My Happy Marriage Anime Season 2 Announced

My Happy Marriage Anime Season 2 Announced

The anime My Happy Marriage ended on September 20, 2023, with Miyo and Kiyoka attending a banquet party together as a couple. Miyo’s journey to find her self-worth is finally concluded and she finally finds someone who can walk side by side.

Nevertheless, their story is far from over. With how well-made the anime is, the staff has already announced the second season of My Happy Marriage. This comes as no surprise because the anime was beautifully well-made.

My Happy Marriage Anime Season 2 Announced
Second Season Confirmation – Source: @watashino_info

Though to be fair, the response was quite mixed-up. The first part of the story tells the classic Cinderella plot really well to the point that most of the fans find it intriguing. But, the second half weighs more about the fantasy part rather than the relationship between those two.

Either way, it can be said that the second half is like a key toward the world-building for more stories in the future. At the end of the day, both of them are already aware of each other feelings in the last scene of the last episode.

Back to the announcement, along with that good news, the official Twitter account of the official also released a commentary by both protagonists’ VA; Reina Ueda and Kaito Ishikawa. What do they say in the video? Read on!

My Happy Marriage Season 2 Confirmation Video

The video was released 30 minutes after the last episode was aired. First thing, right off the bat, they announced the second season of the series. Their impression after watching the first season is that “The story finally begins”.

Moreover, Kaito Ishikawa indicates that the second season will have a new character introduced to the story. This is also given after looking at the fact that the entire 12 episodes only cover 2 volumes of the light novel.

Normally, most light novel-based anime will cover three to four volumes of light novels in one season. Because of that, there is always a cut in the unimportant scene from the novel. But, this anime feels like enjoying the story pace while providing great visuals throughout the series.

My Happy Marriage Anime Season 2 Announced
Commemorating Tanabata Festival – Source: @watashino_info

If the formula is the same, the second season will also cover two volumes worth of light novels. It also means that if the popularity of the series can keep up, we can enjoy four seasons of My Happy Marriage. But how many years will it take to reach that?

If you have no patience for that, let’s wait for the special OVA of Happy Marriage entitled “Watashi no Shiawase no Katachi”. The episode will be released as a bundle with the eighth light novel volume in March 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will My Happy Marriage Second Season premiere?

Unfortunately, the second season of My Happy Marriage is still TBA.

How many volumes does the first season of My Happy Marriage cover?

The first season of My Happy Marriage covers two volumes of light novels.

Source: @watashino_info

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