Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Anime Release Date

The official Twitter account of Nene Yukimori’s manga series, announced the release of its upcoming anime adaptation. It’s none other than Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible anime. The announcement also came with the details of the animation studio, Pine Jam, along with the series’ director Kzuomi Koga.

The latest announcement confirmed the anime will premiere in the Winter of 2023. It will be the perfect time since a bunch of anime are releasing. The creators also updated us on the character voices of Kubo-san and Shiraishi-kun along with other supporting characters.

The anime series received the official key visual and revealed a teaser trailer.

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Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible
Creadit: Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Official Twitter

The official Key Visual featured the two main characters, Kubo Nagisa and Shiraishi Junta along with the supporting characters Akina Kubo and Saki Kubo. Yoshiko Saito is the character designer who has illustrated and designed these illustrations. The character designs were smooth enough that they already hold an emotional depth. Good design is very important especially if one wants to have a heavy influence. 

The official list of the cast of our beloved characters is officially up with Kana Hanazawa voicing the female lead, Nagisa Kubo, Kengo Kawanishi voicing Junta Shiraishi, Miku Itou as Akina Kubo, Sora Amamiya as Saki Kubo, and Ai Kakuma as Kudou Hazuki.

So far the only staff members announced are Kazuomi Koga as the chief anime director for the series, Yuuya Takahashi in charge of script and series composition, and Yoshiko Saitou for character designs.

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible trailer

The trailer shows Junta Shiraishi, a first-year high school student who doesn’t have much presence compared to others, no one notices his presence in the class, and if often mistaken for being absent.

That is until the school boy meets Kubo, the class heroine who always makes an effort to find him and tease him a little. Sitting in the corner of the classroom, their relationship will soon blossom. Judging from the trailer, we can say it’s going to be the best romantic comedy. It’s an overall sweet story filled with entertainment.

Main Cast Members

Nagisa Kubo is a first-year student at Haruka Kita High school, renowned as the class heroine because of her beauty, she’s also the only person who always finds Shiraishi when he’s invisible to everyone else.

She enjoys teasing him and making jokes about his condition. However, deep down she cares about more than she lets on.

Junta Shiraishi is a first-year student at Haruka Kita High school, and he has a rare quality. He’s invisible to everyone around him, he will go unnoticed even if you are sitting right next to him.

His uneventful high school soon changes when he meets Kubo. He fascinates the eccentric girl through his condition and won’t leave him alone.

The Plot of Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible

Junta Shiraishi is an average high school student with a somewhat rare quality. No one notices him around themselves because he has less presence compared to others.

His condition is so severe that more often he’s mistaken for skipping school. And rumors are spread that anyone who spots Shiraishi will receive good fortune.

His dream of living an eventful life and enjoying his youth seems more difficult than ever. The only person who can always find him is Nagisa Kubo. The class heroine who enjoys teasing Shirarishi over his condition.

Kubo’s playful antics spice up Shiraishi’s boring high school life. Their relationship soon evolves into something more than just friends.

About Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Anime

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible is a Japanese manga series. Nene Yukimori has written and illustrated the manga series. The series began serialization on June 2019 in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine.

As of Septer 2022, the series currently has ten volumes in circulation, with 130 chapters available to read online.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Nagisa Kubo have feelings for Junta Shiraishi?

It’s not difficult to assume that Nagisa has romantic feelings toward Junta. Their relationship began with simple yet constant teasing and joking and along the way, Nagisa started having romantic feelings toward Shiraishi.

Will Kubo won t Let Me Be Invisible get an anime?

Rest assured, you will watch the anime sooner or later.

Is Kubo a female?

No, Kubo is a boy.


Anime fans should expect high dose of entertainment. The anime is worth waiting for. I can wait already to watch it on the big screens! Let’s wait together for Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Anime. For many anime updates, keep following us!

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