Magical Girl Incident Manga Vol. 2 – Review

Throughout the years, the magical girl genre mainly evolves into two big branches, the super fluffy story or straight into dark mode. But, Magical Girl Incident offers a rare breed of magical girls. A man who works as a corporate slave transforms into a magical girl!

Yes, it is a gender-bend magical girl blend with the comedy genre. So, what the story will entail? Is it interesting enough? Below, we provide an entire review of Magical Girl Incident manga from the creator to the story behind it. Let’s dive into a world where transforming magic turns gender upside down!

About Magical Girl Incident Manga

Magical Girl Incident is a supernatural comedy manga created by Zero Akabane. The series is serialized in Young Ace which is the same as the popular manga Bungou Stray Dogs and Sugar Apple Fairy Tail.

Hiromi Sakura and His Magical Girl Transformation
Hiromi Sakura and His Magical Girl Transformation – Source: Yen Press

Nothing can be said for this series other than interesting. Bring the epithet of magical girl, it is a norm to create a fluffy-girly atmosphere or make it straight-up dark like other magical girl series nowadays. Yet, this series brings a rare breed of gender-bend magical girl where a man becomes a woman and vice versa.

In a nutshell, this series is almost the same as the past magical girl genre series Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!! (2014) and Magical Girl Ore (2018). It isn’t a new concept, yet because of its rarity, there are many who like this series.

Yen Press announced the new entry, Magical Girl Incident, on November 20, 2022. But, they finally released the first volume on May 23, 2023. Later on, they published the second volume of the manga on September 19, 2023.

Magical Girl Incident 2nd Volume
Magical Girl Incident 2nd Volume – Source: Yen Press

On the other hand, the Japanese version of the manga just released the third volume in the same month. Compared to the previous volume, it may take another solid six months to localize the manga.

Then, if Yen Press indeed publishes the third volume, we can expect the fourth volume to be released next year. For the record, Magical Girl Incident manga published a volume a year which means the upcoming volume will drop at the end of 2024.

Magical Girl Incident Story So Far

The story follows the daily life of Hiromi Sakura, a man who has a dream job of being the defender of justice yet ends up as an everyday office worker. Stuck with a miserable desk job, his world turns upside down when he finds a little girl getting attacked by a monster.

Of course, as a normal human being without special powers, his logical mind tells him to run. But, he squeezes out his lost courage and steps up to save the girl. With newfound courage, Hiromi transforms into… magical girl?!

The first volume of the Magical Girl Incident only scratches the surface of world-building. No explanation is happening and the mystery keeps going on and on. The question of whether he is the only one on the side of good always pops out.

But, the second volume explains further about the hidden magical society in Japan. The fact that he isn’t alone means the story can keep progressing further. Moreover, the newest additional character, Nagisa Hakuba, is actually a woman who can transform into a male hero. It turns out that she is an undercover cop from Tokyo MPD’s Magic Bureau’s Counter Magic Division.

Magicops Appearance
Magicops Appearance

The end volume left us with a shock. Yuzuru Saotome, who is Sakura’s guy behind the chair, gets a stray bullet from a paramilitary helicopter in a hostage situation. When he falls into a pool, Sakura jumps to save him. Surprisingly, he is still alive after getting a headshot and he also… transforms into another magical girl.

Well, in the next volume, we will have gender-bend two magical girls and Prince Charming. While it isn’t clear who is the enemy, the storyline getting more chaotic than ever. Let’s hope that we can find other mysteries revealed in the upcoming volume.


Magical Girl Incident is a supernatural fantasy with a humorous edge of how a man can use a magical girl transformation. The story is light to digest though it becomes deeper through every chapter. If you only finished the first volume and find it kinda “meh”, just give it a chance and read the second one. The story will get more interesting than the previous volume.

Then again, the series won’t get an anime adaptation. The chance of that happening is extremely slim because the manga only released roughly 5 chapters a year. Imagine how long it will take to collect enough source material. In conclusion, enjoy the volume while it lasts because this troupe is rare to begin with.

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Who is the author of Magical Girl Incident?

The creator of the series is Zero Akabane.

When was the Magical Girl Incident released?

The series was first published in 2021 in Japan. Yen Press released the English version in July 2023.

How many volumes does Magical Girl Incident have?

The series has three volumes of manga in Japanese, while the English version only released two so far.

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