Boruto Manga Will Take A Break After Chapter 80

Boruto Manga Will Take A Break After Chapter 80

The manga series Boruto will take a three-month break after the publishing of the upcoming chapter, with spoilers for chapter 80 already leaked. With the publication of the October edition of V Jump magazine on August 20, 2023, it will start serializing again. The serialization will resume in August of that year.

Naruto Next Generations covers the life of Boruto Uzumaki, Naruto’s son. He receives a Karma implant after his battle with Momoshiki Otsutsuki, which the Otsutsuki intended to use to revive himself. Momoshiki also foretold the protagonist would lose everything during this time, and this prediction became the manga’s central theme.

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Boruto Manga Chapter 80

Fans of the Boruto manga have been shocked by the most recent chapter, chapter 80, and are eagerly awaiting the next installment. However, they will have to wait a few months before the plot picks back up.

The subtitle “With one’s own will and eyes” and the title “If it’s my dad…!” or “Dad would…!” may be found on the cover page of Boruto chapter 80. The previous chapter ended off with Boruto on the run and charged with murdering Naruto.

Eida responds in the affirmative when Shikamaru inquires about her certainty that Boruto killed Naruto. This prompts Shikamaru to publicly accuse Boruto of the crime. After learning the news, Sarada sobs, and Mitsuki pursues Boruto.

When Kawaki grabs Eida by the collar and threatens to keep Naruto sealed until he murders Boruto, the situation grows more difficult. Sasuke discovers Sarada, who informs him that Mitsuki wants to put an end to Boruto.

Sasuke appears to be impacted by Eida’s talent because he views Mitsuki’s response as “normal.” Sarada is informed by Sumire that they are the only people who can save Boruto and that Eida is the one who is responsible for the current predicament.

Sasuke is still infected by Eida’s enchantment despite Sarada’s valiant efforts to persuade him that Boruto is innocent. Sarada now uses her Mangekyo Sharingan to open it and begs her father to aid Boruto.

Boruto chapter 81 Will be Released on August 2023

The spoilers for Boruto chapter 80 are out following the release of V Jump magazine in Japan. After the publication of chapter 80, the manga series will take a three-month break, according to the spoilers.

The manga will begin serialization in August 2023 with the release of Shueisha’s V Jump October issue, according to the leaks. Thus, chapter 81 should be available on Sunday, August 20, 2023.

When it was announced that the manga series would be taking a three-month sabbatical, fans were devastated. This was because the anime version of the same comic was already on hiatus. The fact that Kishimoto’s manga series is a monthly one only made matters worse.

For now, the fandom can only hope for the best as the official announcement about the hiatus is yet to be released. Minato winning the Narutop99 Global Character Popularity Poll sparked assumptions among fans. Many fans assumed that the manga was about to take a break. This break was assumed to make room for its upcoming release.

Masashi Kishimoto and his team could very well be working on the manga in the following three months. Other fans, however, were not as enthused because they did not care about the brief manga and want to continue reading the series uninterrupted.

Others, meanwhile, thought that the split indicated that a significant event was about to occur. As a result, they have already begun speculating about what might occur in the manga after chapter 81, which will be published in August 2023.

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1. What About the Anime?

In related news, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation’s anime adaption is presently on hiatus. Until now, the episodes have been referred to as Boruto Part 1. The good news for series devotees is that the animation company behind the programme, Studio Pierrot, is already at work on Boruto Part 2.

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