, but their story and character development are top-notch. 
  • This list of anime movies is totally unique, as it includes some of the most unheard-of movies that you rarely hear about. 
  • The scores of characters are given according to the screen time and impactful role of black anime characters, not for any non-black characters.

15. Neo Tokyo

neo tokyo
Source: neo tokyo movie

Neo Tokyo is far more classic than all the other movies on this list of anime movies with black characters. The film was released in 1987 with old-style Japanese animation. It is divided into three segments, each with its own unique yet original story.

If you’re interested in black main characters and are fascinated by technology and environmental issues, then the third segment is definitely worth watching. This segment focuses on a black salaryman who is tasked with halting a construction project.

This project, led by robots, was supposed to clear the forest, but they went overboard due to technical issues. The film brilliantly portrays the consequences of unchecked technological advancement and its destructive impact on our environment. 

14. Tamako Love Story

tamako love story
Source: tamako love story movie

The name of the movie itself is enough to give you an idea of what it has to offer. Produced by Kyoto Animation, it has gorgeous animation and beautiful character designs. The movie follows a new-age story of high school love between Tamako, a cute girl, and her childhood friend, Mochizo.

Just like most of us, Mochizo is too shy to confess his feelings to Tamako and waits for the right moment. One day, after being encouraged by his friend, he gathers the courage and finally confesses his love to Tamako. However, Tamako walked away from him and hasn’t been to school for a few days.

She asks for help from Choi Mochimazzi, a cute, dark-skinned girl who is a fortune teller, in order to respond to Mochizo’s proposal. So, what do you think she is going to respond to? Yes or no! 

13. Bleach: Hell Verse

Bleach Hell Verse: Popular anime with black characters
Source: Bleach Hell Verse movie

Bleach is the only anime franchise that has done a commendable job of representing black anime characters to the fullest. The franchise is filled with a bunch of black anime characters, especially Yoruichi Shihoin, Kaname Tosen, and Yasutora Sado.

In Bleach: Hell Verse, Yasutora Sado, also known as Chad, plays a major supporting role, making it a must-watch for you. The movie mainly revolves around Hell, a place where all evil people are sent because of their sins. All the major sinners in hell form a group and begin planning to escape from it.

However, in order to do that, they need Ichigo’s help. As a result, they kidnap Ichigo’s younger sister, Yuzu, and bring her to Hell. Now, Ichigo, with the help of his friends, including Chad, embarks on a journey to Hell to bring his sister back. 

12. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection

code geass lelouch of the resurrection
Source: Code Geass lelouch of the resurrection movie

This is another anime with black characters and features beautiful dark-skinned girls. Your favorite anti-heroine, Villetta Nu, and the beautiful, dark-skinned Chawla sisters are more than enough to give you a reason to watch this movie. Even though they play supporting roles in the movie, their roles are worth watching.

The movie is set after the events of Lelouch’s Requiem Plan, which brought the world together under a new federation. However, the peace was disturbed by a mysterious Knightmare frame that attacked and kidnapped Suzaku and Nunnally.

Now, it’s quite impossible to bring them back from Zilkistan, known as the land of warriors. There is much more awaiting in this land of warriors, which will keep you hooked until the end. 

11. Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution (Part 3)

eureka seven hi evolution
Source: Eureka Seven hi evolution movie

Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution is an anime film trilogy produced by one of the best anime studios, Studio Bones. Each part of the film is great and worth watching, but if you want to meet its popular dark-skinned girl, Gidget, you should watch the third part.

Released in 2021, the movie had much better yet gorgeous animation and more appealing character designs. So, I must say, the third part will be a visual feast for you, especially if you are a mecha lover.

This part focuses on Eureka, the main character, who is now working as a top military officer. She is on a mission to protect a girl named Iris, who looks exactly like her. 

10. Gestalt

Source: gestalt movie

Are you looking for a classic anime featuring a magical adventure and a dark elf? If yes, then this 2-episode anime OVA is worth watching. This OVA follows the thrilling journey of Olivier, who is very interested in uncovering the mystery of Island G.

So, he finally left the organization he had worked with for a long time and went to Island G with Ouri, a mysterious girl. However, the organization is not happy with his decision and hires a dark elf named Suzu to bring him back. So, watch this OVA and witness the clash between a mysterious girl and a dark elf. 

9. Tiger & Bunny: The Rising

Tiger and Bunny the rising: Anime movie with black male anime characters
Source: Tiger and Bunny the rising movie

If you are looking to meet black male anime characters in the superhero genre, then this movie is a must-watch for you. Kotetsu T. Kaburagi is one of the superheroes whose position is replaced by another superhero named Ryan Goldsmith.

However, his close friend, Ben Jackson, who is a black man, still has much faith in him and believes him to be a true hero. In addition to Ben Jackson, the movie also features another fashionable black male anime character named Nathan Seymour.

The movie centers around superheroes who investigate strange incidents happening in Stern Bild City. All these incidents are somehow connected to the city’s goddess legend, filled with mysteries that will keep you hooked. 

8. Ninja Scroll

ninja scroll
Source: ninja scroll movie

If you’re looking for strong female anime characters with dark skin, then this best 90s anime movie is especially made for you. The movie’s original story revolves around the ultimate face-off between Kibagami Jubei, a mercenary swordsman, and eight formidable devils.

Jubei is on a mission to find and hunt down all these devils before they overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate. However, it’s not an easy task for him, as these devils are ninjas themselves. Moreover, each of these devils possesses some sort of supernatural power.

Along the way, Jubei meets Kagero, a dark-skinned female ninja, and saves her from Tessai, one of the devils who also has dark skin. From then on, they began hunting down these devils together.

7. Ah! My Goddess: The Movie

Ah My Goddess: Movie with black anime characters
Source: Ah My Goddess movie

This is a popular classic anime movie with deep meaning. It features a wide range of goddesses, including a dark-skinned goddess named Urd. She is the older sister of Belldandy, the main female anime character, and plays a significant role in the movie.

When Belldandy gets infected by a virus designed to hack heaven’s supercomputer, Urd easily identifies its symptoms. She also immediately informs Keiichi that all his memories of Belldandy have been erased.

After that, Urd and Keiichi do their best to restore Belldandy’s memories and prevent the hacking of heaven’s supercomputer. However, it’s not as easy as they think, and many more challenges await them. 

6. Overlord: The Dark Warrior 

overlord the dark warrior
Source: overlord the dark warrior movie

This is one of the best anime movies with black characters. Released in 2017, it had gorgeous animation and captivating character designs that will definitely grab your attention.

Speaking of black anime characters, the movie features Demiurge, the dark-skinned commander, and twin dark-elf siblings who play major supporting roles in the film. In this movie, Momonga and his group embark on a thrilling adventure filled with challenges and new enemies.

Throughout their adventure, they fight an army of undead creatures and two powerful villains, Clementine and Khajiit Dale Badantel. If you love action, thrills, and adventure, then you shouldn’t miss out on this perfect anime movies with black characters

5. Adolescence of Utena

Adolescence of Utena: Anime with black main character
Source: Adolescence of Utena movie

Adolescence of Utena is another classic anime with black main character. If you are a fan of LGBTQ+ and are looking for the best anime movie about love, then this movie is a must-watch for you. The movie follows the story of a tomboy named Utena who enrolls in a mysterious school.

In this school, students get involved in sword fights to win the ultimate prize: the Rose Bride. However, the Rose Bride is not an inanimate object but a beautiful, dark-skinned girl named Anthy Himemiya.

While everyone else sees Anthy as nothing more than a prize, Utena sees her as a human being and tries her best to protect her from everyone. So, don’t miss out on this forbidden love story between two beautiful female anime characters. 

4. One Piece: Stampede

one piece stampede
Source: one piece stampede movie

One Piece franchise is something where you find everything except the “One Piece” treasure itself. Whether you are following its anime adaptation or not, you have definitely seen or heard about Blackbeard. He is an extremely huge, muscular black man with a long black beard who is known for his immense power.

Blackbeard plays a significant role in the backstory of Douglas Bullet, the main villain of the movie. Furthermore, you will also meet some other popular black male anime characters, such as Mr. 5, Blueno, Aokiji, and your favorite, God Usopp.

This movie mainly revolves around a treasure event in which all pirates around the world participate to find the lost treasure of Gol D. Roger. 

3. Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison

naruto the movie blood prison
Source: naruto the movie blood prison movie

Whether you are a fan of the Naruto anime series or not, Blood Prison is one of the best anime movies with black characters. The movie features a bunch of black anime characters, including the Fourth Raikage, Omoi, Karui, Mabui, and Killer Bee.

All these black anime characters play a major role in the series and will bring you some of the best action sequences. As for its plot, the movie revolves around Naruto, who is framed for attacking the Fourth Raikage.

As a result, Naruto initially engages in battle against Raikage’s group, including Killer Bee, but later finds out who the real mastermind is. So, watch this popular action anime movie on Netflix and find out for yourself why it’s the best for you. 

2. Ikki Tousen in Kyoto

ikki tousen in kyoto
Source: ikki tousen in kyoto movie

This is a 43-minute anime OVA of the Ikkitousen series, which you can consider a short film. The film mainly revolves around two schools and their long-standing rivalries. These two schools jointly went on a school trip to Kyoto, hoping for enjoyment.

However, the school authorities have no idea that the schoolgirls are totally pumped up for explosive battles. In this short film, you will witness two explosive battles between strong schoolgirls.

Kan’u Unchou, a dark-skinned girl, is one of them and is claimed to be the “God of Martial Arts” by others. So, watch the explosive battle of these strong female anime characters and find out who is going to win. 

1. Afro-Samurai: Resurrection

Afro Samurai Resurrection: One of the best anime movies with black characters
Source: Afro Samurai Resurrection movie

Afro-Samurai is undoubtedly one of the best anime movies with black characters. His immense popularity and exceptional swordsmanship skills make him one of the best black male anime characters of all time. The movie depicts the story of a black man who was once a fearsome swordsman but has now stopped fighting.

However, his peaceful life is completely disturbed when he engages in a battle with his siblings. His siblings not only steal Afro’s number 1 headband but also give him a mission to find number 2. Now, Afro once again embarks on a thrilling adventure, ready to show his incredible sword-fighting skills.

Moreover, the biggest twist of the movie is that Afro is going to fight with his father, Rokutaro, who has just been resurrected. If you love sword fighting and need a dose of action, then you must watch this anime with black main character.

Final Notes:

Here, I wrap up our list of the 15 best anime movies with black characters. I hope you found these anime with black characters useful and found something to your taste. If you are more into the screen time of black anime characters, then you can watch those movies with the highest score in characters. If you ever need good anime movie recommendations to find something to your taste, don’t forget to reach out to us. Thanks for reading! 


1. Is there an anime with a black main character? 

Yes, there are a number of anime with black main characters available to watch. Some of the famous ones are Afro Samurai, Michiko & Hatchin, Carole & Tuesday, and Cannon Busters.

2. Is there a black anime character with black hair? 

Yes, Afro is the most famous and strongest black anime character with black hair. He is the main character in the Afro-Samurai franchise, whom every anime fan is aware of.

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