Wind Breaker Episode 8 Review–Togame’s Realization

I am sure you’ll enjoy reading Wind Breaker Episode 8 Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Trust me, dude, this was a FANTASTIC Episode. I mean, no words can do justice to define the things it offers. I absolutely can’t wait for the next episode, knowing how the previous episode ended!

Let’s not add more to the introduction because I know none of us can wait to dive right into the episode highlights and review.

Wind Breaker Episode 8 Review & Highlights– Get Ready For Some Banger Fights

Wind Breaker Episode 8 Review

The episode started with some flashbacks where we were shown the emotions Togame felt facing Choji’s new obsession. Haruka Sakura’s dedication and will to never give up made him realize that he could have asserted himself on Choji. To stop him, he could have at least tried, but he gave in to his thoughts. He always wanted to see Choji laughing with the members and this is what led him to be the BAD GUY—just for his friend!

Togame Jo

A massive fight took place between the two once again, and the fact that both of them were smiling made it worth watching. Not only were the two enjoying themselves, but it was an awesome sight for the spectators and, obviously, the fans. 

Ngl, the fighting style, the movements, the thrill, the pacing, the fun, and everything else was top-notch. The fact that it was a fight without the use of any powers makes it just MARVELOUS. I rarely enjoy fights without the use of powers, but this one, y’all, was WORTH IT!

Sakura Haruka’s Win

Haruka Sakura

Watching their drastic fight, I wasn’t sure of Sakura’s win; in fact, there were more chances of it being declared as a DRAW! Anyhow, Togame finally understood Sakura’s point of view after which he regretted that he should have asserted himself on Choji. 

Surprisingly, he gives up, making Sakura the winner. Of course, our boy never wanted to win like that, but it was a deserved WIN! Before he could say another word, Choji jumped on the stage and punched Togame to the ground. 

Choji vs Umemiya

Guess what? Sakura couldn’t stay calm, and when he was about to return the punch to Choji, Umemiya stopped him. Salute to the captain for swiftly taking control of things; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been good for our MC. 

Choji Tomiyama vs. Umemiya

Choji vs Umemiya

Their fight started the instant the two jumped on the stage. Sakura also realizes that Umemiya’s move to stop him was for the best because Choji is no less than a MONSTER. We barely get a few minutes into their fight, but what an awesome fight. 

Choji is such a knucklehead that he couldn’t ever differentiate between right and wrong, even though it was crystal clear. Unfortunately, what Togame Jo learned from the fight, Choji couldn’t even get a hint of it. That’s why Umemiya vows that he’ll 100% win this fight if he hasn’t learned the lessons. 

Watching them in action will give you goosebumps! I am impressed with Umemiya; he didn’t even move an inch and kept stopping most of the opponent’s attacks.  

Final Notes


I’ll give this episode a solid 10/10 sore, the episodes just keep getting better and better. I am deeply in LOVE! I just can’t wait for the next episode, knowing it is going to be a BOMB! Thanks to Satoru Nii sensei for presenting us with the best possible story! What was your experience watching it? Did you enjoy the episode? Share your thoughts regarding Wind Breaker Episode 8 review. I am all ears!

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