‘Blue Archive The Animation’ Creditless Opening and Ending Videos Released

The official website for Blue Archive The Animation has recently unveiled creditless versions of both the opening and ending themes for the Blue Archive Series. Fans can now enjoy these themes without the accompanying credits, offering a pure auditory and visual experience.

The opening theme, titled “Seishun no Archive,” is performed by Abydos High School Countermeasures Committee. The group includes notable voice talents such as Yui Ogura as Shiroko Sunaokami, Yumiri Hanamori as Hoshino Takanashi, Ayaka Oohashi as Serika Kuromi, Chiyuki Miura as Nonomi Izayoi, and Sayaka Harada as Ayane Okusora.

On the other hand, the ending theme, titled “Mahiru no Sora no Tsuki,” is performed by the band RED.

The series boasts a talented cast, including Yui Ogura, Yumiri Hanamori, Ayaka Oohashi, Chiyuki Miura, and Sayaka Harada, portraying the characters Shiroko Sunaokami, Hoshino Takanashi, Serika Kuromi, Nonomi Izayoi, and Ayane Okusora, respectively. Additionally, Konomi Kohara voices the character Arona, while Shogo Sakata lends his voice to the character Sensei.

About Blue Archive Game Story

blue archive

The city’s academies are divided into their own districts and are considered mostly independent. The General Student Council acts as governing board to manage the academies as a whole. However, the group’s ability to govern has come to halt since the mysterious disappearance of the General Student Council president. Countless issues have begun to surface throughout Kivotos in the absence of the president’s leadership. To avoid disaster, the General Student Council requests assistance from the Federal Investigation Club, otherwise known as Schale. In fact, Schale is the city’s newest club and the last to be approved before the president’s disappearance. To accomplish its task, Schale relies on the guidance of a Sensei who can help them resolve the incidents around Kivotos.

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Source: BlueArchive_TV (Twitter)

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