Attack on Titan creator coming to the USA in November

Attack on Titan creator

We have some exciting news for Attack on Titan fans in the U.S. that you won’t want to miss. The news is simply that the Attack on Titan creator is coming to the USA in November 2022. We know you’re wondering why Hajime Isayama is coming to the United States, and you’ve had a few questions.

But don’t worry; we’ll answer all of your worries and questions concerning this news. As you already know, Attack on Titan is regarded as a modern masterpiece series, whether it be its anime version or manga. As a result, the series’ everything becomes so hyped, even though its creator, Hajime Isayama, makes his first appearance in the USA.

Attack on Titan enthralled fans not only in the United States but in almost every country on Earth. We all deserve to meet this genius guy who created such an epic anime television series, and we are eager to see him. In this article, you will learn why the Attack on Titan creator is coming to the USA in November.

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Is there anything important to announce regarding the Attack on Titan manga? You must read this article all the way through to get the answers. So, without further ado, let us get to this anime news.

Why is the Attack on Titan creator coming to the USA?

Attack on Titan creator coming to the USA in November
Credit: Cover of 34th Volume of Attack on Titan manga

On October 19, 2022, Kodansha announced that the Attack on Titan creator was coming to the USA. The staff of Anime NYC also shared the news that Hajime Isayama would attend the event during the Anime NYC Festival 2022 in November.

It is the first time in Hajime Isayama’s career that he has attended any events in the United States. The Anime NYC Festival 2022 will include Hajime Isayama as the main guest or host. He will first meet his fans at an autograph session on November 18, 2022, before attending the main events on November 19, 2022.

During the main event, he will talk about Attack on Titan and its major characters, especially Eren Yeager. We have no idea what he may reveal to us, but he may reveal information about the ending of the series.

What will Attack on Titan Creator do at the Anime NYC Festival 2022?

Attack on Titan creator coming to the USA in November
Credit: AnimeNYC official website

The Anime NYC Festival 2022 will begin on November 18th at the Javits Center in New York. They are celebrating their 5th anniversary and giving 50,000 fans the opportunity to meet their favorite manga creator through this festival.

At this event, Hajime is not the only one who was invited; several popular Japanese manga artists were also invited. For US fans who want to attend the Anime NYC Festival 2022, you will all get ready to meet Hajime Isayama and other great manga artists.

You will receive all of the information on its tickets and where you can purchase them in early November. They also allow a limited handful of reporters to interview Hajime and ask him pointed questions about the series.

Who will be the special guests at this festival aside from Attack on Titan Creator?

Attack on Titan creator coming to the USA in November
Credit: IMDB

There are plenty of great artists coming from the Japanese entertainment world to attend the Anime NYC Festival 2022.

Here are the Japanese guests who attend the festival:

  • George Wada: He is the current CEO of Production I.G., a well-known animation studio.
  • Homura Kawamoto: He is the creator of Kakegurui, a well-known psychological and thriller manga series.
  • Hiromi Wakabayashi: He is the co-creator of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, a well-known action and comedy series.
  • Hiroki Okamoto: He is one of the production members of the Detective Conan franchise.
  • Hikaru Muno: He is the brother of Homura Kawamoto and the co-writer of the Kakegurui series.
  • Mel Kishida: He is the character designer of the Hanasaku Iroha and Heaven’s Memo Pad anime series.
  • Syo5: He is the image board creator of The Great Pretender, a well-known comedy series.
  • SUSHiO: He works as a character designer for Kill La Kill and as the main animator for Gurren Lagann.
  • Shigeto Koyama: He works as a character designer in Gurren Lagann and as an art designer in Kill La Kill.
  • Shuko Murase: He is a popular Japanese director who directs Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway, a well-known anime movie.
  • Setsuo Ito: He is well known for providing his voice to Shigeo Kageyama, one of the most popular anime characters.
  • Yoko Shimomura: She composed lots of music for several video games, such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV, Xenoblade Chronicles, and many more.

They invited not just artists such as Attack on Titan Creator but also representatives from major anime companies to this event. These companies play an important role in promoting Japanese pop culture around the world. Without them, Japan’s industry would not have grown to be as large and popular as it is now.

Here are the major anime companies that attend the festival:

  • Aniplex: One of the best anime and music production companies in Japan. It provides us with lots of popular anime television series with original stories. Some of their best-known works are Fullmetal Alchemist, Demon Slayer, Sword Art Online, Fate, and Monogatari.
  • Bandai: The most popular multinational toy company that provides us with lots of anime merchandise. It also provides a great contribution to the video game industry in Japan.
  • Crunchyroll: An American OTT platform that provides us with an uncountable number of anime television series. We also said it is the greatest hub of anime, where we have found almost all the major series.
  • GKIDS: An American film distribution company that distributes a number of popular anime films. They mostly distributed Studio Ghibli’s legendary movies, such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, Grave of the Fireflies, Castle in the Sky, and so on.
  • Viz Media: An American manga publisher that publishes almost all popular manga series. Some of them are Pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Persona 5, and so on.
  • Yen Press: An American publishing company that publishes lots of manga, manhwa, and manhua series. They also published their own original series, such as Night School, Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Hollow City, Maximum Ride, and so on.

That’s it for the post! We hope you now know about why Attack on Titan Creator coming to the USA and have found this informative news to be useful. Stay tuned with us for more anime events and the latest anime news.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When and where will the Anime NYC 2022 event be held?

Anime NYC 2022 Evening will be held in New York, USA, from November 18 to November 20, 2023.

2. Aside from Eren Jaeger, who are the other major characters in the Attack on Titan manga?

The Attack on Titan manga is not just about Eren Jaeger; it also features several major characters who did a great job. Armin Arlert, Mikasa, Levi, Erwin Smith, Hange, and Reiner are some of the major characters in the Attack on Titan manga.

3. Is Attack on Titan Manga a Harvey Award winner?

Yes, Attack on Titan Manga won the 27th Harvey Award in 2014 and the 6th Bros. Comic Award in 2013. Aside from that, its anime adaptations also won several awards, such as the 6th Crunchyroll anime award.

Source: Anime NYC Official Website

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