Boukyaku Battery Anime Releases Kei Kaname Character Trailer, Visuals

I bet we all have been eagerly waiting for the most awaited anime adaptation of the baseball manga Boukyaku Battery. Eiko Mikawa is the author of the sports comedy masterpiece. Hearing any new announcement regarding our favorite anime always lifts our moods. There is not much time left to watch it on our screens, as it will be out somewhere in April 2024.

Boukyaku Battery Kei Kaname Key Visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

There is a bunch of information out regarding the characters and staff. A few days ago, a new character trailer and a teaser key visual were out, introducing Kei Kaname. Being one of the main characters, he enjoys the spotlight effortlessly.

The 20-second teaser video was enough to speak volumes about his character, personality, and skills. Watching him will be therapy for sure, as his character fits well into the comedy genre of the anime.

Voice Cast & Staff Details

Mamoru Miyano, the same voice actor who is famous for his role as Dazai from Bungo Stray Dogs, is voicing Kei Kaname. The key visuals, promotional videos, and character trailer clearly highlight the quality of animation and cinematic aesthetics. After all, it’s the work of MAPPA studios, so things will be far better than our expectations.

A story without proper idea and direction lacks a lot of things, but we need not worry. Mr. Masato Nakazono has taken charge as the Boukyaku Battery’s director at MAPPA Studio. He is famous for his work as an episode director in Everybody’s Favorite Chainsaw Man.

Michiko Yokote and Tomoki Kikuya are responsible for the series and music composition, respectively. The characters are exceptionally well designed, which is all thanks to the character designer Hitomi Hasegawa. 

Boukyaku Battery is similar to any other sports comedy anime series in terms of  thrill  and entertainment. The story revolves around the two main characters, Kei Kaname and Haruka Kiyomine, who are exceptionally talented baseball players. Their skills are widely famous, and thus, every elite school has given a shot to enroll them. However, they opt to join an ordinary high school for the reason being Kei’s deteriorating health. He suffers from amnesia that affects his talents and baseball skills. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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