Mononoke Movie Anime Prescribes July 26 Premiere Date With New Teaser Trailer

Let’s continue the excitement of Mononoke since we know the anime will continue from a movie. A year or two ago, the news aired that this is not the end of Mononoke, and now, we have a date for the movie premiere. Mononoke the Movie: Karakasa will be released in theaters in Japan on 26th July 2024. 

About Mononoke the Movie

Mononoke movie

Credit: Crunchyroll

A short trailer of about 30 seconds hit the screens earlier this month with key visuals. Not only that, but the trailer brought along added information about the characters, their voice actors, and the anime designs. 

Hiroshi Kamiya will be voicing our very own Medicine Seller. Tomoyo Kurosawa will be present as the voice actor for Asa, and Aoi Yuuki will be as Kame. Mami Koyama will join the voice actors list as she will be voicing Utayama. 

The original anime was about 12 episodes long and was animated at Toei Animation. Now, the famous director from Twin Engine EOTA, Kenji Nakamura, will be appearing as the director of Mononoke the Movie: Karakasa. 


The anime was a cult classic as it brought magic, spirits, and spirit slayer to life. The story revolves around a Medicine Seller, aka a handsome man and our hero. Only he has the power to kind of exercise or terminate the existence of the spirits commonly known as mononoke. However, the trick to this is that he has to know the reason and the form as to why a certain spirit exists in that particular time and form. It is one spellbinding anime with a loving story. 

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Source: Crunchyroll

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